Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King for Switch

Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King (Switch)

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Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King for Switch
Genre: ActionAdventureRPGOpen WorldPlatformerSingle PlayerIndie
Developer: Castle Pixel, LLC.
Content Rating: Everyone10+


Explore a vast open game world in classic action-adventure fashion as Lily, Knight of the Rose! Slash your way through monster-infested dungeons to save the Kingdom of Blossom from eternal darkness. Collect unique weapons, spells and items during your journey to take down powerful bosses and solve clever puzzles. Be part of a vivid, dynamic story passed down from grandfather to grandchildren by influencing the course of events yourself!
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Nintendo World Report


Like most kids, I grew up playing and absolutely adoring classic Zelda games. Blossom Tales successfully accomplishes it’s goal of recreating the tried and true simplistic gameplay found in the classic action/adventure genre, but also adds a bit of its own personality as well. By adapting new mechanics for a more fluid experience and combining that with the charming story-telling narrative, Castle Pixel has created an elegant love letter to one of Nintendo’s most cherished and beloved titles. So if you yearn for a polished Zelda experience, look no further - Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King is a beautiful homage.

Perry Burkum Dec 23, 2017



If I'm being honest, Blossom Tales might be a bit heavy-handed in its homage to the Zelda games of the past, but it brings a certain charm and fun to the Switch library. It also makes for a pretty good substitute as long as I still can't play A Link to the Past on my Switch.

Rich Meister Jan 03, 2018



Visually the game continues to pay its respects to its influence. The world is broken into squares with each one hiding new areas themed to the dungeons. There are plenty of nooks and crannies to explore. The game can be run through in about 10-12 hours depending on how much I wanted to dig around. Blossom Tales scratches an itch I have of wanting to venture through Link to the Past once a year. It is well-designed if not a bit cliché in its approach.

Ken McKown Jan 18, 2018



Judging a game on its own merits is very important. However, when a title happens to borrow just about every aspect of its design from an iconic game series, it’s hard not to acknowledge. Claims could be made that a game like this is nothing more than a shameless clone, but thankfully in the case of Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King, the developer has intentionally crafted it with a sense of love and admiration of classic Zelda games.

Liam Doolan Jan 04, 2018

Pure Nintendo


Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King does a great job at paying homage to the Zelda franchise, and though a few things were found to be annoying at times, it’s still very much a great game to play and definitely worth your time.

Peter Lopez Jan 22, 2018


In fact, the story of Blossom Tales is actually a bed-time tale told lovingly by a grandfather to his grandkids, and as the game begins they get mad when he tries to tell them about Link and Hyrule… so he switches it up and it becomes about Lily from Blossom. Apparently, grandpa is a gamer, and that’s alright with me. If there’s a game we need to see MORE of, and done well, it’s Zelda.

William Murphy null

Game Informer


Despite some new ideas, Blossom Tales can rely too heavily on aping a 25-year-old game. The visual style, the overall structure, and the gameplay plays like an updated version of A Link to the Past. At times, it seems less like an homage and more like an unlicensed bootleg of that classic title. Fun puzzles, exciting dungeons, and satisfying exploration makes this retro-style title a joy to play through.

Brian Shea Jan 18, 2018



While it may be easy to disregard Blossom Tales as a simple Zelda clone, the amount of charm and effort put into making it wholly unique, while honouring its inspiration, is both admirable and deserving of attention. Its dungeons feature genuinely thought-provoking puzzles, its combat requires a fair amount of strategy, and its story's Princess Bride-like narration lends itself to copious amounts of charismatic story beats.

Renan Fontes Dec 21, 2017



Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King is another indie game which feels right at home on Nintendo’s platform, despite also being available on Steam. The game will appeal to those looking for a bit of classic dungeon crawling, and it will be sure to please those that have missed top-down Zelda adventures. With a lovely kingdom to explore and a varied range of objectives, Blossom Tales shows us that this genre is still very much alive.

Jake Durasamy Jan 09, 2018

Nintendo Enthusiast


Overall, I found Blossom Tales to be a very good 2D Zelda clone. It was put together more competently than I expected from an Indie developer. That’s not a dig on Indie devs – it’s praise for a game done well enough that it only fell a few notches short of games like Minish Cap (though even shorter). If you are looking for an Adventure game that follows the top-down Zelda formula closely, there might not be a better game for you on the Nintendo Switch eShop than this one.For $15, I absolutely recommend it.

Alejandro Balderas Jan 08, 2018


Blossom Tales réussit brillamment la synthèse de tout ce qui faisait l'attrait et le sel d'un Zelda 2D en son temps, en apportant suffisamment de jolies trouvailles pour charmer jusqu'aux fanatiques les plus repus. Grâce à sa direction artistique enchanteresse où le pixel est roi, le second titre de Castle Pixel charmera à coup sûr les aventuriers nostalgiques en quête d'un paradis perdu.

Thomas Pillon Jan 05, 2018


Grâce à une exécution maligne, un ton visuel et sonore accrocheur ainsi qu'une histoire aussi charmante qu'amusante ponctué de nombreux clins d’œil que l’on découvre avec un sourire aux lèvres, il dépasse le cadre du simple fan game à la limite du plagiat pour s'imposer comme un hommage débordant d'admiration pour l'oeuvre dont il s'inspire, auquel il manque simplement une étincelle de folie et de créativité. Et c'est déjà une belle réussite.

Clementoss Jan 18, 2018



Blossom Tales não tem aquela envolvência especial da série Zelda a nível do seu mundo, história e música, sendo que falha um pouco nos aspectos que o poderiam ajudar a destacar-se, o que faz dele um pouco genérico. No entanto, não deixa de ser uma boa proposta para quem quer um jogo com uma estrutura e jogabilidade ao estilo de um Zelda clássico, dois aspectos cuja execução é muito boa.

Henrique Pereira Jul 22, 2018



Blossom Tales speelt, voelt en ziet eruit als een Zelda-game en dat is een prachtig iets. De solide combat, verkenning en de unieke draai die het aan de verhaalvertelling geeft, onderscheiden het voldoende om een eigen ervaring te zijn. De dungeons zitten goed in elkaar en bieden voldoende uitdaging, ook al zijn deze net te lang.

Sander Noordijk Jan 18, 2018