Catan Universe for Nintendo Switch

Catan Universe

Dec 31, 2020 SOON

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About this game

Developer: Exozet Games
Content Rating: Everyone


Trade – build – settle: Become Lord of Catan! Get to know Catan and play the starter scenario in multiplayer mode. Purchase the complete base game, expansions, card game and much more to discover the entire Universe of Catan.

Critic Reviews

1 Review
Steven RollinsJun 26, 2019
Ultimately, Catan is a faithful recreation of the classic board game, and for that, I applaud it. I love being able to take Catan with me wherever I go and never concerning myself with having people to play with me. You probably won’t be spending large chunks of time with this in a single sitting, but the game’s autosave feature makes it incredibly convenient to pick up and put down on a whim. Catan isn’t perfect, but if you’re a fan of board games, you should enjoy it nonetheless.

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