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Josh BroadwellSep 08, 2021
Bandai wanted a new start with Tales of Arise, and the team surpassed itself. The risks of telling a new kind of story — and in a completely new way — paid off. It's not just one of the best Tales games, though it's certainly that. Arise is easily one of the strongest RPGs in recent years.
Michael DamianiSep 08, 2021
Jon HueberOct 29, 2021
There’s so much to do with story quests, side missions, and material gathering, that Tales of Arise will be taking up residence on my PlayStation 5 hard drive for the foreseeable future. As the summer ends and fall begins, I’m enjoying the heck out of a neo-classic JRPG and it just feels like old times again. Finally.
Mollie L PattersonSep 23, 2021
Bandai Namco promised that “now is the time for change,” and Tales of Arise legitimately feels like a game that’s trying to bring change to Japanese RPGs. It’s strong characters, epic story, engrossing battle system, and lush visuals are only marred by a disappointing final act, and those areas of the game where the team refused to let go of outdated ideas and conventions. If the Tales team can find it in themselves to push things just a little further, then this might truly be the spark that sets off a revolution in a genre that’s needed a regime change for so long now.
Jason GuisaoSep 09, 2021
Flashy combat, dynamic characters, and a masterfully realized game world make Tales of Arise one of the best JRPG experiences of the year.
Richard SeagraveSep 08, 2021
Combining stunning visuals with a gripping story and the most exciting combat system found in a JRPG yet, this is a must-have for fans of the genre. Its standalone story makes this a great entry point for those looking to get into the Tales series, too. Put simply, Tales of Arise is outstanding.
Donovan ErskineSep 08, 2021
Tales of Arise is an excellent JRPG that delivers just about everything you want from the genre: a rich story, intriguing characters, satisfying combat, and an endless amount of lore. The game isn’t able to skirt around the issues that often plague JRPGs, which I feel will make for a higher barrier of entry for newcomers. That said, Fans of the series and those that just love a good JRPG will fall in love with what’s there in Tales of Arise.
Francesco De MeoSep 08, 2021
With its engaging story, dark atmosphere, charming characters, and excellent combat, Tales of Arise provides an experience that feels both new and familiar at the same time, making for a game that both long-time fans and newcomers will enjoy. While the excessive linearity and the removal of multiplayer will disappoint some, the pros far outweigh the cons, making Tales of Arise one of the best entries in the series to date.
Sahil LalaSep 20, 2021
Overall, Tales of Arise features a colourful cast of characters with extremely enthralling stories and deep lore behind them. Each character plays an integral role in making the combat gameplay excel and despite the fact that the game follows some standard JRPG video game design seen in other games both from Bandai Namco and their competitors, it does it remarkably well.
Robert ScarpinitoSep 08, 2021
Tales of Arise masterfully brings its starring characters to life, fleshing them out with their own motivations, desires, and flaws. It tells the story of six motley misfits fighting for a better world, with much of what they hold dear at stake. The combat, while occasionally difficult, pushes players to always experiment and find ways to keep their combos going. Despite some pacing hiccups, the overall package will likely leave many JRPG fans satisfied and craving more.
Michael ChowSep 08, 2021
As a long-time fan of the series, Tales of Arise was a fresh but familiar experience. The game iterated on the series formula enough to keep progressing the series while maintaining the Tales charm. The combat system is as fluid as ever, and I found it to be engaging and fun. The area that the game shines the most is in its characters, both during the course of the main story or the skits that break up the action. Overall, Tales of Arise is a great example of a classic series that keeps improving while maintaining its identity.
Cody GravelleSep 08, 2021
The game's anime-style cutscenes and memorable musical score contribute to the feeling that Tales of Arise is something special, which is tied to its main takeaway - it's just a whole lot of fun. Whether it's the captivating, satisfying combat or the surprisingly deft storytelling that has more than a few pumpfakes on tropes, what Bandai Namco has produced here is still going to be up for debate as one of the best entries into the franchise to date.
Christian HofferSep 08, 2021
Tales of Arise is a fun game, but one with a bit of tonal disparity to it. One moment, you'll be searching for owls wearing goofy accessories on behalf of the owl king, and then next you'll watch in horror as a town of people is literally liquified before your eyes. As long as you try not to think too much about the stifling and nearly overwhelming amount of horror the characters have been put through, you'll likely feel like you got your money's worth of this very long and winding game.
Scott WhiteSep 08, 2021
Tales of Arise is an excellent introduction to the series for new players and a fantastic entry for old fans. If this is any indication, the franchise is in for a bright future. Hopefully, it won’t be another five years before the next one.
