Aragami: Directors Cut for Nintendo Switch

Aragami: Directors Cut


About this game

Developer: Lince Works
Content Rating: Rating pending


During the game we play as a warrior called Aragami who was brought back to life. His task is to help a girl called Yamiko in her escape from Kyuryu fortress where the girl is held captive. The mission won't be easy because the building is heavily guarded, however, our hero has unique abilities that allow him to control darkness to some degree. Aragami uses it to hide bodies, teleport or create small black holes. Even though the hero has supernatural powers, Aragami: Director's Cut is a full-fledged stealth game. This means that for the majority of the game we need to stay hidden in shadows and avoid open conflicts because usually they result in Aragami's death.

Critic Reviews

1 Review
Josh Di FalcoJun 06, 2018
Aragami: Shadow Edition is a good stealth-based assassin adventure that plays more like an arcade game, as opposed to a gritty, realistic experience. With thirteen main-story stages to sneak through, and the addition of four lengthy stages under the Nightfall story arc, there are plenty of thrills and harrowing experiences to be had here.

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