American Fugitive

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Chris WrayAug 04, 2019
American Fugitive is a fun romp through a colourful, top-down GTA-inspired open-world crime-fest. While the game has some issues, such as repetitive missions, as well as stability problems on the Switch, it doesn't stop it from being an all-around fun and engaging title when you're actually playing. The freedom to explore a world of a decent size where there's actually a fair bit of content to go through, including side-elements like finding stashes, doing stunt-jumps and time trials.
Daniel NewJul 01, 2019
A few technical issues – and the over-reaching arm of the law – tarnish American Fugitive slightly, but it’s a game with a wonderful sense of place, impressive levels of detail, and a slew of engaging gameplay mechanics.
Paul MurphyJun 20, 2019
American Fugitive is plagued by poor controls, runs inconsistently and suffers frequent and annoying game crashes. Throw in awful loading times, and you’ve got some big issues. It could have been a GTA clone; it’s just a shame that it’s not fun.
Joel A. DeWitteJun 25, 2019
American Fugitive hits most of the bullet points you look for in a functional open world game, but some glaring omissions, sparseness to the world, and a lack of developed characters keep it from being GTA in the boonies you might hope for. This far into the Switch life cycle, you can find better alternatives for your open world fix.
PJ O'ReillyMay 28, 2019
Overall it feels a little like death by a thousand cuts with American Fugitive, with one too many niggling little problems letting the whole thing down. There is still some fun to be had here, we can’t emphasise enough how impressive Red Rock County itself looks and feels to knock about in, stealing clothes off washing lines and running around doing murder in a pink dress never gets old, the story has a handful of reasonable missions around its middle section, including a standout, multi-part bank heist and the music and ambient effects are perfect.