Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

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Jordan RudekJul 02, 2019
Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is a welcome return to the exploration-heavy Castlevania games of the past. Visually, the art style is likely to be off-putting for some, but the gameplay is fun and varied throughout, and finding hidden passages and treasures never gets old. There is also a good amount of freedom in terms of the weapons and spells you can equip, and the music is often a strong accompaniment to each new section of the castle.
Steve WattsJul 03, 2019
All of Bloodstained's excellent qualities make the Nintendo Switch version even more disappointing. Though 505 Games has acknowledged its technical shortcomings and committed to issuing updates, at launch it is simply too compromised for its own good. If you have no choice but to play on Nintendo Switch, it may still be worth overlooking the weak spots and taking in the experience. If you have other options, though, play on a different platform. The portability of the Nintendo Switch could have made it the absolute best version for a retro-inspired game like Bloodstained. Instead, it's the worst.
Brad LangJun 24, 2019
Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is a worthy follow up to the Castlevania games that many grew up with in terms of its exploration, but lacks some much-needed polish in the combat and animation department to truly shine as a modern gem
Kevin TuckerJul 29, 2019
Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is pure fun, and I couldn't be more pleased with the experience. Diving back into creator Koji Igarashi's iconic style of gameplay has been deeply nostalgic for me; I even found myself humming old Symphony of the Night tunes after playing the new release for a few hours. Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is a prime example of how much fun the Metroidvania genre has to offer, and will undoubtedly serve as a point of comparison for all retro-inspired platformers that follow it.
Richard SeagraveJun 25, 2019
Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night looks great, has a brilliant soundtrack and is overwhelmingly gratifying to play. If only it had a little more polish, then it’d be pretty much perfect.
Miserable ScribeJun 20, 2019
All things considered, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is exactly what a spiritual successor should be, and after getting to try it out, I can freely say that Iga-san and his team did an amazing job. Well done!
Leo FariaJun 28, 2019
After countless hours playing the Switch version of Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, I can guarantee that, while there are some issues regarding its visuals, there’s nothing here that I’d call game-breaking or enough to ruin my entire experience with it. This is a fantastic game, a return to form for Koji Igarashi, and proof that yes, hyped Kickstarter games can turn out fine if handled by competent people.
Dalton CooperJul 02, 2019
The coming months are sure to add even more value to Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, but it’s still a strong game at launch. It’s exactly what fans expect from an Igrashi-produced Metroidvania game, and even the inferior Switch port is still a fun time that should satisfy Castlevania fans who are tired of waiting for Konami to properly continue the series.
Nadia OxfordJun 25, 2019
Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night has been a long time coming, but now that it's here, fans of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night have everything to gain. Playing through Bloodstained feels great if you're already a fan of Koji Igarashi's work—and if you're a fan of action-adventure games in general. There are some unfortunate bugs, hitches, and glitches, but once you download the 1.02 patch, you should be through the worst of them.
Patrick LeeJun 27, 2019
Part of Bloodstained’s slightly too convoluted lore is that Miriam has been inexplicably asleep for the past 10 years. She begins her story by getting an earful of exposition, then is attacked by a squid with teeth, starts kicking ass, and basically never stops. It’s easy to interpret as allegorical, maybe even autobiographical — after being missing for a decade, IGA is back and ready to stretch his legs. If this was the intent, he’s being too modest.
Damien GulaJun 27, 2019
While gameplay on the Switch is poorly optimized, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is (to steal a Symphony of the Night meme) more than a “miserable pile of secrets.” In its purest form, it is worthy of Koji Igarashi’s legacy and will live on as a strong representation of the genre he helped birth. With matured mechanics with the shards system, options for varied play styles, and the edition of quests, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night will join the ranks of high quality Metroidvania titles worth replaying over and over again.
Kai PowellJul 13, 2019
Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night shows that Koji Igarashi's genius with the invention of the modern Metrovania genre wasn't just a singular event. Through numerous teams working together to bring his vision to life, Bloodstained has become a modern classic for the evergrowing genre.
