Dandara for Nintendo Switch


Feb 6, 2018
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Developer: Long Hat House
Content Rating: Everyone10+


In a bizarre universe where the oppressed are on the brink of oblivion, Dandara has awoken to reshape the world. As a metroidvania carefully designed with both touch and gamepad in mind, we considered how you could achieve exploration and fast action using either input. The result was a gravity bending world where movement is comprised of jumping from surface to surface in lovingly crafted environments. It's up to Dandara to restore balance and give direction to a directionless world!

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Peter Torckler

Peter Torckler

Aug 2, 2021


Nov 3, 2020

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Tom Mc SheaFeb 07, 2018
There have been so many Metroid-inspired games that it’s almost impossible to stand out. Dandara’s unique movement abilities ensure it’s at least significantly different from its peers. But the same reason that Dandara is so unique is also its biggest setback. The sense of mastery never quite comes, resulting in a game that flashes its potential in one scene only to undermine that thrill soon afterward. Even with its occasional stumbles, though, Dandara offers enough excitement and beauty to push you onward.
Kevin TuckerFeb 12, 2018
Dandara is a perfectly serviceable romp through a series of well-designed and attractive environments; on the other, it's a deliberate yet confusing sidestep of well-established gameplay conventions. It may be that Dandara's atypical traversal mechanic will click with some players, particularly those who pick up the game for the Nintendo Switch or mobile devices, but others may find that the game's middling charms aren't enough to make up for its potentially-frustrating controls.
Lou ContaldiFeb 18, 2018
Dandara is more than the average Metroidvania and is a game worth your time. Although its unique stop-and-go gameplay may have you stumbling at first, movement turns into an art form as you get accustomed to it. And though not everything about Dandara stands out, the titular character is executed so masterfully it is hard not to be impressed with the folk-lore based heroine.

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