Crystal Crisis

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Jaime CarrilloMay 31, 2019
Save Tetris and Puyo Pop for when you want to wind down before bedtime. Crystal Crisis is as intense as puzzle gaming gets and has sparked new life into a genre not known for surprises. From the heart-pumping puzzle action to the full-fledged story mode and a roster that screams “fan service,” it would be a crime to call Crystal Crisis anything less than an absolute diamond.
Darren PalmaMay 28, 2019
Playing in multiplayer is where Crystal Crisis and similar games surely do flourish, but the CPU AI can give even the most hardened player a run for their money on the higher difficulties. As far as the gameplay visuals are concerned, I personally would have preferred a 2D style riding off the bright and flat art design used for Blade Strangers. Yet despite clearly being created under a stricter budget than most, the 3D models and stage design have plenty of character despite the eyes being fixed mostly on the action in the playing grid.
CJ AndriessenMay 28, 2019
Outside of those pesky load times, it's hard to find fault with Crystal Crisis. This is just a well-made game, a genuinely fun puzzler that challenges players to imagine new strategies with every character they try. And with memory mode beckoning me to play again and again, I don't imagine I'll be taking up any of the other Switch puzzle games for a long, long time.
Tomas FranzeseMay 28, 2019
Even that is hampered by pace-killing Attack and Defense Burst system though, so definitely don’t look to Crystal Crisis if you want a fast-paced puzzle game. The Nintendo Switch is a platform filled great puzzle games–Tetris 99 and Puyo Puyo Champions have come out this year alone–so Crystal Crisis ends up as a middling addition that mainly gets by on the inclusion of beloved characters, even if it doesn’t do much with them.
Evan NorrisMay 30, 2019
For folks who've enjoyed Tetris and Puyo Puyo games on Switch, or for those who've longed for a return to Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo, this is the game for you. It's not as refined or as well-paced as some of the stalwarts of the genre, and its story mode is a let-down, but it's still a clever puzzle-fighting hybrid with many different modes and lots of fodder for fans of games like The Binding of Isaac, 1001 Spikes, and Code of Princess EX. It'll be fun to see where the Nicalis initiative goes from here.
Lewis WhiteMay 28, 2019
Crystal Crisis isn’t going to dethrone the kings of the falling block genre anytime soon. It’s a solid puzzler with a heart of gold, but it doesn’t have the decades of improvements that its peers have. With a solid amount of content, an amazing cast of characters and fantastic presentation, though, we recommend this as a fun alternative if you tire of Tetris 99.
Miguel MoranMay 28, 2019
Crystal Crisis is, put simply, puzzle perfection. It’s simple, addictive, and oh so colorful. The wild cast of characters is a treat, especially for Nicalis fans, and the amount of modes and options in the game makes this more than just a tiny little puzzle game. It’s competitive gold, and well worth a purchase from anyone looking to scratch that Puzzle Fighter itch.
A.J. MaciejewskiAug 11, 2019
Crystal Crisis is definitely a step up from Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo although that step is a rather small one so it ends up feeling more like a retro copycat than a new and exciting puzzler. That being said, playing it is still a ton of fun, especially in multiplayer.
Ramón NafriaJun 04, 2019
Podríamos llevarnos a error el pensar que Crystal Crisis es un juego del montón, tal vez porque no tiene el nombre de Tetris o Puyo Puyo, o porque no hay una empresa de gran tamaño detrás de él. Pero lo cierto es que Nicalis le ha puesto tanto cariño y buen hacer que sin duda hablamos de uno de los mejores juegos de un género que gracias precisamente a los dos nombres que hemos mencionado anteriormente, y de las competiciones a través de la red, está volviendo a nuestras vidas a pasos agigantados. Disfrutadlo que se lo merece.