A Gummy's Life for Nintendo Switch

A Gummy's Life

Sep 25, 2018
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Developer: EP Games
Content Rating: Everyone10+


Warning! In A Gummy’s Life, gummies have come to life… And they are unmanageable! They have invaded the city, they are all around: in the football stadium, the park, the fortress, the fair… even on the flan. Their non-stop free-for-all fights gain people’s attention because of their jellied funny movements, but their blows are solid and well-aimed. Due to their ingenuity, they convert the elements of the landscape into insurmountable obstacles. They seemed so sweet! Choose your favorite gummy among a great variety, customize it to your taste and enjoy playing and laughing with your friends or your family. Attack! Only one can remain. Show who is in charge of the sugar!

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Apr 3, 2021

This is a cute game, it has cute art style, and it is funny. It is also fun playing the game with friends when you're all playing on the same device(couch co-op). The part I had issues with was when trying to get an online game with friends. I would get punched by nothing, I would fly off the map or the games would freeze. I like the game but maybe those are some bugs that could be fixed further down the line... At least I hope.

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Chris BowmanSep 25, 2018
Overall, Gummy’s Life is fun for the family but a little difficult to learn to play. The controls are a bit rough for me to learn, so imagine a younger kid trying to get these controls down and getting frustrated with it. Those few things aside, the levels and characters are colorful and engaging, and they give you enough to have a great time.
Trey BazinNov 26, 2018
It isn’t a horrible game – it doesn’t have any major flaws or anything; it is a game that is perfect for when you and some friends just want to have a taste of some good fighting game fun. Rag-dolling around, falling over, and tossing each other can lead to some funny, enjoyable experiences. But when isolated to the player and a few bots however, the charm is glazed over by all the flaws of the AI and the online availability issues.
Oliver RoderickFeb 25, 2019
A Gummy’s Life is frantic battling multiplayer action, but despite numerous game modes it all feels the same. It won’t keep you entertained for long.

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