Bayonetta 2 + Bayonetta

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Adam BeckFeb 21, 2018
The first Bayonetta is slowly showing its age, but its more robust sequel remains at the top of its game. It contains some of the best combat mechanics that are perfectly integrated in the most over-the-top, outlandish scenarios. It’s stylish, frantic and oddly addicting. Unfortunately, the story may as well be non-existent and the voice acting from characters such as the newly-introduced Loki will make you want to skip cutscenes.
Joseph OcasioFeb 19, 2018
Bayonetta 1 + 2 are still great games. The original may be showing its age, but it's still a wild ride, and its sequel is still fantastic. While it would've been better to have some new features, there's still enough content here to keep you coming back for more for a good while. From tons of unlockable costumes, characters, and weapons to constantly trying to beat your high score, you'll be coming back for seconds and even tenths.
Ryan MeitzlerFeb 22, 2018
Even though both games are coming well after players enjoyed them on several other platforms, the Bayonetta games remain near-perfect examples of pure, unfiltered action and spectacle. Both Bayonetta games seamlessly blend escalating action with imaginative design and a combat system that toes the line between accessibility and making you feel like a true badass, and rewarding players with careful timing and experimentation. 
Pramath ParijatFeb 23, 2018
Bayonetta 2 also is the best it has ever been on the Switch- 720p again across both, docked and undocked modes, but the game’s framerate holds steady at 60fps (curiously enough, I may have run into fewer drops for Bayonetta 2 than the first game), which the Wii U version of the game famously failed to do a lot of times. Just seeing this game, with its fluid action and frenetic pace, run at a blistering and steady framerate is a treat- and it is almost enough to justify this entire package’s existence all on its own.
James PaleyFeb 16, 2018
I’m sure some prodigy will end up beating both games on the hardest difficulty using the touch controls alone, however. These minor hiccups aside, you absolutely can’t go wrong with this version of Bayonetta 1&2. Assuming you have any taste for frenetic action games, these two titles represent the cream of the crop.
Markus HirsiläFeb 21, 2018
There are almost no quiet sections, which makes longer play sessions a bit taxing. In other words, since the game doesn't want to give you a break, you'll need to press pause to escape the frantic chaos. Compared to the first Bayonetta, the tempo of battles is faster, which moves the focus to fast reflexes instead of watching your enemies' movement patterns and then acting accordingly.
Jordan BiordiFeb 14, 2018
Bayonetta & Bayonetta 2 are a perfect witch’s brew of fun and functionality on the Switch.
Shannon GrixtiFeb 15, 2018
Whilst I think that it's a little bit overpriced (and should include Bayonetta 1 on a physical cartridge), it's almost impossible to deny the brilliance of both Bayonetta games. Bayonetta herself is one of the sassiest characters in gaming and the combat is simply better than any hack and slash action game that I've ever played (and still is to this day).
Jesús BellaFeb 14, 2018
Platinum Games realiza un gran trabajo al adaptar a Nintendo Switch dos de los mejores videojuegos de su historial. Las dos primeras entregas de Bayonetta suponen un espectáculo de golpes sensuales que dan para horas y horas de diversión narrativa y jugable, con una sopesada dificultad y una potente rejugabilidad. Son casi nulas las aportaciones realizadas a las versiones de Nintendo Switch, pero para aquellos que no disfrutaron de Bayonetta 1 y Bayonetta 2, se encuentran ante una situación probablemente irrepetible.
Maxime ChaoFeb 19, 2018
Mais qu’importe, pouvoir retrouver l’une des héroïnes les plus bad-ass et sexy du jeu vidéo est un plaisir qu’il ne faut pas bouder, surtout qu’on peut désormais emmener la donzelle partout où l’on va. Un peu comme sa meuf quoi. Les plusGameplay toujours aussi exigeantC'est encore l'un des meilleurs beat'em all du marchéLe charme Bayonetta Les moinsQuelques soucis de lisibilité avec Bayonetta 1 en mode nomadeGraphiquement, le premier Bayonetta a mal vieilli720p, même en dockéPas de vrai bonus supplémentaireOn aurait préféré un remaster et pas un bête portageUne édition collector bien décevante