Brawlhalla for Nintendo Switch


Nov 6, 2018
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Come fight for glory in Brawlhalla – an epic free-to-play platform fighting game. Join casual free-for-alls and ranked matches, or make a custom room with your friends. Millions of players, frequent updates, and more than 40 unique characters. Join the eternal battle arena, where the greatest warriors in history brawl to prove who's the best!

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Nov 29, 2020

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Mitch VogelNov 22, 2018
Though a bit uninspired, Brawlhalla still stands as a solid example of how to do a proper platform fighter, with several game modes, a diverse cast and a beautiful art style making this one easy to recommend. Perhaps best of all, it’s totally free, so you really don’t have anything to lose by giving it a try. At worst, you’ll find a Smash clone that doesn’t have a ton of new ideas; at best, you’ll find a new go-to for when you have a few friends over for a gaming session.
Aimee HartJun 18, 2019
Brawlhalla is a great, free alternative to Super Smash Bros., but just doesn’t have the same spark that makes it stand out beyond that. Still, if you love the grind and want something new to play with your friends without needing an online subscription, this is a good choice.
Oliver RoderickJun 15, 2019
Almightree has its one clever idea which forms the basis of its twenty levels. But this game isn’t worth anywhere near the £19.99 eShop price.