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Nov 19, 2019
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Developer: Tequila Works
Content Rating: Teen


Enter the new creation from Tequila Works, a journey where you face your worst fears and are confronted with the emotional impact of your actions. Set in a creepy and melancholic world, GYLT is an eerie story mixing fantasy and reality in a surrealist place where your nightmares become reality. Hide from terrible creatures or confront them as you find your way through the challenges of this wicked world.

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Kyle NicolFeb 23, 2020
I really wanted to like Gylt. It has a promising concept with a cool art style. It’s got some ideas that would have made for a great lite horror game, but instead the weak stealth and dull boss fights bring the experience way down.
Dalton CooperNov 25, 2019
Despite its short length and occasional technical hiccups, Gylt is an OK stealth-horror game with knockout visuals and great audio design. It's not nearly compelling enough to sell someone on the Stadia service, but those with the platform wanting to check out something original will likely have a good time with it as long as they don't go in expecting the game to be Stadia's killer app or anything like that.
Tomas FranzeseNov 18, 2019
While Google’s current exclusive pipeline of Gylt, Get Packed, and Orcs Must Die! 3 can be looked at as somewhat malnourished, it also shows a bit more variation than other first-party lineups. And if Google Stadia’s future exclusives are just as good, if not better, than Gylt, that is a good sign.
Mark DelaneyNov 18, 2019
Gylt presents some bright ideas in its dark world even as its gameplay mechanics are often much too familiar.
Mark DelaneyNov 18, 2019
GYLT won't creep out most genre veterans, but kids deserve quality horror stories too, and there's no better starting place in games than GYLT.
Chris CarterNov 18, 2019
Indie atmospheric adventure games are like candy to me, and I suspect some people are going to get a lot more out of Gylt than others. It's very much in the same spirit as Concrete Genie in that it's a short but mostly engaging romp that's best enjoyed by the right kind of audience.
Magnus Groth-AndersenNov 18, 2019
Gylt is not a bad game. It looks good, it's simple but satisfactory to play, and while its inspiration is crystal clear, Tequila Works has, once again, shown promise as a developer. But, as we've seen before, the magic is often found in between these spaces, and with Gylt there's simply no glue holding the experience together. Tonal inconsistencies, bad design choices and a world that's neither linear nor open left us confused; based on that, it's hard to say that Gylt bears the weight of being the sole exclusive in the Stadia's launch line-up.
Víctor RodríguezDec 20, 2019
Gylt es un juego mediocre que no destaca ni para bien ni para mal. Tequila Works ha creado una obra que picotea de géneros como la aventura, la acción, el sigilo y hasta el survival horror; pero que no llega a profundizar en ninguno. Todo ello se une a una narrativa intimista que tiene muy buenas bases pero que no llega a desarrollarse lo suficiente para dar como resultado una obra amena pero que no se consolida como algo memorable.
Juan RubioNov 29, 2019
Gylt es un homenaje al survival horror hecho para disfrutar del gĂŠnero sin demasiados agobios. Tiene sus carencias, pero las compensa con su acercamiento directo, que lo hace muy entretenido en todo momento.
Alejandro PascualNov 22, 2019
GYLT es un juego que mezcla exploración, puzles y sigilo en una atmósfera de terror suave para abordar el complejo tema del bullying. Posee un desarrollo sencillo, que facilita siempre el progreso. Pese a que consigue representar los problemas del acoso mediante la asociación con monstruos reales, no sé hasta qué punto el jugador puede percatarse de las consecuencias de este problema tan real.
Michael KrostaNov 28, 2019
Gylt bietet eine zugängliche Mischung aus Schleichen und Rätseln in einem thematisch interessanten Rahmen. Leider gehen Tequila Works trotz des geringen Umfangs zu schnell die Ideen aus.
KaarajNov 29, 2019
S’il est une belle réussite artistique, Gylt s’avère bien trop sage sur le reste. Qu’il s’agisse de sa structure, ses créatures ou ses mécaniques de jeux qui viennent piocher du côté de Rime, Little Nightmares, ou encore Alan Wake sans vraiment arriver à s’en émanciper, ainsi que de son sous-message qui est certes à saluer, mais manque singulièrement de finesse ou de surprise dans son traitement narratif. En revanche, il parvient à légèrement gagner en intérêt sur le long terme et offre surtout une alternative intéressante aux joueurs désireux de découvrir en douceur le genre horrifique.
Francesco FossettiNov 19, 2019
Ne esce fuori un'esperienza sempre regolare, se non per qualche enigma ben concepito e un buon numero di segreti da scoprire. Gylt non è un prodotto completamente da buttare, ma per dare carattere alla sua piattaforma Stadia ha bisogno di ben altre esclusive.
Gianluca LoggiaNov 18, 2019
Il primo gioco esclusivo per Stadia non passerà alla storia, ma sarà probabilmente ricordato solo da chi ricorda anche Fantavision. L'avventura in terza persona realizzata da Tequila Works, dalle leggere tinte horror e con spunti di riflessione sul bullismo, scivola via tra poche infamie e ancor meno lodi. Ha l'unico grande pregio di far dimenticare che si sta giocando a qualcosa in streaming. Proprio perché, a differenza di tutti gli altri titoli disponibili su Stadia, non è confrontabile con le sue versioni per altre piattaforme.

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