Bomber Crew for Switch

Bomber Crew (Switch)

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Bomber Crew is a World-war 2 strategic bombing sim, where completing the objective is just as important as keeping your crew alive, as death is permanent! Take to the skies in this immersive flight simulation where each mission is a high-risk expedition. Manage everything from fuel, ammo, hydraulics and more in your very own physics based Bomber, which can be customized with an array of liveries and paint jobs! Danger comes from every angle when the wheels are up; Enemy fighters, flak guns, poor weather and an array of other perilous dangers await, so ensure your Crew are prepared for each mission correctly, and come back victorious!
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Despite its unyielding nature and curiously juxtaposing approach to its characters, Bomber Crew is a sometimes thrilling and constantly rewarding title. Favouring roguelite progression, strategy and resource management over frantic arcade-style combat, if you can get past the simple, cute visuals and steep learning curve you’ll find a rich, intense and satisfying experience here.

Jon Cousins Jul 10, 2018

Nintendo World Report


While on its surface, Bomber Crew appears to fun romp through the life of World War II bomber, underneath its cute exterior is an extremely challenging management simulator. Missions tend to be repetitive, but the thrill of executing them flawlessly is equally as satisfying as it is devastating when a crash whips out your entire crew.

Casey Gibson Jul 09, 2018

Nintendo Enthusiast


Bomber Crew is a game that surprised me. Without knowing anything about it beforehand, I expected an action experience but instead, was met with a deep, relentless strategy game with a lot of depth. Rudder Duck created an exemplary Nindie that will provide players with hours of gameplay that doesn’t overstay its welcome.

Andrew Gonzalez Jul 14, 2018



Bomber Crew es un juego exigente y bonito, con muchas dosis de realismo pero que denota cierta incoherencia en el resultado final. Su punto a favor, especialmente en una consola como Nintendo Switch, es que permite jugar partidas cortas, de apenas siete u ocho minutos, lo que lo convierte en ideal para esos ratos donde no tenemos demasiado tiempo.

Ángel Llamas Jul 09, 2018