Watch Dogs Legion

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Liam CroftNov 21, 2020
Watch Dogs Legion might look and run better than ever on PS5, but that means little when the game itself struggles to break the boundaries of mediocrity. This next-gen version remains unchanged from its PS4 counterpart as far as gameplay goes, so the boosted performance does little to hide the title's underlying issues. No matter how well it runs, Watch Dogs Legion needs to sort out how it plays.
Chandler WoodNov 27, 2020
What you end up with is an experience that shows a ton of promise, but ends up being entirely average. It’s hard to call Watch Dogs Legion a bad game outright. It’s a serviceable, if traditional, open-world game with a boring story and novelty mechanics that play out better on paper than in execution. The PS5 version makes expected improvements to visuals and load times, but isn’t a standout example of a “next-gen” title.
Neil BoltNov 23, 2020
Watch Dogs: Legion is a far more palatable experience on PS5 thanks to its vastly-improved load times and splendid visual upgrades. The only real technical gripes are that there’s little in the way of DualSense implementation, and the framerate, while steady, hasn’t been upped.
Денис КнязевOct 28, 2020
Центральная идея Watch Dogs: Legion все же выглядит гораздо более удачной — она хотя бы работает так, как задумали разработчики. Ну, и выглядит интересной — попробовать сыграть в Legion точно стоит, чтобы оценить все самому. Опыт уникальный. Только нужно быть готовым к очевидным недостаткам такого подхода.