Another World

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Daan KoopmanJul 16, 2018
Another World remains an utterly brilliant game. No matter if you use the classic or modern visuals, the game has a true alien feel to it. In addition, the trial and error gameplay is as addicting as it was those many years ago. While the game is extremely short, I did find myself continuously loving how the production value stayed intact. That is something worth celebrating.
Jamie WardAug 21, 2018
Games have certainly moved on. You don’t find many games that are this punishing, and I can certainly see why a lot of people would be put off by the trial and error style gameplay. You have no doubt played many titles over the years that were inspired and influenced by Another World. Sure, it may have lost its magic over the last 27 years but that is only to be expected. For what it did for gaming in the early 90’s, it deserves to be experienced nonetheless.
Jackson BostianJul 10, 2018
Another World is an important part of gaming history, and was a stand-out title upon its first release. However, by modern standards, the game is probably more valuable as a glance into how games were changing in the early 1990’s. The art style is dated, but still stands out nearly three decades later. The updated graphics offered in the port offers a coat of polish while still maintaining the spirit of the original.
Kirk HinerJul 26, 2018
Another World was a great game to play when it was released. I know, because I was there with my Macintosh LC II. But what made it stand out then actually gets in the way now. It has some fun puzzle events and interesting twists and turns along the way, but is better played for historical and nostalgic purposes than for pure entertainment.
Gonçalo LopesJul 09, 2018
While there aren't that many luxuries or quality of life updates, you won't be disappointed playing out Lester’s unfortunate accidental voyage to another world. If you've somehow managed to go this long without experiencing this seminal title, then there's never been a better time to pick it up.
Albert LichiJul 26, 2018
Is Another World a perfect adventure platformer? Who knows! It is, however, the best example of its kind and has served as a blueprint for any designer who has every considered to make a cinematic style game. Chahi was able to convey so much information with so little and he did it by reducing elements that were frivolous and got all the mileage possible from his premise.
Jose A. RodríguezJul 27, 2018
Another World es un juego por y para fans del retro. Un título divertido, con argumento excelente pero una jugabilidad tosca y mecánica que se separa de lo que acostumbramos. Pero a la vez, una experiencia diferente y que tal vez sirva para visitar un pasado de videojuegos en los que no hacía falta Dark Souls para estar muriendo cada poco. Además, el intento de tridimensionalidad mola… sobre todo para los más mayorcitos.
Thomas PillonJul 10, 2018
Si l'envie de vous frotter une nouvelle fois aux incroyables et sombres aventures de Lester Chaykin vous titille, ou que votre jeune âge vous pousse à découvrir ce titre qui rappelle toujours de nombreux souvenirs aux vieux briscards du média, voici une occasion toute trouvée.
matus_aceJul 25, 2018
Another World sa stále hrá dobre a stále trpí neveľkou dĺžkou. Ak je toto pre vás premiéra s hrou, s objavovaním a zomieraním ju prejdete za nejaké dve hodinky, čo je dosť málo. Ak hru poznáte, čas je polovičný. Ak ju poznáte dobre, po 30 minútach sú pred vami záverečné titulky. Vyvažuje to nižšia cena (napríklad v porovnaní s Flashbackom), no aj tak je toho málo.