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Jae LeeNov 07, 2019
Despite the hardware limitations and a handful of odd design choices, Astral Chain is one of the best new IPs to hit in recent years and one deserving the attention of every Switch owner.
Julie MuncyAug 26, 2019
Astral Chain is the directorial debut of Nier Automata designer Takahisa Taura, and it proves that he's a creator worth paying attention to. Part melodramatic anime, part overly complicated Tamagotchi, it's an eminently playable action role-playing game that delivers the pleasure of good teamwork in a way few singleplayer games accomplish. Building on action design ideas seeded in Nier, Astral Chain encourages you to bond with your beloved pet cybermonster both on and off the battlefield. Then, it teaches you how to fight as one.
Chris ShiveSep 04, 2019
Aside from the lackluster co-op and slow start, Astral Chain is one of those rare games where it’s difficult to say anything bad about it. The story and world building may fall short of the masterpiece that was NieR: Automata, which also involved Astral Chain director Takahisa Taura, but I dare say this is the best combat action in a Platinum Games title to date. The dual control of one of the Howard twins and the Legion in an innovative twist in battle and makes combat as fun to watch as it is to play.
Austin SutherSep 12, 2019
Astral Chain features a perfectly realized world filled with wonderful characters and awesome architecture. It runs perfect on the Nintendo Switch and looks stellar, too. The predictable story is one of the only faults of this over-the-top, incredibly fun action game.
Alessandro BarbosaAug 27, 2019
Astral Chain is one of Platinum Games’ most complex and satisfying action games to date, with combat that’s suitably fast but far more purposeful and careful in execution. Its gorgeous world and enticing premise are betrayed by an uninteresting story and characters, but there’s little else to fault when you’re teaming up with your legions and solving cases across different dimensions.
Reid McCarterAug 26, 2019
Astral Chain is loud, brash, exciting, and, in the end, a warning about the dangers of unquestioned loyalty. Its hyperkinetic action sequences and colorful characters might make the game seem like it isn’t interested in offering more than intricately designed fights and a straightforward genre story, but stick around for its entirety and its cast of 2070s police officers show themselves to be more than just cartoon cut-outs of sci-fi cops.
Darren PalmaAug 26, 2019
Astral Chain is yet another addition to the Nintendo Switch library that will be fondly remembered for decades to come. Its yin-yang of chaos and carnage, fused with the calmer subtleties of investigation and exploration makes returning back to the action that little bit more special every time. There are so many gameplay elements that just feel and sound so goddamn satisfying that it’s so easy to become blind to any faults.
David MorganAug 26, 2019
Astral Chain combines all the best impulses of Platinum Games with a unique combat system and rich RPG mechanics. The world, story, and atmosphere are icing on the cake - this is one of the best overall packages from the studio and a remarkable directorial debut for Takahisa Taura.
Francesco De MeoAug 26, 2019
Astral Chain is, without a doubt, one of the best games ever released by Platinum Games and one of the best Nintendo Switch exclusives to date. With its combination of explosive action gameplay, which masterfully blends together mechanics taken from previous games developed by the studio, engaging investigation and exploration mechanics, an enjoyable story and huge amount of content, Astral Chain is a game that no fan of action games should pass on. That's even in spite of some issues here and there, such as the low challenge level and unbalanced evaluation system that makes it too easy to get S+ ranks.
Josh TorresAug 29, 2019
I think Astral Chain is a special game. There’s not anything else that’s quite like it and I admire how much it shakes up the PlatinumGames formula. It doesn’t fully succeed at everything it sets out to do, but the foundation is solid enough to improve upon. Astral Chain is an exhilarating ride that never let go of me once it clicked. If it ever sees a follow-up that irons out its problems, then PlatinumGames may truly have another new classic on the horizon.
Steven PetiteAug 26, 2019
Astral Chain is another excellent game from Platinum, and one of the best action games of this generation. Period. Fighting off alien invaders with a Legion robot by your side proves to be even more fun than it looks, which is saying a lot. Even outside of combat, the world and its characters brim with life – other than the main protagonist, that is. Excellent pacing artfully balances tense action with enticing exploration to create a deeply satisfying and charmingly quirky ride.
