Adventure Time: Pirates of The Enchiridion

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Darren PalmaJul 21, 2018
On the whole, Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion does just enough to allow you to interact with the world of Ooo. It’s more a shame that considering the series as a whole is coming to an end, there’s no true celebration here to close out the franchise with a potential classic.
Kyle HilliardJul 17, 2018
Pirates of the Enchiridion is not the open-world game I was hoping for, but it is on the right track. This is a genuine attempt to create the type of experience the Adventure Time license deserves. It comes up short in many ways, but I still did get to have an adventure in Ooo, even if it was flooded with both water and technical issues.
David JagneauxJul 17, 2018
Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion feels like a return to the old days of licensed video games. The developers took a classic genre in the turn-based RPG, boiled it down to its core mechanics, and plastered the Adventure Time setting and characters onto it with far too few original ideas.
W.B. MasonJul 19, 2018
Great art and design can’t make up for dated, semi-open world adventuring.
Rich MeisterJul 31, 2018
Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion might be appealing to a younger audience that wants an RPG without too many advance systems to over-complicate things, but if you're looking for a deep role-playing game set within the land of Ooo, you'll be sorely disappointed. On top of that, all of the performance issues with the Switch version make it incredibly difficult to recommend.
Anders Baad MaiJul 19, 2018
And that basically sums up the whole game; you need more entertainment. Not from a lack of trying, but by a lack of time to really see the potential of the ideas properly fulfilled. When you sail on your boat Finn and Jake will sing a song, for example, but we couldn't make out the words, and at one point Finn's voice disappeared in a cut-scene, and when he opened his mouth again it was Jake's voice coming out.
Ric CowleyJul 20, 2018
Pirates of the Enchiridion has some nice ideas, but it just misses the mark with almost everything it tries out.