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Trevor GouldDec 08, 2017
Chess Ultra is fun, but there is clearly room for improvement. I’m giving it the mildest of recommendations, but only if you are a chess enthusiast with no plans of playing the game in portable mode. The game has a ways to go before living up to its Ultra moniker.
Thomas WhiteheadNov 04, 2017
Chess Ultra is a welcome arrival on the Nintendo Switch; it's a visual treat, while also soothing you with pleasant music as you engage in a tough match. There are plenty of options and variety for online and offline matches, with the former being particularly enjoyable if you're able to get into a real-time contest.
Casey GibsonNov 08, 2017
Chess Ultra makes a terrific first impression with its strong visual presentation and continues to dazzle throughout. What resonated with me the most was just how accessible it is to players of all skill levels. For newcomers, tutorials and novice level computers help to ease you into the game. And for veterans, challenge modes and difficulty up to Grandmaster will certainly be a test of your skill.
Robert GrossoJan 09, 2018
Chess is still chess, regardless of whether it is played online or in person. This has always been the hardest selling point, but the case made by Ripstone is a good one, in the end. Why worry about a physical board when you can trade it for a digital one? Chess Ultra is about as perfect of a digital recreation you can get; it’s visually appealing, provides numerous features to tailor-make your experience and at its heart, relies on few gimmicks to sell chess as a video game.
Alex SeedhouseDec 23, 2017
Accessible to all, Chess Ultra will undoubtedly please aficionados of the strategy game while marking the perfect entry point to those that have always wanted to learn how to play. With the chance for your Nintendo Switch to become a virtual chess board to play against someone across a table, the portable home console could also be seen as the perfect home for it.
Paul MurphyNov 16, 2017
It would be hard to make a bad chess game, but it’s not easy to make a beautiful one and that’s what Ripstone have achieved with Ultra Chess. It’s priced reasonably, plays and looks fantastic and if you are a strategy or chess-afficiando then it’s a no-brainer. Unlike some of the matches you might play…
Nuno NêvedaNov 17, 2017
A Ripstone fez de Chess Ultra uma representação do xadrez muito bem conseguida. É desafiante, visualmente deslumbrante e com banda sonora a condizer. A variedade de modos, a IA refinada e as opções multijogador fazem desta uma opção perfeita para novatos ou experientes neste milenar jogo de tabuleiro.