Dean JamesSep 09, 2019
While fans are waiting for Bayonetta 3 to finally come out, PlatinumGames has released yet another gem on a Nintendo platform with one of their best and most entertaining combat systems to date in Astral Chain.
Eric ChrismanSep 09, 2019
Astral Chain is a fun new IP from Platinum Games that delivers on the over the top action you’d expect from the developer. But it falls a little flat, lacking a memorable protagonist and featuring some downright annoying traversal and side activities that you have to put up with.
Chris CarterAug 26, 2019
Whatever criticism you can throw at Astral Chain, you can’t say it isn’t unique. In the first few hours, I was all over the place when it came to an assessment, as it can take some time to really turn it up. But when it does it just clicks, and I don't want to stop playing it.
diegoarguelloSep 10, 2019
Astral Chain presents an experience that might be familiar those familiar with Platinum Games, but there's enough to keep you engaged and excited. Astral Chain is a new IP that's a must-have for Nintendo Switch users looking for a new hack n' slash game to dive into.
Alec SandarSep 15, 2019
Astral Chain Switch is a new take on portable action gaming, as it brings the chance to control two characters at the same time, which are beautifully synched to perform incredible stunts and action sequences. Out of combat, the game looks like Batman Arkham Asylum a lot, with a detective-like atmosphere in a sci-fi world. Story-wise, it is a cool new concept, worth exploring and quite a rewarding experience. Top marks!
Tomas FranzeseSep 05, 2019
Simply put, Astral Chain is one of the best action games I’ve ever played and is now my favorite title from PlatinumGames because of how it manages to deliver solid action and be innovative at the same time. The investigative sections and unique relationship formed between player and Legion bring something fresh to the action genre as well.
Harrison MilfeldSep 26, 2019
Astral Chain is a wonderfully fun and ambitious action title with a great gameplay hook that improves the more you master the basics. It’s yet another example of why PlatinumGames continues to be one of the best in crafting a unique action-adventure hack-and-slash.
Chris "Atom" DeAngelusSep 09, 2019
All in all, Astral Chain is a solid and enjoyable action-RPG. It suffers from a lot of Platinum Games' most common problems, such as poor instructions for basic gameplay and an over-reliance on minigames, but the charm and enjoyment of the core game more than make up for that once you get past the rough opening. It's not quite up the highs of a Bayonetta or Nier Automata, but it's worth playing for fans of the company or those looking for a fun action-RPG on the Switch.
Ben MooreSep 13, 2019
Michael HighamAug 27, 2019
Astral Chain's shortcomings don't overshadow what it does best. It's an incredible execution of a fresh take on Platinum Games' foundation, standing among the stylish-action greats. And its own anime-inspired swagger makes fights all the more exhilarating. You'll come to appreciate the calmer moments in between that add variety and offer a second to relax before jumping back into the superb combat. After 40 hours with Astral Chain, I'm still eager to take on the tougher challenges, and I'll be grinning from ear to ear as I hit all the right moves, one after the other, while watching it all unfold.
Elijah GonzalezSep 11, 2019
Overall, Astral Chain is a wonderful synthesis of stylish character-action, RPG elements, and a novel central hook that manages to tread new ground despite its many points of influence.
Andrew ReinerAug 26, 2019
Platinum has created a wonderful new universe for players to dive into that I could see extending into anime, movies, and hopefully sequels. The dual-character gameplay is also brilliantly devised, and although not as difficult as PlatinumGames’ other titles, creates a duet that makes you feel like a powerful, unstoppable force. The story may be the weakest part of the experience, given just how much it changes trajectory, but it has some legitimately great moments, and a big twist I didn't see coming. All told, this is one hell of a game.
