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Jennifer SheffieldAug 02, 2019
Dandy Dungeon Legend of the Brave Yamada is hilarious and fun! Anyone in the family can pick this game up and have a good time. This game is best played by lovers of humor and RPGs.
James CunninghamJul 01, 2019
Dandy Dungeon: Legend of Brave Yamada is a treat of RPG weirdness and a fantastic way to let a surprisingly large number of hours gently drift away as one man’s epic quest to create gets completely out of hand.
Kim SnaithJun 26, 2019
For £20/$25, Dandy Dungeon: The Legend of Brave Yamada packs in plenty of content. It’s taken me about 15 hours to see the credits roll, but even now there’s better equipment for me to aim for and higher scores to aspire to. It’s not your usual dungeon-crawling RPG, and it might not be much of a looker, but Dandy Dungeon is a hell of a lot of fun. It’ll get its quirky little claws in you and refuse to let go.
Donovan ErskineJul 01, 2019
Dandy Dungeon: Legend of Brave Yamada tells the story of a middle-aged man stuck at a job he hates. Dissatisfied with his life, he sets out to find true happiness. Yamada-kun’s quest to be greater is endearing, and the creative decision to have players experience it alongside him rather than playing as him, puts an exclamation point on this idea. Having the game on Switch is a pleasant bonus at well, providing a brand new way to play the game. This dungeon crawling RPG builds upon familiar mechanics to craft something fresh and new.
Jordan RudekJun 19, 2019
The unique presentation and charm are definite positives, but the gameplay does become worn out given that you have almost no agency in the dungeons outside of drawing your hero’s path and activating a handful of limited-use items like fireball scrolls, healing potions, and stat buffs. Like Black Bird before it, Dandy Dungeon is certainly an oddity, but it has enough strong points to make it worth a look.
Jason ColesJul 31, 2019
Dandy Dungeon: Legend of Brave Yamada is a fun, unique and genuinely funny game. It manages to keep you entertained throughout its playtime with a mix of solid jokes and excellent gameplay, and unlike so many games that jump from mobile to Switch, it works perfectly on the system. It's a delight and one that you'll find yourself hooked on. Also, down with capitalism and billionaire CEOs.
Dom Reseigh-LincolnJul 02, 2019
Having shaken off the free-to-play nature of its origins – Yamada had a set amount of stamina on mobile, meaning he could only code his game for a certain amount of time each day – Dandy Dungeon embraces all of the brilliant little quirks that make it a great game in its own right. The light-hearted take on one man’s inability to separate reality from fantasy really works as a great conceit for the overall game, while the puzzle-like approach to combat and exploration makes the now rather tired world of roguelites feel instantly more refreshing. Don’t let this little gem pass you by.
Sam BishopJul 16, 2019
The more we played Dandy Dungeon and the more layers were introduced, the more captivated we became by its simple yet effective mix of RPG progession and roguelike dungeons. There was always something fun to do without being intimidating, even to the point where we enjoyed the puzzle of working out the best route to clear a dungeon and get a good ranking. It's an underlooked RPG that is made for playing on the go, making it a great fit for the Switch, and anyone who wants something different should look no further.
Luke HemmingMar 10, 2020
The unique premise really is unlike anything most have played, and it plays into the satisfaction of being able to use them brain cells to hit a perfect route every time. With a plot that is equally interesting and hilarious, as well as the rewarding nature of items and new options being thrown in at a rapid pace, invest in this and everything is sure to be fine and dandy.
Tiago MarafonaAug 11, 2019
Dandy Dungeon - Legend of Brave - é um RPG de acção com características de "roguelite" que funciona de uma forma magnífica em qualquer altura e em qualquer lugar. Os seus elementos vão apaixonar quem adora jogos de "puzzle" e a jogabilidade vai quebrar os momentos de frustração dos jogadores mais competitivos. Não apresenta elementos que o colocam no pódio mas consegue diferenciar-se pelas suas inúmeras particularidades bem executadas.