The Medium for PlayStation 5

The Medium

Sep 3, 2021
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Developer: Bloober Team
Content Rating: Mature


Become a medium living in two worlds: the real and the spirit one. Haunted by a vision of a child’s murder, you travel to an abandoned hotel resort, which years ago became the stage of an unthinkable tragedy. There you begin your search for difficult answers. The Medium features a “dual” soundtrack by Bloober Team’s Arkadiusz Reikowski and legendary composer Akira Yamaoka of Silent Hill fame.

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kate-mia white

kate-mia white

Dec 28, 2021

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Chandler WoodSep 07, 2021
Like many horror games before it, it fails to balance its tension with certain gameplay mechanics that can turn from fear to frustration pretty quickly, but these are spaced out enough that it never ruined the experience wholesale. For any horror fans looking for a Silent Hill-esque game to fill that ominous void, The Medium will at least scratch that itch.
GrayshadowSep 02, 2021
The Medium is one of Bloober Team’s best works. The horrible monsters and well-designed world spiritual world helps bring this world together as you uncover Marianne’s past. Visiting realms of traumatic people and facing against the demon that calls that plane its home. All while avoiding the creature that hunts throughout both the real and spirit world.
Mason TeagueSep 07, 2021
Bloober Team meshes all of these elements together to draw players further into The Medium's world than the Xbox/PC versions were capable of, elevating an already enjoyable experience to new heights. It stands to reason that the PS5 version of The Medium is the ideal way to experience Marianne's dual-reality adventures, and PlayStation 5 owners that enjoy horror games should definitely check the game out.

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