Damien McFerranAug 26, 2019
With its amazing visuals, fantastic presentation, varied gameplay and deep, rewarding combat, Astral Chain could well be PlatinumGames' most accomplished game yet. It mixes detective work with exhilarating battle sequences that are inventive, challenging and – perhaps most importantly – breathtakingly cool.
Billy GivensSep 02, 2019
Astral Chain constantly impresses with its enthralling premise, frenetic action, and abundance of content. Even in its quietest moments, it exudes heart and intrigue, and for those willing to dig deeper, The Ark and its mysteries are a joy to discover. Beautiful visuals and incredible presentation values round things out to make it one of the Switch’s must-own titles.
John RairdinAug 26, 2019
Astral Chain is the most ambitious game Platinum has ever made, and is for the most part a success. It would be tempting to use the old idiom, “jack of all trades master of none” but specific elements of Astral Chain excel far too greatly to refer to Platinum as anything other than masters. The combat, story, and music are some of the best you’ll find on Switch.
Blake MorseAug 26, 2019
With all that said though, I am insanely impressed with the world that Platinum has built-in Astral Chain overall. It is gorgeous, the plot is intriguing and it feels like something new when it comes to the investigations and police work. While the combat mechanics might need cleaning up it’s cool that the dev team at least had the foresight to realize that might be a point of contention but there was still a lot left to offer, hence casual and unchained mode. And you really can’t fault a game for making contingencies for all types of players.
Stephan AdamusAug 26, 2019
Astral Chain is an excellent action game that uses the Switch’s unique hardware in creative ways. It fits handsomely in PlatinumGames’ excellent catalog and should satisfy anyone who likes Japanese action RPGs, or third-person action games. It is a wholly satisfying experience.
Dave AubreyAug 28, 2019
Astral Chain is an excellent action game. It has all the hallmarks of the kind of quality you expect from PlatinumGames, but is distinct from anything they've done thus far. They have a new combat system, a completely new art style, a distinct atmosphere, and an interesting story that doesn't necessarily tie up all of the loose ends. Another Switch game I can't help but recommend.
Magnus LaursenAug 30, 2019
Astral Chain is not a wild experiment like Star Fox Zero, it's not as introspective as Nier: Automata, and it's far from as extravagant as Bayonetta, but it has something else. We don't know if we could put Astral Chain on the top of the pedestal as Platinum's best game, but it's definitely a well-rounded, versatile experience with a strong mechanical identity - a careful cross-section of the developer's back catalogue pulled together with a unique and well-put-together premise, moments of pocket-philosophical ecstasy, and copious amounts of charm.
Adam CookAug 26, 2019
A brilliant game that’s deep and offers accessibility for people who struggle as well as people who want to master every inch of the combat. In a crowded marketplace, Astral Chain stands out as a unique, interesting game that you’d be foolish to pass up on.
Renan FontesSep 04, 2019
Home to an incredibly immersive world and the best combat on the Nintendo Switch, Astral Chain is a must-play not only for fans of the genre, but the medium as a whole. It is a title that understands the importance of balancing gameplay, story, and style without ever sacrificing substance for anything else. It's more accessible than most PlatinumGames titles without ever having to compromise its core mechanics. The slower start may alienate potential fans but sticking with Astral Chain leads to a surprisingly thematic script, incredibly deep combat, and what might be Platinum's best game to date.
Dominic LeightonAug 26, 2019
Astral Chain boasts the same winning elements of Platinum’s finest work – exhilarating combat, characterful visuals, and a compelling story – but it loses a bit of personality. Where Bayonetta and 2B provided an emotional centre point for the fantastical storytelling, Astral Chain’s unnecessarily silent protagonist is a charmless creation saved by an utterly charming world.
GameCentralAug 26, 2019
Another classic action game from Platinum that’s so full of ideas it seems fit to burst and yet everything not only works perfectly but is filled with an infectious sense of goofy fun.
Aaron PotterAug 26, 2019
Astral Chain is one of the most confident, stylish and satisfying third-person action games we’ve played in quite a while. While its narrative might be melodramatic, battles and enemy encounters always deliver a thrilling but balanced challenge.
