Solar Ash for PlayStation 5

Solar Ash

Dec 2, 2021
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Developer: Heart Machine
Content Rating: Teen


In Solar Ash, the player journeys through the Ultravoid, a ravenous rift in space swallowing worlds. It’s a place of incredible danger and surreal spaces - a dream none can escape. Familiar though alien, lush but grotesque, peaceful at times and supremely violent in others. Our characters must find solace in each other to make it through the spiral of despair they find themselves trapped in.

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Marcus StewartDec 02, 2021
Solar Ash had me racing across its cloud-covered playgrounds in the early hours, searching for the next fun platforming segment. By the remaining hours, I was running to see the conclusion of its gripping narrative. Solar Ash oozes as much substance as it does style, making for a wholly entertaining space romp.
Cam SheaDec 01, 2021
Solar Ash took me a little over seven hours to beat on normal difficulty, and while some of the anomalies and bosses were less entertaining than others, and there were moments of frustration with the controls, this was a world I enjoyed spending time in. This game may take place in a ruinous void, but its clean yet vibrant visual design is full of life, as is the story that ultimately gives Rei’s journey meaning.
Jamie LovettDec 20, 2021
For me, it is a game that I wish I loved, but only liked, and I fear that will be the most common experience. There are a few too many flaws to overlook, and it's hard not to compare it to the masterpieces it hoped to emulate. That said, the video game world could do with more ambitious, imperfect works like Solar Ash and fewer safer bets. It may not be quite the masterwork that Hyper Light Drifter was, but it's still likely to stick with you after the credits roll.

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