Shubhankar ParijatSep 08, 2021
Tales of Arise is a great success. It’s got a solid premise, and the actual story it tells can be quite engaging, and even though that story is let down by how sloppily it’s often told, Tales of Arise’s excellent world and frantic combat almost make up for those issues. Bandai Namco have swung big and hard with this game, with clear ambitions of taking their long-running series to new heights, and thankfully, they’ve succeeded. For fans of the series and fans of JRPGs in general, Tales of Arise is an easy recommendation.
Robert RamseySep 08, 2021
Tales of Arise went above and beyond our expectations. With its picturesque landscapes instilling a real sense of adventure, it's easily one of the strongest, most cohesive Tales games to date. Dramatic cutscenes and memorable character moments help sell an intriguing story, while a satisfying combat system becomes more and more engaging as your party powers up. A fantastic, modernised journey with all the rewarding qualities of a classic JRPG.
Terence WigginsSep 10, 2021
I’m very pleased to say that Bandai Namco has hit the mark in reinvigorating the 26-year-old Tales RPG series. Tales of Arise brings to life a beautifully realized world with a story that isn’t afraid to tackle heavy subjects and knows when to take its foot off the gas for a bit. Its characters feel real and relatable even in fantastical situations, and a fresh and fun combat system livens up their battles. Combined with plenty of quality-of-life improvements ironing out some of the series’ long-standing frustrations, this is an easy recommendation to not just fans of the long-running series but anyone interested in diving into an expansive action-RPG.
Annette PolisSep 08, 2021
Tales of Arise is gorgeous. The lands are lush and vibrant, even those trapped in extreme weather patterns. Calaglia’s arid landscape makes me thirsty and trudging through Cyslodia’s tundra reminds me of long Canadian winters. Sadly this all seems to be lost when it’s time to throw in some anime. The switch from game graphics to anime cutscenes is actually rather jarring and I’m not a fan. I like the anime separately as its own entity, just not within the game itself. If the coloring matched the game, sure. But it washes out all of the hard work the level design team put into the game. Pair this with just way too much going on with the artes system and you can see how, though a fantastic game, it falls just shy of hitting a perfect ten.
Heidi KempsSep 14, 2021
Taken as a whole, Tales of Arise is a very good RPG, boasting beautiful visuals, a wonderful cast of characters, and engaging combat mechanics--but its flaws (and that odious DLC) are also difficult to ignore.
Adam BraunsteinSep 08, 2021
For those who thirst for the epic JRPGS of old, Tales of Arise manages to live up to lofty expectations and then some.
Eric Van AllenSep 10, 2021
Ultimately, Tales of Arise gets that right, while upgrading the overall production in the process. Whether this is the big Tales breakthrough or not is a matter that history will decide. This is a Tales game that hits the right spots for me, puts a lot of love into its cast and its action, and somehow manages to strike a balance between the old and the new. It’s not without a few shortcomings, but it’s also got a lot of improvements that at least shore those up a bit.
Izzy ParsonsSep 08, 2021
Tales of Arise is exactly what I want in a Tales of game, but also a JRPG in general. It fulfills the promise of a modern-day Tales of title in a way no other game in the series has managed in over a decade. While Tales of Arise is clearly influenced by previous games in the series, it also takes cues from other long-running series like Xenoblade Chronicles and Star Ocean. However, Tales of Arise is its own beast—a refreshing, smartly designed, and just plain fun monument to its genre. I cannot recommend it highly enough.
Adam BeckSep 08, 2021
Tales of Arise is the best Tales game in over a decade. It’s the advancement the series has needed for quite some time now, such as the far more explorative dungeon designs (as small as they are) and the switch to the Unreal Engine. On top of that, the majority of the cast of characters are compelling enough to keep your attention locked on the story, and the combat reinvigorates the tried and true formula into something special.
Chris Hyde Sep 08, 2021
Tales of Arise offers a superb blend of JRPG favourites, tight combat, and modern-day design choices. It's easily the best Tales game in years.
Miguel MoranSep 08, 2021
Tales of Arise reinvigorates the magic of the long-running series. A franchise that long rested on its established laurels has been refreshingly upgraded and reinvented, resulting in one of the most polished and jaw-dropping JRPGs I've played in a long time. It's an exciting new chapter for the Tales series that won't be soon forgotten.
Toby AndersenSep 20, 2021
With a beautiful new style, a more adult narrative, wonderful characters, and a modernised tone and feel, Tales of Arise brings the franchise smashing into the current era. It’s still got the tried-and-true Tales flavour, both good and bad, yet innovates with fluid combat that feels fresh. The best and most essential Tales game in well over a decade.
Thomas FroehlicherOct 11, 2021
Tales of Arise is a near perfect comeback for the series. It's clear proof that taking your time and investing in superior technology can eventually lead to a greater game experience. Throughout, you can feel Bandai Namco's resolve to provide a state-of-art JRPG, one that's thoroughly enjoyable in almost every respect, from story, to visuals, combat, and side content.
