Blaster Master Zero

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Kai PowellMar 29, 2017
Blaster Master Zero tries to recapture the joy of the NES classic, but the out-of-vehicle segments are just as frustrating as they were nearly thirty years ago.
John WhitehouseAug 31, 2017
Blaster Master Zero is just one more feather in the Switch’s cap and one that sits nicely on the eShop at a very welcoming price point. It shows that there is more to the console than just Zelda and Mario, and that Nintendo are serious about filling their digital storefront with quality titles that would otherwise get looked over if they appeared on Steam or PSN.
Azario LopezMar 09, 2017
Blaster Master Zero does everything right in terms of rebooting an old franchise. The game retains all the quirks and cues fans of the series adore and presents them in a way that a new generation of gamers can enjoy. The pacing and difficulty is set just right to keep gamers entertained for hours. In short, this is now the definitive way to play a game from my childhood that I’ve held so close to heart.
Steve BowlingMar 09, 2017
If you've finished your launch titles already, or are just looking for something new, we highly recommend Blaster Master Zero; it's a great homage to the original and one you will have a blast (sorry) playing.
Perry Burkum Mar 09, 2017
Blaster Master Zero is the Blaster Master follow-up we’ve been waiting for since 1988. Is it a revolutionary game? Probably not. But it is a dang fine video game that completely (blaster) masters what it sets out to do. With an amazing progression, fun co-op multiplayer, and absolutely gorgeous retro style, Inti Creates has created a new classic and must-buy for the Nintendo Switch.
Jamie WardApr 26, 2017
Blaster Master Zero unquestionably isn’t the finest of the modern retro games, but it is still a blast to play through. If you’re harkening for a smaller game that isn’t going to break the bank then you can certainly do a lot worse than this.
Tristan OgilvieMar 15, 2017
While it’s a shame that its dungeon dwelling enemies are far too easily exploited, Blaster Master Zero is ultimately an enjoyable reimagining of a largely overlooked 8-bit classic thanks to the rewarding exploration-focussed structure of its side-scrolling overworld. There are enough secret rooms and power-ups to seek out (including an additional ending), that I was compelled to scour every last inch over the course of my eight-hour completion time. It’s a good reboot; just not a Masterful one.
Ben ReevesApr 04, 2017
Blaster Master Zero might be an appealing trip down memory lane, but for those without an affinity for the original, this remaster won’t leave an impression. Blaster Master Zero features a few welcome additions – like retooled boss fights and more generous save points – but these changes aren’t enough to give this release a modern feel. Despite its facelift, Blaster Master Zero is a blast from the past that feels like a bit of a relic.
Chris CarterMar 09, 2017
Blaster Master Zero is a loving recreation that serves as both a companion and in some ways a replacement for the original. While I'll always see myself going back to the NES classic for the rest of my days, Zero is a good way to introduce the series to a newcomer without scaring them off.
Charlie LargeMar 29, 2017
Blaster Master Zero is fun while it lasts! With a bizarre story and fun gameplay, this is one Metroidvania-style game that can be played by both fans of the series and newcomers alike. The only complaints about this remaster are that it is short and rather easy, but the seven or so hours it will take you to get to the end are certainly entertaining while they last!
KitsumedaJun 07, 2017
Blaster Master Zero is an enjoyable albeit brief trip through memory lane. What it lacks in replay value makes up with the fact that it is just so damn enjoyable. Exploring the intricately designed underground ruins on foot and in Sophia the 3rd all while slowly acquiring additional abilities that unlock new areas makes for an addictive experience which you won’t put down until you see the credits rolling. Blaster Master Zero falls among the best games in the series, and will be equally enjoyable for newcomers as well as longtime fans wanting to re-experience this childhood classic.
GameCentralMar 23, 2017
A welcome return for one of the forgotten masters of Metroidvania, and an excellent example of how to remaster a retro classic. The mix of Metroid style exploration and top-down shooting works as well as ever, with the clever level design benefiting from some new modern conveniences.
