Blaster Master Zero 2 for Nintendo Switch

Blaster Master Zero 2

Mar 20, 2019
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Developer: Inti Creates
Content Rating: Everyone


The story of Blaster Master Zero 2 begins a few months after the events of the first game (released on March 9, 2017), where the main protagonist Jason saves planet Earth from the mutants. Eve has been infected by mutant cells that are slowly corrupting her body, so together with Jason and Fred, they board G-SOPHIA and begin an intergalactic journey to Eve's home planet, Sophia, in hopes of finding a cure for the mutant infection.

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Robert GrossoApr 08, 2019
A great game in terms of design and presentation, Blaster Master Zero 2 showcases how to do nostalgia right; by tweaking the familiar mechanics to the games advantage, making it feel fresh and unique.
Peter GlagowskiMar 28, 2019
Blaster Master Zero 2 is a clear improvement on its predecessor. The graphics are slightly better, the story is better written, and the soundtrack is more diverse; I could go on and on. Maybe Zero 2 won't make a convert out of you if you didn’t enjoy the first, but it is well worth exploring for fans of Inti Creates and Blaster Master.
Bill GallonApr 02, 2019
Blaster Master Zero 2 does a great job of coming off as a fun, difficulty-laden retro game of years past, while not feeling like its cheating the player with artificial difficulty.  While some may look for a game a little more relaxed, those who want a combo Metroidvania side-scrolling dungeon crawling top-down shooter with lots to explore and lots to shoot at, skipping Blaster Master Zero 2 would be doing yourself a disservice.  At a price of only $10 in the eShop, you’ll more than get your money’s worth.

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