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Mitch VogelSep 11, 2018
Bastion is an unforgettable and enjoyable piece of software that stands as a strong example of how games can also be perceived as art. A charismatic narrator, beautiful visuals, intense action gameplay and heavy character customization make this a fairytale that you’ll want to dive into again and again, and while the isometric view sometimes gets in the way of the gameplay, the other aspects of Bastion more than make up for this slight misstep.
Mitchell PartonSep 10, 2018
The Switch release plays just as smoothly as any modern game. No frame drops are present and it works beautifully in handheld mode. While there is no new content with this release, it still feels right at home on the Switch. If you’ve played Bastion in the past or if you’ve missed out on the previous releases, I wholeheartedly recommend Bastion for anyone looking for a fantastic action RPG.
Ryan JanesJan 13, 2019
It’s great to finally see Supergiant Games bring some of their great work over to a Nintendo platform and Bastion easily ranks among the best. From its eye-catching presentation to the mysterious story to the challenging but satisfying combat Bastion is an emotionally fascinating journey from start to finish and one well worth venturing.
Aimee HartOct 23, 2018
Bastion is a thrilling action RPG. Supergiant Games’ fans will love it, but it’s definitely for those who want a story with incredible music, fascinating characters and incredible gameplay.
Chris HintonSep 13, 2018
Simply put, Bastion is an indie masterwork. It fits right at home on the Nintendo Switch, being exactly the type of game suitable for mobile play. The gameplay’s simplistic nature makes it an easy game to hop in and out of on the go. And the optional challenges highlight the game’s thrilling and addictive combat, making it easy to come back to over and over again.
Sérgio MotaDec 04, 2018
O jogo amplamente galardoado da Supergiant Games chega ao catálogo da Nintendo Switch, repetindo a fórmula do seu sucesso e beneficiando da versatilidade da consola. Com um ambiente visual belíssimo e uma banda sonora arrebatadora, abrilhantado pelo excelente trabalho de narração interactiva, Bastion é uma aventura épica que não perdeu carisma e que deve ser adquirida sem qualquer receio, apesar de se terem passado sete anos desde o seu lançamento.