Francis KennaSep 16, 2019
As it is now, Astral Chain is a great action game with a few blemishes. It might not be perfect, but it should be a high priority for any Switch owners, and fans of the action genre as a whole.
Brett MedlockAug 26, 2019
Astral Chain packs the punch you would expect from Platinum Games while simultaneously going above and beyond in all other areas. It’s great to see Platinum stepping even further out of its shell with expertly crafted titles like NieR: Automata and now Astral Chain. This marks another game in the studio’s catalog that is nothing short of amazing.
A.J. MaciejewskiAug 27, 2019
With a perfect blend of high-octane action and enjoyable laidback moments in-between, Astral Chain presents a masterfully immersive campaign. In the end, it's certainly the next must-have game for Nintendo Switch.
Cole WatsonAug 26, 2019
Astral Chain is a fantastic character action game that reimagines the subgenre at its core with a completely original and immensely satisfying combat system
Billy AtmanAug 29, 2019
Astral Chain is one of the most exciting new IPs I've played in years. From its stunning combat design to its gorgeous visuals, it packs a punch in almost every area. Combat feels incredible and the Legions add a huge amount of options to how you tackle any given battle. Some may fault the game for its more quiet moments and investigations, but the contrast they offer to the frantic action, feels near-perfect in its execution.
James MitchellAug 26, 2019
Astral Chain is a unique experience from beginning to end, but some strange choices in the way it tells its story and major pacing issues in the third act bring it down. Regardless, Astral Chain fits right in amongst the Platinum greats, offering a fun and unique battle system that does a fantastic job at differentiating itself from its contemporaries.
Matt GosperAug 26, 2019
While Astral Chain‘s storyline is filled with anime archetypes and familiar plot tropes, it all works well as an overall experience. I actually found myself more and more engaged in the plight of my silent protagonist and his much more vocal twin — though, if you can only choose one twin and the other’s going to speak anyway, why is he silent when played — as they dove deeper into the mysteries of the Chimera and the Astral Plain.
chiconuclearAug 26, 2019
Menos crucial y quizá por eso más libre, más experimental y por ello menos frágil a las imperfecciones, Astral Chain es un juego fantástico; feliz, intenso, graciosísimo, es otra demostración de la versatilidad de un estudio que merece poder llevar por bandera ese eslogan tan grandilocuente, casi adolescente, del brillo eterno, aunque ya sepamos que es mentira.
Jesús BellaAug 26, 2019
Astral Chain es la consagración de toda la experiencia acumulada por Platinum Games, no sólo en la vertiente combativa de sus producciones, sino también en otros terrenos menos tratados como la exploración. El resultado es un videojuego vertiginoso en lo jugable y en la variedad, con una campaña muy duradera, una altísima rejugabilidad, elementos de progresión muy potentes y una calidad audiovisual que saca el máximo provecho de Nintendo Switch.
DefaAug 26, 2019
Una historia bien llevada que te conduce por caminos que no te esperas, personajes con los cuales te encariñas, una fabulosa presentación gráfica y sonora que enaltece al Switch y claro, un súper avanzado y sofisticado gameplay que alcanza todos los objetivos que se propone, son solo algunas de las razones por las que creo, no te deberías de perder por nada en este universo ni en paralelos, Astral Chain, juego que sin duda alguna se estará colocando como uno de los más destacados de este 2019.
Albert ManjónAug 26, 2019
La incursión de las Legiones al combate les ha permitido ofrecer una jugabilidad fresca y lejos de las comparativas de lo que Bayonetta u otras obras de la casa ofrecían. Una jugabilidad atractiva y exigente, visualmente imponente y con una evolución a lo largo del juego para mantenerla fresca e interesante para el jugador. Esta variable es de ejecución magistral, de 10. Sin embargo, el resto de los elementos jugables no están a la misma altura. Lucen a un nivel correcto, cierto, pero no a un nivel sobresaliente.