Ingar Takanobu HaugeSep 08, 2021
Tales fans have waited patiently for the next game in the series, but Tales of Arise is truly worth the wait. No matter if you are a veteran or first-timer to the series, this game will offer you a great experience, which blends the old and the new in the best way. Tales of Arise may not reinvent the series nor the genre, and the game uses several familiar elements along the way, but its execution and end result is nothing short of impressive and captivating. This will probably stand as one of the best JRPGs of the year, and Tales fans will hopefully look fondly back on this game for years to come.
Eric AceSep 27, 2021
For an adventure game, the graphics and story are pretty interesting, but for an JRPG, the game is lacking in a lot of elements. While it has RPG trappings, it feels far more like an adventure/action game, which is a knock against those looking for some JRPG action. The graphics, story, characters and overall package are very well done. However it is hard to shake the feeling of the game being far more style over substance, which in general JRPG-ers are not looking for.
Mary BillingtonSep 08, 2021
Tales of Arise is a masterpiece with a deep story and endearing cast that will keep you hooked as you fight for freedom from tyrants. Meanwhile, the action-intense battles are great fun as you plan your moves to take down enemies as efficiently as possible. Exploring the dungeons and overworld is a joy, too, especially with new map abilities that make traversal engaging. It's the best Tales yet!
Timothy NunesSep 08, 2021
Bandai Namco created something special here. Fast-paced, accessible combat meets a well-constructed narrative told with beautiful visuals, wonderful voice work, and an impeccable soundtrack. Even with its odd issue here and there, nothing stands in the way of Tales of Arise succeeding on all levels.
Steven ImpsonSep 07, 2021
I came away from Tales of Arise with a new appreciation for the Tales series. I loved my time with the endearing cast of characters and the exciting, fast-paced story alongside the energetic and action-packed battles. Tales of Arise is an excellent action RPG, and a fantastic entry point into the series.
Matt GosperSep 09, 2021
You’re still going to collect recipes for stat boosts, you’ll still have some form of cute animal companion, and there’s still going to be speeches about destiny and doing the right thing – but we’re also going to respect each other’s mental health and look absolutely gorgeous doing it. With a new mobile Tales game in the works already, I can’t wait to see what comes next – but for now, I’ll be enjoying myself with Alphen and co. for a few dozen hours yet.
Christian OlivaresNov 08, 2021
Como los habitantes esclavizados de Dahna, Tales of Arise se debate entre el continuismo y la revolución. Ese tira y afloja quizá lastra ligeramente el resultado final, que se hubiese beneficiado de ser más rompedor en algunos aspectos, pero no impide que estemos ante un sólido JRPG y un juego muy disfrutable casi de principio a fin.
David OñaSep 08, 2021
Tales of Arise llega para demostrar que la saga todavía tiene mucho que decir. En una época en la que los aficionados al género estamos de enhorabuena, Bandai Namco ha decidido unirse a la fiesta y ofrecernos una de las mejores entregas de la franquicia. Un juego perfecto para entrar en ella, con una historia interesante, personajes carismáticos, un apartado artístico realmente bonito y un sistema de combate tan asequible como profundo. Tarda en arrancar, pero cuando lo hace es difícil soltar el mando antes de comenzar la siguiente mazmorra.
Juan LinaresSep 08, 2021
Tales of Arise es la mejor apuesta del año en cuanto a los JRPG se refiere. Un título que os enamorará con una historia y unos personajes con los que vais a empatizar, un sistema de progresión correcto, combates divertidos, misiones principales atractivas (algunas secundarias no tanto), eventos opcionales, gráficos atractivos... Creo que sobra decir más.
Alejandro PascualSep 08, 2021
Tales of Arise es la entrega que transforma la franquicia y la lleva a un nuevo nivel de ambición. Hace muchas, muchísimas cosas bien en lo técnico y jugable. Su sistema de combate es muchísimo más técnico de lo que parece a simple vista, con un par de mecánicas muy bien pensadas y que sostienen perfectamente la duración de la aventura.
Miguel Olmedo MorellSep 08, 2021
En conclusión, Tales of Arise es, a la vez, el juego más característico y más rompedor de su franquicia. Por una parte, podemos encontrarnos todos los elementos que nos hacen enamorarnos de la saga: una estética anime muy marcada, unos temas políticos y filosóficos tratados con un grado de complejidad superior al de la mayoría de los JRPGs, unos personajes creíbles y carismáticos que se desarrollan en gran profundidad a lo largo de un sinfín de situaciones de todo tipo… pero, al mismo tiempo, ha roto con la fórmula en muchos aspectos, desde sus excepcionales gráficos hasta un grado de ambición que no habíamos en los mas recientes Tales of Zestiria o Tales of Berseria.
