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PJ O'ReillyDec 21, 2020
There are a few niggles here with regards to controls that make communication fussier than it really needs to be, but this is a fine port that finally enables Switch gamers to jump in and see what all the fuss is about with this most unlikely of gaming sensations.
Jason D'AprileDec 23, 2020
Playing Among Us on a variety of platforms is proving the game, while unabashedly excellent, might not be able to grow as rapidly as its popularity has. Flaws aside, Among Us is a clever game that deserves its time in the spotlight.
Aaron PriceJan 19, 2021
Everything Among Us had to offer in other versions has been gracefully implemented in its Switch version. The sound department is as clean as it was on PC. The visuals are mostly the same, with the obvious exception of the resolution differences.
Ryan JanesDec 21, 2020
Among Us is a brilliant multiplayer experience and one that’s sorely needed given the current climate. While I wouldn’t recommend playing this against randoms online, if you can gather nine friends and set up a voice chat, then you’re guaranteed one of the best gaming experiences of 2020.
Chris WhiteDec 24, 2020
Among Us allows you to be devious, calculating, silent, or brash, but whatever method you choose, the fun is in the mystery of who the Impostor or Impostors could be. Now the game is on Nintendo Switch for under a fiver, it’s the perfect time to get involved, especially as you don’t have to put up with those annoying adverts.
A.J. MaciejewskiDec 16, 2020
Among Us is a game made for those who have a lot of online friends or followers. If you don't fit that description then you can have fun but will more than likely get irritated while playing with random players who obviously have no idea what they're doing.
Michael KrostaFeb 03, 2021
Der große Hype um das Spiel erschließt sich mir allerdings nicht: Schon nach wenigen Runden ließen Lust und Motivation aufgrund der immer gleichen Aktionsschleife mit ihren simplen Aufgaben rapide nach – ein Effekt, der bei mir in anderen Partyspielen wie Fall Guys oder dem großartigen Hidden in Plain Sight erst wesentlich später eingetreten ist.