Blasphemous for Nintendo Switch


Sep 10, 2019
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Developer: The Game Kitchen
Content Rating: Mature


A foul curse has fallen upon the land of Cvstodia and all its inhabitants - it is simply known as The Miracle.Play as The Penitent One - a sole survivor of the massacre of the ‘Silent Sorrow’. Trapped in an endless cycle of death and rebirth, it’s down to you to free the world from this terrible fate and reach the origin of your anguish. Explore this nightmarish world of twisted religion and discover its many secrets hidden deep inside. Use devastating combos and brutal executions to smite the hordes of grotesque monsters and titanic bosses, who are all ready to rip your limbs off. Locate and equip relics, rosary beads and prayers that call on the powers of the heavens to aid you in your quest to break your eternal damnation.

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1 review
Jonathan Culver

Jonathan Culver

Oct 1, 2019

Critic Reviews

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Darren PalmaSep 20, 2019
It may not be the best Metroidvania on the market, nor does it quite rival the essence of the original Dark Souls. However, such triumphs are so incredibly highly regarded to the point that it almost seems unfair to compare such a small ambitious project to them. What Blasphemous does achieve though, it does so well enough to warrant itself as a strong contender on the market. It’s probably one of the best looking indie games of the year, accompanied by incredibly effective notes of religious horror. More importantly, minus a few small gripes, it’s still a very enjoyable game to play through.
Jordan DevoreSep 09, 2019
I can't get Blasphemous off my mind. I may never fully grasp the opaque story even with the inevitable community-led theories and explainers lending a hand, but that's okay. Even taken as a fanatical fever-dream, this game delivers. Some aspects aren't as fine-tuned or ambitious as they could've been, leading to unevenness, but there's so much for metroidvania fans to latch onto here.
Matthew ZawodniakSep 16, 2019
With its incredible artstyle and striking world design, Blasphemous could have been a fine adventure with a dark and twisted tone. The aesthetic is incredible, and the map design of Cvstodia is solid and engaging. Unfortunately the game is too bogged down with a high difficulty level that is more tedious than challenging, dragging the entire experience down into something I can hardly bring myself to play.

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