Kirk HinerJul 04, 2019
So, what we’ve got in Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is a well-designed game that’s poorly developed. A championship-caliber team that needs another few months (or perhaps another year) of training camp. 505 Games has promised to fix the glaring problems, but I can’t review a game based on promises. There’s still some fun to be had here, but it shouldn’t have been released in its current state. Wait for the updates. If they don’t come, wait for a sale…and stay away from the bookshelves.
Darren PalmaNov 05, 2019
It’s a real shame because underneath the stigma of a troubled release and a lost first impression of a polished product, lies a potentially magnificent game that holds true to what it once ambitiously set out to achieve.
Daemon HatfieldJun 25, 2019
There is no shortage of good Metroidvanias these days, but Bloodstained does show that Koji Igarashi’s particular brand of “Igavania” still has teeth. Exploring the castle’s many secrets is a delight, and there is a dizzying array of weapons and powers waiting to be bent to your will. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, one of the greatest games ever made, finally has a worthy successor on consoles and now on PC.
Kenneth AraulloJul 08, 2019
If you’re willing to look past most of the mistakes, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is a great addition to this year’s lineup of Metroidvanias, and proof that Kickstarter can, for better or worse, produce an actual good video game from a massive funding. It’s far from being a classic, and it certainly isn’t up there with Symphony of the Night, but good games can exist somewhere in between – and in that space, you may end up enjoying Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night for what it is: an imperfect love letter to a beloved series.
Sergio FigueroaJul 03, 2019
After so many years of waiting for a new Castlevania game, we can say that Koji Igarashi has delivered a good one, even if it does arrive with a different name. Bloodstained is fun to play, easy to engage with, and full of content. Some rough edges and a silly story forced us to focus on the gameplay, but that worked out alright for us.
Damien McFerranJul 01, 2019
Despite the fact that this is unquestionably a very fine video game, there's no escaping the fact that the Switch version has some serious issues; assets are noticeably weaker than they are in other versions, the frame rate is halved and the loading times are maddeningly protracted at points. Fingers are crossed that the developers can remedy some of these problems with proposed updates, but for the time being, this is arguably the least impressive edition of the game – although the fact that it's portable perhaps counts for more than you'd think.
Cristian AguilarJul 02, 2019
Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night demonstrates a lot of dedication and passion for Metroidvanias. It is a fantastic rendition of the genre. Even with some predictable plot moments and a platforming learning curve, it manages to be one of my favorite games of this year. The gameplay is tremendously well-crafted, and the addictive factor is through the roof. The style and art direction are complemented with old-fashioned 90s-style timeless tunes that never bore or disappoint. Miriam and her adventure are a must if you have a Nintendo Switch.
Ramón Méndez GonzálezJun 24, 2019
Sin duda, una apuesta muy recomendable y un juego que se convierte en la mejor carta de presentación de Igarashi tras abandonar Konami. Victoria absoluta.
Toni PiedrabuenaJun 28, 2019
Puede que en lo técnico no sea un videojuego espectacular, pero Ritual of the Night ha sido capaz de entender los deseos de los amantes de los Castlevania de exploración y plasmarlos con éxito en la actualidad. Un castillo espectacular con docenas de secretos, sorpresas y guiños al seguidor de la mítica franquicia vampírica. A pesar de ser parco en el riesgo y la innovación mostrada en el género en los últimos años, Bloodstained, siendo un Metroidvania muy notable también es un Igavania excelente.
Dimitry HalleyJun 25, 2019
Bloodstained ist ein toller Liebesbrief an Castlevania, überzeugt aber auch unabhängig davon als hervorragendes Metroidvania-Rollenspiel.
Pierre-Alexandre RouillonJun 26, 2019
Si vous avez suivi l'évolution du projet Bloodstained, vous savez qu'il démarre dans la vie avec un handicap de poids : grands dieux qu'il est vilain. Mais moche, hein. Très moche. D'une régularité dans le laid qui force l'admiration. Avec sa direction artistique sans aucune cohérence, qui balance tout ce qu'elle veut (ou plutôt ce qu'elle peut) d'une zone à l'autre, on est assez loin de l'élégante homogénéité du modèle Symphony of the Night (on notera même une zone toute entière avec un design en métal brossé, qui aurait presque de faux airs de jeux en 3D précalculée à la Myst).
