Cat Quest for Nintendo Switch

Cat Quest

Nov 10, 2017
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Developer: The Gentlebros
Content Rating: Everyone10+


Leap into a grand adventure in purrsuit of the evil Drakoth and your catnapped sister! Explore Felingard's huge overworld map, risk life and limb delving into dungeons for epic loot, and lend a paw to a furry cast of characters in a flurry of side quests. Combat in Cat Quest takes place entirely in real time, allowing you to get close to enemies with a slash of your blade, dodge roll to avoid a counter-attack, and then finish them off with powerful magic! Wield the ancient spells of Lightnyan, Flamepurr, and Healpaw to vanquish your foes! (Fur real!)

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Liam DoolanDec 06, 2017
As polished as Cat Quest may be, it does have a few downsides. The strong focus on cats and endless supply of cat puns is obviously not a world everyone will want to immerse themselves in – especially if you are a dog lover. However, if you are willing to overlook this and the basic design, what is on offer is a functional role-playing game that can be played for short or longer periods of time by players of all ages and cat lovers alike.
Stephanie ChanNov 10, 2017
It feels like the Gentlebros were having a blast making this game. After beating the boss, there are plenty of other side quests to go on if you’d like, and the generous save system makes it possible to play it for just a little while and then put it down. Cat Quest doesn’t reinvent the RPG genre. Instead it just does it well, with some cute cats to boot.
Neal RonaghanNov 13, 2017
But the map and the combat issues don’t take away that much from the quick pace and good humor of Cat Quest. This is a game that is aware of its goofy setup and relishes in a sea of cat puns and insanity. It’s not a terribly long game - I rolled credits within a few hours - but it’s a fun romp with a straightforward and entertaining action RPG style. Cat Quest is a game that likely won’t stick with me for too long, but it was a pleasant time basking in cat gags and beating up on foes with swords and magic.