Danmaku Unlimited 3

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Jeffrey RousseauMar 14, 2018
Danmaku Unlimited 3, despite being a solid title, isn't without its hiccups. The game's difficulty works against it as much as it helps it. There will be a small number of players who will appreciate its hardcore nature; others unfortunately will not. Hardcore games like this are often viewed as archaic. Again, this isn't so much a criticism but an observation.
Addison WebbMar 13, 2018
While Danmaku Unlimited 3 is not the most polished game of its kind, it is a very satisfying experience. The unique mechanics and multiple difficulty options combined with compelling reasons to keep playing and improving make for a game with a wider appeal than most other titles in the bullet hell genre. Danmaku Unlimited 3 successfully creates the tense feeling of a screen filled with bullets, without excessively punishing failure.
Darren PalmaMar 13, 2018
It’s actually quite approachable for beginners to the genre, due to its gradual learning curve and spirit bullet mechanic. While the more hardcore will certainly get their fill by how incredibly chaotic it can all get on higher difficulties. Overall, Danmaku Unlimited 3 is a great little game that’s well priced, thumb blisteringly addictive and one of the most hardcore arcade titles you can get on your Nintendo Switch at the moment.
Gonçalo LopesMar 13, 2018
Danmaku Unlimited 3 is a brilliantly executed ‘best of’ bullet hell shmup ideas wrapped up into a phenomenal package. It is the very best shmup money can buy in the whole Switch game library (plus it will cost you about half what it should!). Even if you don’t particularity like shmups - or if Japanese bullet hells are not your particular favourite flavour within the genre - exposure to the insane lightshows provided by this game might just turn you into a die-hard fan. We can only fault the new king of Switch shmups with one particular ‘glitch’: Every other shmup on the system now feels slow and dull in comparison.
Heath Shusterman-ZimmermanApr 08, 2018
Each playthrough I seemed to get slightly better. The more I played the more engrossed I found myself in it. Questions like, can I get a little bit closer to that bullet next time? Is it really worth the boost in score and the charge of my weapons? Playing Danmaku Unlimited 3 was an absolute privilege. I certainly look forward to future titles.


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