Glen FoxApr 05, 2017
A fun retro shooter that's had enough modern tweaks to make it a nearly essential purchase.
Albert LichiMar 09, 2017
Blaster Master Zero is a brief and faithful successor to Blaster Master. This may not be as hard as the NES game due to it having modern conveniences, like checkpoints and save files, but it slavishly pays lip service to the classic. It does the original developer justice and perfectly captures that distinctive Sunsoft sound that it was known for in the NES generation. It is just too bad Inti Creates played it too safe and did not try to truly push Blaster Master Zero to the heights it could have reached. For £8.99 / $9.99, it is more than a decent throwback retro title.
Sergio MartínMar 14, 2017
Aquellos usuarios que, como nosotros, se pirren por las aventuras 2D tipo Metroid van a encontrar en Blaster Master Zero un juego muy entretenido, bien realizado y tremendamente absorbente. De lo mejor que ha aparecido recientemente en la tienda eShop tanto de Switch como de Nintendo 3DS.
Jesús BellaMar 16, 2017
Blaster Master Zero es un ataque de nostalgia para los amantes de lo retro, pero también una fiel defensa de un título poco reconocido hace 30 años cuando apareció en NES. La sorpresa es que sabe demostrar su extraordinaria valía después de tanto tiempo. Lo hace gracias a un remake acertado, que toca lo justo para traer su ingenioso concepto jugable al presente.
Azucena RuizMar 15, 2017
Es divertido y desafiante, y la mayoría de añadidos que se han hecho con la nueva versión encajan perfectamente para darle un aspecto más fresco y hacerlo algo más accesible, como el hecho de poder guardar partida con cierta comodidad. Por desgracia, uno de los añadidos más interesantes como es el multijugador solo está disponible en Switch, dejando a 3DS huérfana de una característica que ofrece un plus evidente.
Benjamin SchmädigMar 17, 2017
So viel Spaß ich beim Erkunden der weitläufigen und verzweigten Höhlen in den ersten Stunden hatte, so schnell verlor es daraufhin an Reiz. Daran ist nicht nur der ohnehin verzeihliche Schwierigkeitsgrad Schuld, das liegt vor allem an einer mächtigen Superwaffe, mit der man selbst Bossgegner regelrecht abfertigt.
Nicolas VerletMar 17, 2017
Reboot réussi pour Blaster Master Zero, qui ne remportera ni la palme de l'originalité ni celle de la modernité, mais qui offre une demi-douzaine d'heures très agréables à un tarif à peu près correct. Même si l'offre Metroidvania commence à devenir pléthorique, le concept initial entre exploration en tank et phases à pied fonctionne encore à court terme, avec un armement assez évolutif pour donner ce sentiment de progression typique du genre.
António BranquinhoApr 14, 2017
Blaster Master Zero pode ser facilmente recomendado não apenas a quem jogou o Blaster Master original mas também a todos os que gostam de jogos ao estilo Metroidvania ou a saudosistas dos 8-bit. Este jogo é o exemplo do que um remake deve ser: uma modernização do jogo mantendo totalmente o respeito pelo conteúdo original.
Giorgio MelaniMar 23, 2017
Inti Creates dimostra ancora una volta di saper maneggiare il bitmap con grande maestria, semplicemente utilizzandolo per costruire un gioco e non tanto per compiacere l'istinto nostalgico o artistico, sfruttando al meglio la già ottima base di partenza offerta dall'originale e migliorandola ulteriormente.
Jonas MäkiMar 22, 2017
Blaster Master Zero är en härlig retrofest jag varmt kan rekommendera, i synnerhet till de som var med när denna typ av spel var det enda som stod till buds. Om det säljer bra nog för en uppföljare - vilket jag verkligen hoppas det gör - så får utvecklarna gärna göra det aningen större och ha lite fler tuffa passager. Då skulle jag inte bara kalla det en härlig retrofest för invigda, utan vilja påstå att det vore ett rent måste för alla.