Croixleur Sigma for Nintendo Switch

Croixleur Sigma

Mar 28, 2019
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Developer: souvenir circ.
Content Rating: Everyone10+


Wielding magical blades, four girls fight back encroaching waves of monsters in this exhilirating hack & slash action game! Featuring various battle styles and a variety of weapons to mix and match (up to four) to develop your own unique fighting style. Story Mode centers on the four girls' cute and quirky friendship, and is fully voiced in Japanese. You can also slash your heart out in Score Attack, Challenge Mode, weapon-swapping Dungeon Mode, and various other play modes! A huge range of accessories is also available, including Cat Ears, Glasses, Headphones, and more to keep your girls looking stylish while also buffing up their fighting skills!

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Kenny McKeeMar 28, 2019
I’d like to end this review on a high note, by ending on a high note. Taking into consideration what I’ve played of the game, and assuming that its lingering issue is going to get patched, Croixleur Sigma really is a great little game. While it doesn’t have much going on in terms of actual depth of content, what it does have is a lot of fun. If you’re looking for a cute and challenging way to have some arcade-like fun, and don’t mind having your reflexes and ability to remain calm put to the test, then this game might be worth your time. $19.99 might be a little steep, but you could still do a lot worse than a game like Croixleur Sigma.
Evan NorrisMar 29, 2019
You can tackle story mode with four different characters, each with unique weapons and endings, or try out Score Attack or Survival Mode. Also available is Challenge mode, a set of discrete challenge rooms with a specific theme, e.g. "defeat the large monster before time runs out." Then there's Dungeon mode, a gruelling journey through 50 levels of increasingly-difficult scenarios, that's unfortunately unplayable on Switch. Only by completing Sara-Annika's Story Mode can players unlock Dungeon mode. Sadly, upon finishing it, the dreaded message "the software was closed because an error occurred" pops up, and nothing is saved (again, Playism has promised a patch to fix this).