David RodríguezSep 08, 2021
Tales of Arise es un JRPG de gran calidad y el siguiente salto técnico para una saga que continúa dando pasos en la buena dirección con motivo de su 25 aniversario. La renovación jugable que propone le sitúa como uno de los títulos más potentes del año y como una entrada excelente para los jugadores que busquen iniciarse en la franquicia.
Rodolfo LeónSep 08, 2021
Tales of Arise es definitivamente uno de mis juegos favoritos de la franquicia, y uno que coloco en lo más alto de mi lista junto con Abyss, Symphonia y Vesperia.
Carlos LeivaSep 08, 2021
Tales of Arise es una gran entrega que nos ofrece uno de los mejores y más divertidos sistemas de combate de toda la saga, un mundo bien construido, un grupo de protagonistas con una evolución muy interesante, unos jefes espectaculares, muchos contenidos y un bellísimo apartado audiovisual con una gran dirección de arte.
Jens BischoffSep 16, 2021
Der neue malerische Grafikstil steht Tales of Arise gut zu Gesicht und auch die vom düsteren Setting über das Figurendesign bis hin zu den Dialogen erwachsener wirkende Inszenierung des erbitterten Freiheitskampfs hat mir sehr gut gefallen. Spielerisch ist man seinen 25-jährigen Wurzeln hingegen weitestgehend treu geblieben: Das Kampfsystem wurde nur behutsam angepasst und bietet statt individueller Magiepunkte für alle möglichen Aktionsarten nun gruppenübergreifende Heilungspunkte und persönliche Energieleisten für Kampffertigkeiten.
TheXsableSep 08, 2021
Tales of Arise réussit avec brio à insuffler un vent de renouveau dans la saga Tales of. Avec son univers et ses personnages réussis, le titre livre une aventure marquante qui profite de superbes environnements grâce à un rendu graphique unique. Les combats ne sont pas non plus en reste puisqu'ils font preuve d'une grande intensité pour toujours plus de spectacle, quitte parfois à rendre l'action confuse.
AekonimiSep 10, 2021
Une excellente expérience et un vrai nouveau souffle pour la saga. Le titre retrouve cependant ses vieux démons dans une deuxième partie de jeu perfectible mais garde tout de même son charme et est porté par une histoire globalement intéressante.
JoniwanSep 22, 2021
Tales of Arise est un grand J-RPG. Avec un grand scénario bien plus complexe qu’il n’en a l’air, et des personnages touchants. Le design séduisant est lui aussi au rendez-vous, tout comme la jouabilité en combat, très nerveuse et proche d’un beat’em all, et un aspect RPG un peu en retrait mais convaincant. Et si la version PS5 ne bénéficie pas d’une optimisation des plus démentielles, ça à été un réel plaisir de jouer à ce Tales of Arise. Si le J-RPG, c’est votre came, vous ne devez pas passer à côté.
André HenriquesSep 10, 2021
A série Tales celebra os seus 25 anos com um fantástico título merecedor de ser jogador por todos os fãs do género, mais uma demonstração do bom caminho que a Bandai Namco tem traçado ao longo dos últimos anos, pelo menos no que diz respeito a PIs não provenientes de Anime e Manga conhecidos. A intrigante narrativa acompanhada por um elenco relacionável repleto de personalidade e uma direção artística rica que pinta o combate e cenário do jogo, eleva a série e faz de Tales of Arise um dos melhores JRPGs de 2021.
Gabriele BarducciSep 08, 2021
Tales of Arise è una promessa mantenuta, un salto qualitativo impressionante per il franchise che si ritrova in un piano ben più alto di quanto ci si poteva aspettare. La direzione è quella giusta e nonostante le solite sbavature, la storia di Alphen e compagnia è un’avventura da gustarsi fino all’ultimo sorso per le decine e decine di ore di gioco che occorreranno per portarlo a termine.
Christian ColliSep 08, 2021
La serie Bandai Namco aveva proprio bisogno di qualche anno di pausa per rigenerarsi e capire come tendere a nuovi orizzonti. Temevamo che la volontà di rivolgersi a un pubblico più vasto avrebbe potuto snaturare un marchio molto amato per le sue caratteristiche estremamente nipponiche, ma in realtà Tales of Arise ha mosso i primi passi verso il futuro con cautela: è probabilmente il Tales più maturo e significativo nella lunga storia della serie, ma anche il più bilanciato, intuitivo e spettacolare sul fronte del gameplay.
Domenico MusicòSep 08, 2021
Tales of Arise aveva già lasciato intendere di essere un titolo di alto livello durante le fasi di anteprima, ma le aspettative sono state addirittura superate in sede di recensione. Sebbene ci siano alcuni difetti tipici della saga, e più in generale del genere stesso, il sistema di combattimento stellare dona una nuova dimensione alla serie, che da questo momento in poi ha una solidissima base e grandissime prospettive future.
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