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Redmond CarolipioJun 23, 2021
I think the world of Scarlet Nexus has a lot to offer, and I enjoyed getting a significant taste of it. Its concepts on brain power and psionic combat feel fresh, at least artistically, and I want to see where it possibly goes. I'm still abuzz over the final boss confrontation. I don't think it's quite for everyone, but fans of the anime style of storytelling will find something to connect with here.
Hirun CryerJun 23, 2021
A brilliant battle system is let down somewhat by the largely underwhelming side stories and meandering companions of Scarlet Nexus.
Scott BairdJun 23, 2021
Scarlet Nexus feels like an anime adaptation, but instead of adapting a specific series, it's taking a hodgepodge of tropes and putting them in a blender. The story is almost an afterthought to its thrilling action, which never gets dull. The best superhero games are the ones that actually make the player feel like they are playing as a character from a comic book, and Scarlet Nexus manages to pull this off with style, making it an excellent choice for fans of over-the-top action or anime-style storytelling.
Heidi KempsJun 25, 2021
Even though the plot devolves into a trope-filled sludge pool by the end, I don’t feel like Scarlet Nexus was a waste of time. Yes, the excitement of combat begins to taper off towards the end of Scarlet Nexus’s twenty-odd-hour runtime--and the areas in the final stretch of the game feel overly long--but I had a good deal of fun mixing up my SAS abilities, crushing enemies in my Brain Field, and watching my team have a video game tournament at our base to settle an argument over living space boundaries.
Eric Van AllenJun 23, 2021
Scarlet Nexus is, ultimately, some gorgeous, action-heavy comfort food. It is Saturday morning anime in game form, and while it will struggle to hold your attention from a story perspective, it’s also a good way to lose 30 hours in a fun combat system. It’s not a narrative powerhouse, but if you need a vehicle for bashing monsters with the might of your brain, it’ll suit that need just fine.
Shubhankar ParijatJun 24, 2021
Scarlet Nexus' excellent combat makes for an enjoyable experience, but the game is let down by its mindless narrative, uninteresting characters, and flawed storytelling.
Izzy ParsonsJun 23, 2021
Despite a slow start, a rough final dungeon, weak side content, and an ambition that surpasses its grasp, Scarlet Nexus manages to excel in the most important area for any game: being fun. Combat never gets old as you tear apart your enemies in glorious style, and the large cast of characters really grows on you.
Mark SteighnerJun 23, 2021
Scarlet Nexus marries varied and unique action RPG combat to two extended campaigns featuring engaging protagonists and a cast of memorable supporting players. Using its brain punk conceit to power a range of extended combat techniques, Scarlet Nexus is at its best in the thick of the fight, when the player can mix and match melee weapons, telekinetic beatdowns, and whatever talents the team on hand has to share.
Robert RamseyJun 24, 2021
Scarlet Nexus is an enjoyable, polished action RPG, but despite its interesting concepts and setting, it all feels a bit stunted. An intriguing plot is hampered by sloppy storytelling, and the combat system is good fun, but it loses its edge long before the credits roll. If you can play past the game's flaws, there's a lot to like about the brain punk world of Scarlet Nexus — just don't expect it to rewire your own grey matter.
Michael DamianiJun 23, 2021
Mitchell SaltzmanJun 25, 2021
Scarlet Nexus' combat is thrilling and its story surprisingly deep, and while it's let down by limited enemy and stage variety, the strength of its characters is enough to lift it high above your average anime inspired action RPG.
Richard WalkerJun 30, 2021
Indeed, Scarlet Nexus as a whole feels like a worthwhile endeavour. The game's story and the way in which it's delivered might not be to everyone's tastes, but there's no escaping the quality and versatility of its intuitive combat mechanics. The way in which Kasane and Yuito cross paths during each character's campaign also adds meaningful plot development and replay value, their abilities and allies succeeding in making each playthrough different enough to warrant playing them both.
Andrew ThorntonJun 28, 2021
Still, despite these flaws, Scarlet Nexus brings an impressive new world to life while featuring deeply engaging combat.
Ozzie MejiaJun 25, 2021
The anime aesthetic may be a turn off for some players, but those people would be doing themselves a disservice. Scarlet Nexus is a game worth experiencing. It's a game that took me by total surprise and a world I hope to explore more in the future.
Elton JonesJun 23, 2021
The only issues that keep it from reaching a higher mark of quality are some cringe-inducing character interactions, uninspired location exploration, and a camera that sometimes wigs out during battle. Those problems don’t do enough to hamper the astonishing gameplay experience Scarlet Nexus brings to the table, however. Definitely seek this one out if you can.