Carlos LeivaAug 26, 2019
PlatinumGames vuelve a firmar una nueva aventura de acci贸n imprescindible, muy original y con much铆sima personalidad.
Salva FernándezAug 26, 2019
Astral Chain es un juego que arriesga en muchos sentidos. Y en casi todos sale bien parado. Apuesta por un sistema de combate diferente, original y satisfactorio donde el control a dúo del personaje y las legiones acaba fluyendo y funcionando perfectamente. Algo que viene acompañado por secciones de plataformeo y pequeños puzles que acompañan con acierto. También hay exploración e investigación, algo que en ciertos momentos rompe el ritmo pero que entretiene y aporta variedad, aunque tenga tramos irregulares.
Pedro Pérez CesariAug 26, 2019
Así pues, está de más decir que recomiendo Astral Chain a todos los fans del trabajo de PlatinumGames ya que toma todo lo que hace especiales a la mayoría de sus juegos pero le añade un sabor único que te recordará por qué es un estudio tan amado. Asimismo, considero que es un título apropiado para los dueños de un Switch que estén en búsqueda de algo frenético y novedoso.
Mathias OertelAug 29, 2019
Platinum liefert einen exklusiven Hit für Switch: Erzählerische Schwächen werden durch die fantastische Kulisse und die schiere Summe an motivierenden Elementen mehr als aufgehoben!
Maximilien CagnardAug 26, 2019
Son recyclage des environnements – pourtant parfois éblouissants – est également à souligner et son histoire, elle, est soit écrite avec les pieds soit à destination des enfants naïfs de 10 ans : fort heureusement, le titre propose d’innombrables autres arguments qui assurent une expérience réussie mais encore un peu perfectible. Rassurez-vous, Astral Chain reste une valeur sûre de Nintendo en cette année 2019 et l’on encourage plus que jamais ce genre d’initiatives.
Pierre-Alexandre RouillonAug 26, 2019
Et une fois de plus, il aura fallu le concours de Nintendo pour nous redonner espoir dans le studio japonais avec un Astral Chain qui dépote et nous rappelle que le studio est capable de grandes choses.
EpyonAug 26, 2019
Astral Chain n’est pas parfait. Ses phases de plates-formes sont agaçantes et les quelques enquêtes qui ponctuent l’aventure à intervalle régulier valent plus pour les moments de calme qu’elles créent que pour le challenge qu’elles opposent au joueur. Mais son rythme, sa progression et surtout ses phases de combat hypnotisantes, alliés à une richesse de gameplay surprenante, nous ont séduit. À tel point que nous n’avons pas vu filer les quelque vingt heures que nous avons passées dessus.
Filipe Da Silva BarbosaAug 26, 2019
Avec Astral Chain, PlatinumGames confirme une nouvelle fois sa maîtrise en matière de Beat'em all. Une aventure sans temps mort, un gameplay à la fois technique et foisonnant, des tonnes d'activités annexes, le tout servi dans un bel enrobage anime, voilà ce que propose la nouvelle perle du studio d'Osaka. Pour peu que l'on y joue seul, il serait dommage de passer à côté de ce qui est peut-être, si le public est au rendez-vous, le commencement d'une toute nouvelle saga culte.
Nuno NêvedaAug 26, 2019
Astral Chain é mais que um poderosíssimo jogo de acção de profundidade elevada e elementos RPG. É o reflexo da maturidade da Platinum Games enquanto estúdio. Não é perfeito mas oferece momentos de qualidade elevada e inúmeros segredos para explorar e descobrir. Sem dúvida a melhor novidade criativa a aterrar na Nintendo Switch. É a Platinum Games ao seu melhor estilo.
André HenriquesAug 26, 2019
Evangelion, Psycho Pass, Devil May Cry, Nier: Automata e Bayonetta são alguns dos vislumbres repentinos que tive ao experienciar Astral Chain. Um encanto para todos aqueles que desfrutam do melhor que o Japão produz em termos de entretenimento tornando um título obrigatório para todos aqueles que tenham especial gosto por este género. Nem mesmo os pequenos problemas de frame rate e câmara foram suficientes para me fazer largar um dos melhores jogos de ação de 2019.
