Aegis Defenders for Nintendo Switch

Aegis Defenders

Feb 8, 2018
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Developer: GUTS Department
Content Rating: Everyone10+


Explore, build, and defend in this unique mashup of action-platformer and tower defense strategy. You play as a team of Ruinhunters searching for the one thing that can save their village - a legendary weapon known as Aegis.

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Peter Torckler

Peter Torckler

Feb 12, 2020

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Oscar DayusFeb 14, 2018
Aegis Defenders is disappointing because it had potential, and I still think that potential exists. There is satisfaction to be found in setting up its towers and combining them in interesting ways to make bigger and better turrets. And its loop of exploring, defending, and upgrading is alluring. But the game never meets your expectations. Whether it's the nonsensical narrative, the frustrating combat, the numerous bugs, or the simplistic platforming, Aegis Defenders stumbles more often than it excels.
Dan LipscombeApr 16, 2018
The design of the worlds and characters could have played into the tropes we’ve seen a thousand times before, but each feels wonderfully original. This accompanies a gentle and subtle soundtrack that perfectly fits the overall style and package. This is definitely a game worth exploring, more so if you have a second person to grab a Joy-Con and join in, but it’s worth keeping in mind that the two styles of gameplay differ wildly and while they’re both steeped in quality, should one of them not appeal, it might lose some of its shine.
Rosh KellyFeb 17, 2018
It’s a stunning game for fans of pixel art, and the character art during conversations also stand out. Trying to blend so many genres together is never going to fit together perfectly, but having such unfriendly controls might have been one issue worth addressing before launch. I kept coming back to Aegis Defenders, but the defenses began to feel like a chore at the end of the level rather than the exciting conclusion I imagine they were hoping for.

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