Ace of Seafood for Nintendo Switch

Ace of Seafood

Feb 22, 2018
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Developer: Nussoft
Content Rating: Teen


You can now openly admit to the desire we all share to become seafood. Because ACE OF SEAFOOD is an action game where you can form a party of up to 6 fish, crustaceans etc. and scavenge the depths of ocean while battling other life forms and increasing the strength of your own forces. Fish, crabs, squid, sharks, seals... even warships. Open world level design lets you freely explore the sea, taking control of a wide variety of life forms. As you win more battles, you will gain access to more unique and powerful lifeforms. By the way, life forms in this world have the ability to shoot powerful laser beams that can destroy pretty much anything.

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James JonesFeb 22, 2018
Ace of Seafood is a joke delivered with a knowing smirk. The image of a laser lobster engaging a flotilla of tiny submarines defending a sunken refrigerator is not something that springs from a serious mind. It’s surreal, amusing, and bewildering. But it isn’t fun. It’s a good joke, and without it this game wouldn't merit a mention, but the joke is let down by execution.
Damien McFerranFeb 28, 2018
Ace Of Seafood is proof that even bad games can offer some entertainment value, and if you don't find the idea of massive, laser-shooting fish battling ghost battleships amusing, then you probably need to check your pulse. Beyond its utterly bonkers premise, it offers some surprisingly deep gameplay, with every battle presenting a different challenge and the need to constantly manage your resources adding a neat wrinkle to the arcade action.

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