Aligi ComandiniAug 26, 2019
Lo abbiamo ampiamente precisato nella recensione, ma Astral Chain poteva essere un terrificante battesimo del fuoco per Taura, che il buon Takahisa è riuscito a superare mettendo in campo tutto ciò che ha appreso durante la sua carriera, e dando i natali a un action unico e variegato, capace di rielaborare i fondamentali delle opere di PlatinumGames in una nuova struttura eccelsa in quasi ogni aspetto.
Stefano CalzatiAug 26, 2019
Astral Chain è un poliziesco del prossimo futuro, che appoggiandosi a canovacci narrativi molto cari agli appassionati di anime anni ’90 riesce a rapire con un ritmo e una regia pazzeschi. Ma è attorno al campo gravitazionale del suo combat system che ruotano pregi clamorosi e difetti inaspettati, che pure non riescono a rovinare un’esperienza memorabile, divertente, tachicardica, dopata da uno strapotere tecno/estetico che flette i muscoli di Switch come solo Nintendo era riuscita a fare.
Valentino CinefraAug 26, 2019
Astral Chain è senza ombra di dubbio il lavoro più complesso di Platinum Games, ed allo stesso tempo tra i più eclettici e distintivi della storia dello studio di Osaka. È evidente la voglia di fare tesoro del proprio lavoro e costruire un gameplay che prenda le miglior idee da tutte le produzioni degli anni passati. Per un fan di Platinum Games è una gustosa enciclopedia del videogioco d’azione, per un neofita una corposa enciclopedia da studiare, ma che è possibile affrontare con più dolcezza grazie a delle sagge opzioni in termini di bilanciamento dell’esperienza di gioco.
Marco MotturaAug 26, 2019
Astral Chain è, un po' a sorpresa, il progetto della maturità artistica di PlatinumGames: uno sforzo produttivo evidente e pregevolissimo, capace di mettere in mostra gli insospettabili muscoli di Nintendo Switch, nonché un'IP nuova di zecca che lascia davvero ben sperare per il futuro della compagnia.
Eugene AsseserovSep 03, 2019
Astral Chain — великолепная метроидвания с огромным количеством кинематографичного экшена. Она цепляет отличной боевой системой, увлекательными пазлами, нормальным сюжетом и побочными заданиями. PlatinumGames превзошла саму себя, и это прекрасно. А Nintendo Switch получила в копилку своих эксклюзивов один из лучших экшенов этого поколения.
Koen van RijsoortAug 26, 2019
Astral Chain is net zo snoeihard als elke andere parel van PlatinumGames, maar met een iets lager tempo zodat het spel ook opgepakt kan worden door minder ervaren gamers. Voor PlatinumGames fans is dit een must have, maar ook als je nog nooit een PlatinumGames spel hebt aangeraakt zal je Astral Chain met bezwete handen en een grote glimlach spelen.
心灵奇兵Sep 06, 2019
آریا پیروزSep 23, 2019
در نهایت باید گفت بازی Astral Chain یکی از بهترین عناوین اکشن و هک اند اسلش چند سال اخیر است که به واسطه گیم پلی نوآورانه و جذابش می‌تواند تا مدت‌ها کاربران سوییچ را سرگرم نگاه داشته و برگ برنده‌ای باشد برایشان در جنگ کنسول‌ها.
matus_aceAug 27, 2019
Je veľká škoda, že hra vychádza v takomto nabitom období a +/− 3 dni okolo nej vychádzajú ďalšie veľké hry, s ktorými sa musí biť o pozornosť. Možno je z tých všetkých úplne najlepšia. Možno sa dokonca zaradí medzi najlepšie hry tohto roka. Má na to všetky predpoklady. Príbeh dokáže chytiť, akcia je opäť štýlová, chytľavá a bravúrne prevedená, audiovizuál to všetko perfektne dopĺňa a obsahu je tu hromada.