Astral Chain for Nintendo Switch

Astral Chain

Aug 30, 2019 NEW

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Developer: Platinum Games
Content Rating: Teen


ASTRAL CHAIN, a brand new action game from PlatinumGames, is coming exclusively to the Nintendo Switch system! As part of a police special task force, it’s up to you to fight against mysterious, alien-like creatures who have invaded the world. In the Ark, a multi-cultural city in the near future, disaster strikes when gates to another dimension suddenly appear! Dangerous creatures begin to emerge, attacking the people and polluting the land, and normal police forces are unable to compete with them. To stand up against these threats, a brand new, special police unit known as Neuron is formed.

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Sep 3, 2019

Fantastic game, unique game-play and a good soundtrack

Dan Smith

Dan Smith

Sep 16, 2019
Ace Walker

Ace Walker

Sep 2, 2019

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Chris "Atom" DeAngelusSep 09, 2019
All in all, Astral Chain is a solid and enjoyable action-RPG. It suffers from a lot of Platinum Games' most common problems, such as poor instructions for basic gameplay and an over-reliance on minigames, but the charm and enjoyment of the core game more than make up for that once you get past the rough opening. It's not quite up the highs of a Bayonetta or Nier Automata, but it's worth playing for fans of the company or those looking for a fun action-RPG on the Switch.
Billy GivensSep 02, 2019
Astral Chain constantly impresses with its enthralling premise, frenetic action, and abundance of content. Even in its quietest moments, it exudes heart and intrigue, and for those willing to dig deeper, The Ark and its mysteries are a joy to discover. Beautiful visuals and incredible presentation values round things out to make it one of the Switch’s must-own titles.
diegoarguelloSep 10, 2019
Astral Chain presents an experience that might be familiar those familiar with Platinum Games, but there's enough to keep you engaged and excited. Astral Chain is a new IP that's a must-have for Nintendo Switch users looking for a new hack n' slash game to dive into.

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