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Ryan MeitzlerJul 08, 2019
Though Catan might be a serviceable translation of a beloved board game, it also has some glaring omissions that might make it a bit of a disappointment for those hoping to play the game locally with friends, confining its tabletop-like experience to either playing solo or against others online. While I’ll definitely enjoy the chance to curl up with a game or two on my own before bed, I can’t help but want to share the game’s best qualities with others, where this iteration of Catan comes up limiting.
Ryan JanesAug 02, 2019
It’s tough to fault Catan on Switch when it comes to how faithful this recreation is compared to the original source material. Unfortunately, a pretty vacant online community and a lack of any sort of local multiplayer really hurt its long-term appeal. An enjoyable adaption but one unlikely to replace the original physical version any time soon.
Alex Santa MariaJun 26, 2019
Hopefully more expansions (or possibly even the spin-offs) will eventually make their way to the Switch version. It would certainly help with the variety. However, even if they never do, this base game will satisfy anyone looking to just play a round of Catan. Nothing here will blow you away, and there are better digital implementations out there. It does just enough to get the job done. As we’ve seen with many releases on Switch, that’s usually enough for most people.
Jake HillsJul 03, 2019
Catan on Switch is serene but never boring. It’s not a pulse-pounding action thriller, but it asks for a lot of thought. You will strategize, you will win, and sometimes you will lose. But the music will continue to gently encourage you, the cartoon opponents are just begging to be defeated, and there are still so many islands to clear. I don’t know how glossy you can make a game like this, but I’m happy to report that you don’t have to. An attractive package and a clear interface are the only reminders we need- Catan is a classic and being able to play it on the go is a gift.
Jordan RudekJun 24, 2019
One potentially neat thing is that you earn experience points while playing, and by leveling up you can unlock new tile, game piece, and table themes, but earning some of these bonuses can take a lot longer than you are likely to want to play. Catan on Switch doesn’t have that, so unless you really enjoy playing board games against A.I. or have the patience to wait for potentially unsatisfying online competition, you are better off building the largest army or longest road somewhere else.
Julien InvernoJul 08, 2019
Si le succès de Catan en tant que jeu de société n'est plus à prouver, concernant cette adaptation en jeu vidéo, une absence fait figure d'aberration : celle d'un mode de jeu multijoueur local. Si peut-être, les grands passionnés du jeu de société y trouveront leur compte entre deux parties dans la vraie vie, il semble quand même que les concepteurs de cette version Switch soient passés à côté de l'intérêt premier du jeu : la convivialité.