Another World for Nintendo Switch

Another World

Jul 9, 2018
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Content Rating: Teen


With ground-breaking graphics and narrative for its time, Another World™ still offers a superb gaming experience in a deep and unique science-fiction universe. More than twenty-five years after its original release, Eric Chahi's masterpiece is still considered a classic adventure game and continues to inspire the biggest names in video games. Another World™ tells the extraordinary story of scientist Lester Knight Chaykin, accidentally transported to another world while working on a particle accelerator. Lost on a strange planet, with no clue as to how to extricate himself, Lester must survive in a hostile environment, take on dangerous natives and solve puzzles that are as unique for the genre as they are creative. And it is there that he also learns the true meaning of friendship.

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Daan KoopmanJul 16, 2018
Another World remains an utterly brilliant game. No matter if you use the classic or modern visuals, the game has a true alien feel to it. In addition, the trial and error gameplay is as addicting as it was those many years ago. While the game is extremely short, I did find myself continuously loving how the production value stayed intact. That is something worth celebrating.
Jackson BostianJul 10, 2018
Another World is an important part of gaming history, and was a stand-out title upon its first release. However, by modern standards, the game is probably more valuable as a glance into how games were changing in the early 1990’s. The art style is dated, but still stands out nearly three decades later. The updated graphics offered in the port offers a coat of polish while still maintaining the spirit of the original.
Jamie WardAug 21, 2018
Games have certainly moved on. You don’t find many games that are this punishing, and I can certainly see why a lot of people would be put off by the trial and error style gameplay. You have no doubt played many titles over the years that were inspired and influenced by Another World. Sure, it may have lost its magic over the last 27 years but that is only to be expected. For what it did for gaming in the early 90’s, it deserves to be experienced nonetheless.

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