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Helen RosnerNov 20, 2017
But everything feels, from top to bottom, like it knows it ought to be a movie instead of a game — at times, it even comes off like it’s apologizing for not being one. Some titles can walk this line between movie and game, soaring with cinematic intensity while the gameplay itself enriches the plot. Battle Chef Brigade, sadly, isn’t one of them.
William MurphyNov 20, 2017
If there’s any real knock against Battle Chef Brigade, it’s that it’s over too soon. I’m hoping and praying Trinket Studios gets a chance to not only expand the game but create sequels that go above and beyond their first effort. Much like Hand of Fate and its sequel, where the latter upped the ante tenfold.
Jason FanelliNov 21, 2017
There’s nothing I like more in video games than when a developer thinks outside of the box. Wonderful ideas and worlds can be bred from experimentation, much like the culinary world that Battle Chef Brigade champions. The contrasting gameplay styles, a beautifully designed world, and interesting characters combine into a delightful game that just doesn’t last long enough.
Mike WilliamsNov 21, 2017
Battle Chef Brigade is a hard game to explain, coming across as a gumbo-style mix of Match 3 puzzle gaming, action combat, and anime storytelling. Surprisingly, everything comes together to make a fun and unique title, where players will hunt monsters and cook fabulous meals for judges in grand stadiums. The game falters in areas outside of its core gameplay, but that core is pretty deep and satisfying.
Zachary RyanNov 21, 2017
Battle Chef Brigade successfully mixes genres to create something wholly engaging. The charming art direction and characters, creative combat, and clever puzzle mechanics help put Battle Chef Brigade squarely in its own genre. Despite a few storytelling stumbles and some minimal repetition, the sunny disposition of Trinket Studios’ puzzle/platformer/beat ‘em up ultimately shines through.
Neal RonaghanNov 19, 2017
Those complaints don’t harm the main campaign, which is fantastic through and through. Mina and the rest of the cast are genuinely fun to spend time with. Battle Chef Brigade is an absolute feast of a game on Switch, with a highly polished story and a brilliant fusion of match-three and action. It might be coming out in a busy time of year, but this is a game not to be missed.
Stephanie ChanNov 19, 2017
Battle Chef Brigade is a delightful snack-sized game that combines its disparate elements in a whimsical, entertaining way. I loved the style and the occasional clever puns. The kitchen battles were a lot of fun, especially because they were timed, and used match-3 mechanics in an innovative way. If you’re a fan of Iron Chef, Studio Ghibli, or both, you’ll likely enjoy this foray into the world of Victusia.
Greyson DitzlerNov 29, 2017
It's a flawed game, and its general scale may be smaller than some people hoped for, but it nonetheless delivers on its intentions of creating a fun and unique cooking game that encourages creativity.
Steve BowlingNov 21, 2017
Battle Chef Brigade is the first game of its kind, a rarity in this day and age. Everything about it is fresh and original, from its story to the handrawn graphics, to the brilliant voice acting. The combination of fast-paced action, RPG-style gear collecting and puzzle elements wrapped into a game about cooking is something that sounds absurd but works incredibly well.
Darren PalmaDec 16, 2017
Battle Chef Brigade puts a refreshing spin on the match-three puzzler. It manages to do for cooking sims what Phoenix Wright did for the courtroom adventure. The cook-offs are tense, the level of polish is fulfilling and it all looks glorious when played in Handheld Mode. I would go as far as saying it’s one of my favourite games this year and one of the better games to come out of a Kickstarter campaign. In fact, it has even tempted me to take charge of Christmas dinner this year. Although I very much doubt that my better half will let me.
Andrew ReinerNov 20, 2017
Battle Chef Bridge is breezy and fun, offering roughly 8 to 10 hours of stressful cooking with a decent narrative and beautiful pastel visuals to pull it along. It may seem lighthearted and innocent, but it succeeds more in being overly chaotic in its match-three gameplay.
Sam PrellNov 20, 2017
Beast-hunting will test your reflexes while cooking them up will tease your brain, and Battle Chef Brigade's upbeat attitude and stylish looks will have you smiling the whole way through.
Jaime CarrilloNov 22, 2017
If you own more than three fancy knives, a sous vide stick or ever find yourself Googling “food porn,” Battle Chef Brigade is built for you. This action puzzler is as charming as it is entertaining, not to mention packed with drool-inducing gourmet treats. I say this with zero irony: Battle Chef Brigade lookin’ like a snack.
Albert LichiDec 26, 2017
Battle Chef Brigade is very entertaining and no Nintendo Switch owner should be without. The production quality is a bit on the cheap side when the story is being presented, and some of the background art can be a bit on the amateurish side, but there really is nothing else like this. Mina is a very likeable character and proves to not only be an awesome cook, but a decent fighter, too. This is an unlikely recipe that turned out to be a real hit. Whether it is in the kitchen or the battlefield, nobody can beat Mina.
Jhonatan CarneiroDec 13, 2017
Take a slice of side scrolling action game, add to that some match-3 elements, and mixes it all with a pinch of visual novel. The result is Battle Chef Brigade, a beautifully crafted game about cooking that delivers something unique due to its complementary gameplay and engaging narrative.
Anders Baad MaiJan 08, 2018
Battle Chef Brigade is a nice little surprise. Where Overcooked showed us how digital food preparation can be fun with friends, Battle Chef Brigade shows us how it can be fun alone. It's not the perfect dish, as we experienced inconsistencies in the dialogue and the ingredient collection wasn't very engaging, but nevertheless, we had a good time in this particular kitchen. Its charming visual style will make you crave a good meal, and it's impossible not get swept away by Battle Chef Brigade. Vive la Brigade.
Cole WatsonNov 20, 2017
Battle Chef Brigade is a fantastic addition to the Nintendo Switch’s lineup of indie titles that everyone should give a try. The game ran beautifully in both portable and docked modes at a crisp 60 FPS and I never encountered a glitch or bug to ruin my experience, showing the studios talent to provide a properly polished game.
Chris BrownDec 05, 2017
Battle Chef Brigade is likely a game that you may gloss over when looking through the Nintendo or Steam stores. Its anime-inspired aesthetic is niche, match-3 games are deemed casual by many, and the fact it’s a fusion of two vastly different genres may seem like nothing more than a gimmick. Gimmicky it might be, but it works, and is one of the most enjoyable games I’ve played this year.
Ramón NafriaNov 28, 2017
Tiene mérito el hecho de haber sido capaces de hacer bien este juego, pues mezclar géneros tan diferentes como la lucha y los rompecabezas es algo que suele provocar que el público que lo disfrute sea un conjunto menor aún que el que componen el relacionado con las diferentes partes del juego.
ClementossDec 04, 2017
Tout ou presque respire l'originalité dans Battle Chef Brigade : son histoire que l'on croirait tiré d'un manga, ses graphismes dessinés à la main, et surtout son alliance entre de l'action-plateforme, des puzzles Match-3 et de la collection d'objets façon RPG.
GautozDec 14, 2017
Dans la famille des jeux plus grands que leurs erreurs, on demande le petit Battle Chef Brigade, shônen de cuisine au coeur gros comme ça, bourré d’envie et doté d’une recette capable de masquer le goût des quelques aliments aigres de la préparation.