Tiago MarafonaJul 30, 2019
Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night é um “Metroidvania” que há muito não se via e que a Konami não conseguiu produzir. A estrutura está lá, o modelo é o que se pedia mas a concretização desta versão poderá desiludir quem estiver com expectativas altas. Apesar de ter sido desenvolvido e pensado para os fãs, o trabalho final não corresponde aos padrões de qualidade de um título que pretendia superar ou igualar os Castlevania que já passaram pelas mãos dos fãs da Nintendo.
Simone TagliaferriJun 22, 2019
Se amate la serie Castlevania non ha senso che siate arrivati a leggere la recensione di Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night fino a qui, invece di andare a comprarlo. Vero che con il digitale si fa subito, ma perché perdere tempo? Mai come in questo caso la definizione di 'seguito spirituale' è stata più azzeccata, tanti sono i riferimenti e i rimandi alla serie di Konami e tanta è l'aderenza del gameplay, fortunatamente anche qualitativa. Insomma, siamo di fronte alla summa della poetica di Igarashi. Peccato che nessun grande publisher abbia creduto in lui, dandogli la possibilità di rifinire meglio il gioco.
Daniele DolceJun 22, 2019
Una cocente delusione, questo Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. Un metroidvania fin troppo ancorato al passato che non aggiunge davvero nulla di nuovo al genere che lo stesso Koji Igarashi ha contribuito a far sbocciare. Per non parlare dei tanti problemi che affliggono non solo il comparto tecnico e artistico, ma anche quello prettamente ludico in particolare riferimento al sistema di combattimento. Da Igarashi-san era lecito attendersi molto di più, soprattutto considerando l’enorme successo riscosso in sede di campagna di crowdfunding.
Emanuele GregoriJun 30, 2019
Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night è quanto di più visceralmente intenso un amante dei Castlevania possa desiderare. Chi lo comprerà si troverà davanti tutta l'eredità di una serie indimenticata, meno che dalla stessa casa che ne detiene i diritti. Purtroppo la versione Switch risente di una serie di problematiche ancora importanti, seppure in via di risoluzione ed è per questo che, se non volete attendere, vi consigliamo caldamente di virare sulle altre versioni (PC su tutte) per godere a pieno di un titolo straordinario.
DottorKillexJun 24, 2019
Imperdibile per tutti gli appassionati di Metroidvania (anzi, di Igavania), Bloodstained si ferma alle soglie dell’eccellenza solo a causa comparto tecnico imperfetto e di una narrativa deboluccia, che non pregiudicano comunque la qualità del prodotto finale.
Алексей ЕгоровJul 04, 2019
В Bloodstained совершенно точно стоит сыграть фанатам жанра, собенно если вы соскучились по Castlevania. Иногда возникает ощущение, что Игараси создавал игру исключительно для своих давних поклонников — в ней огромное количество отсылок и пасхалок, связанных именно с «Каслванией». К счастью, они не мешают геймплею и не делают его вторичным.
سینا گلاب‌ زادهJun 23, 2019
در مجموع Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night یک مترویدوینیای خوب و استاندارد است که می‌تواند برای تمامی علاقمندان این سبک به خصوص افرادی که دنبال یک Iga-Vania جدید بودند، تجربه‌ای لذت‌بخش باشد. اما مواردی مثل داستان و شخصیت‌پردازی ضعیف همراه با اجرای ضعیف بازیگران در کنار طراحی بد سلیقه منوها و فقدان نوآوری قابل توجه، باعث شده تا بازی نتواند به سطح آثار مترویدوینیای موفق سال‌های اخیر برسد.
kordiJul 16, 2019
Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night je hra, ktorá vám prejde ľahko do krvi, pochopíte, o čo jej ide, ale jej zvládnutie si vyžaduje hodiny a hodiny prechádzania labyrintov. Neustále nové prostredia, nepriatelia, zbrane, schopnosti a všeobecne novinky, ktoré vývojári dávkujú po celú hernú dobu, vytvárajú jednu z najlepších metroidvania hier. Všetko v nej funguje, ako má, objavovanie nových ciest a odkrývanie celej mapy láka ku každodennému rituálu, kedy s hrou strávite poctivú hodinku a neľutujete ani minútu.