BlazBlue: Central Fiction - Special Edition

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Dom Reseigh-LincolnFeb 19, 2019
BlazBlue Centralfiction Special Edition may a few years late to Nintendo Switch, but that time hasn't dulled the sharpness of its 2D fighting package. Not only does it give the Ragna saga a proper send-off with a story mode that's so rich in character development it could be a full anime season in its own right, but it offers a staggering number of modes to keep you playing long after the credits roll.
Rachel PoliMar 20, 2019
BLAZBLUE CENTRALFICTION Special Edition is a fun fighting game with crisp graphics and smooth controls. With various characters and modes, the gameplay seems endless. If you enjoy fighting games, this is one to give a try.
Matthew ZawodniakFeb 21, 2019
This remains one of Arc System Works’ best releases, and with flawless performance in handheld mode it’s never been easier to take the fight with you to a friend’s house. Though you may have already picked up Cross Tag Battle last year, you’d still do well by checking out this fully-featured mainline entry. Central Fiction is the best BlazBlue has ever been, and this may be the right time to join the battle if you haven’t already.
Darren PalmaFeb 20, 2019
The fact that all the downloadable content is included at such a decent price point makes this complete package a necessity on the Nintendo Switch. With lush backgrounds, an adrenaline-fueled soundtrack, loads of cosmetics to unlock, gorgeous artwork, fluid animations, and a wonderfully deep fighting system, this niche but stunning 2D fighter has easily become one of the top dogs on the system.
Cody MedellinJul 29, 2019
The Switch already has a number of terrific fighting games, and Blazblue: CentralFiction Special Edition is certainly in the upper portion of that list. The more offense-minded system, along with the different control styles, make it great for fighting fans of all skill levels, and the deluge of modes means that it can take a very long time before you come close to exhausting it all. The best part is that relatively little gets sacrificed in the port, so there's nothing to reacclimate yourself should you decide to play this on multiple platforms.
Dave AubreyFeb 15, 2019
It's one of the most refined fighting games, definitely, but it's not friendly to newcomers. New players might find BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle to be more enjoyable, but if you want to feel awesome while stringing combos together, Blazblue Central Fiction is the one for you.
Az EliasJan 28, 2019
Other than porting BlazBlue: Central Fiction to Nintendo's platform, this seems to be minimum effort on Arc System Works' part. There isn't really anything special about this Special Edition, aside from including all past DLC in one package. Online lobbies have been removed, yet player-created rooms ensure this isn't too great of a problem.
GameCentralFeb 11, 2019
If you don’t like 2D beat ’em-ups (and especially if you don’t like anime) this game isn’t going to change your mind about either. And you do get the feeling that Arc System Works was wisely stopping while they were ahead, given the relative lack of new gameplay ideas. But as it is, Central Fiction is a fine way to end the series, and we hope that rather than being the end of the story it’s just the closing of the current chapter.
Joaquín Relaño GarcíaFeb 15, 2019
BlazBlue: Central Fiction irrumpe al fin en Switch. El que es hasta la fecha uno de los mejores juegos de lucha de Arc System Works —en lo referente a contenido monojugador es sin duda el mejor, y con diferencia— llega a la consola híbrida de Nintendo en una edición especial cuya mayor, y prácticamente única, novedad es la de ofrecer de inicio la plantilla completa de personajes, incluidos aquellos que en otros sistemas había que adquirir vía DLC.
Sérgio MotaApr 15, 2019
BlazBlue: Central Fiction representa não só a melhor entrada da série como uma das melhores propostas dentro do seu género na já vasta oferta no catálogo da Nintendo Switch. Com uma jogabilidade extremamente simples e intuitiva, é uma proposta coerente e com argumentos quer para o jogador à procura de uma experiência simples, quer para quem procure uma componente competitiva mais completa.