Sam AberdeenJul 05, 2021
Scarlet Nexus presents excellent, complex combat, flashy animations and riveting characters only let down by a messy, incoherent story and repetitive side quests. If you're in the market for a new anime-styled game like God Eater that delivers on its awesome gameplay, you won't be disappointed, but those looking for a little more narrative depth might leave confused and underwhelmed.
Richard SeagraveJun 23, 2021
It’s a shame really, because the world created here is genuinely interesting and unique; I’d certainly like to see more Scarlet Nexus games in the future, and will definitely check out the anime when it arrives on Netflix. But there were times throughout my adventure where the combat was irritating rather than fun, and traipsing through an environment just felt like a chore rather than an exciting foray into the unknown.
Josh BroadwellJun 23, 2021
Scarlet Nexus might not pull off some of its auxiliary components with as much style as it does the main storyline, but the core package makes up for that. Combat is still a blast, even if it could be less restrained, and the main story handles its themes and characters well enough that I don't mind too much that the side content is lacking.
Jade KingJun 23, 2021
If you’re after an anime-infused action romp in a similar vein to Akira or Sword Art Online, Scarlet Nexus is almost certainly worth a punt. However, there are a few caveats. Combat is excellent yet not without its flaws, while the story being told and characters you encounter don’t have nearly enough depth to feel emotionally resonant.
Cullen BlackJun 23, 2021
Although, I do have a big issue with one thing in particular. An issue so massive it ruined my experience. News articles before release repeatedly reported that a certain character’s name was Cullen Travers. As a Cullen myself, I found myself over the moon with excitement. You don’t really ever see Cullens in video games, especially ones in Japan. I even took on this assignment just to get to say I reviewed a game with a Cullen in it.
Annette PolisJun 23, 2021
Japanese sci-fi has long been a genre I enjoy. Last year players were spoiled with 13 Sentinels, and Scarlet Nexus has delivered another wonderfully woven narrative worth playing. Do not sleep on this game! JRPG July is just around the corner and the perfect time to spend 60 hours playing video games.
Toby AndersenJul 05, 2021
A triumphant new IP from Bandai Namco, Scarlet Nexus is probably the best RPG of the year so far. Its compellingly dark story will keep you guessing through two necessary playthroughs, while its engaging psychokinetic combat is in a class of its own, albeit with exceptionally streamlined progression. Throwing your toys around has never been so much fun.
Chris WhiteJun 23, 2021
Scarlet Nexus has phenomenal combat that stands tall above many other ARPGs, with a deep story and some gorgeous visuals.
Stefan BriesenickJun 23, 2021
Bandai Namco is clearly making an effort to explain the many abstract and complex subjects of Scarlet Nexus in an appropriate manner, but they do not always succeed in that. Unfortunately, the shortcomings of the storytelling are self-created by the dual narrative structure which makes it hard to swallow the plot twists on your first playthrough.
A.J. MaciejewskiJun 23, 2021
Scarlet Nexus is an intriguing new IP that definitely shows promise for a potential sequel so if you enjoy anime-infused action RPGs then you likely won't regret slaying the many gnarly mutants within its unique futuristic game world.
Sebastian HawdenJun 23, 2021
Whether you latch on to the interesting technological tale of Scarlet Nexus or dig into its intricate combat system Scarlet Nexus is well worth your time and effort. It's full of beautiful characters, strange creatures, and plot twists. The camera can be irksome and some of the environments can look dated but overall the experience is a pleasant one.
Harry KalogirouJun 23, 2021
Despite some glaring flaws in its pacing and length, I’ve come away from Scarlet Nexus enjoying what it had to offer. It delivers on the promise a brain-punk inspired world with an enjoyable narrative and a stylish albeit simple combat system. The result is a title that’s greater than the sum of its parts and is worth experiencing if you can look past its problems.
Miguel VarelaJun 23, 2021
Scarlet Nexus es un videojuego que, a pesar de que a la larga se pueda llegar a hacer repetitivo y cuente con una historia compleja con algunas incoherencias, cuenta con un sistema de combate realmente bien diseñado y que divierte. En lo técnico es todo un paso hacia adelante en los títulos anime, por lo que Bandai Namco ha creado una nueva obra más que digna y con buenas ideas.
Fernando SalinasJun 24, 2021
La historia y los personajes tienen mucho potencial, y esto no es casualidad, ya que el anime basado en el juego se estrenará muy pronto, lo que me hace creer que tendremos Scarlet Nexus para rato, y lo agradezco. Creo que una secuela con las correcciones, balance entre acción, desarrollo narrativo y tal vez un mundo más libre ayudaría a mejorar la experiencia.
Víctor MartínezJul 28, 2021
Imagino que es una forma de ser muy Bandai Namco, que apela justo a un tipo de público no muy general pero sí suficientemente amplio como para que no sea imposible pensar en un season pass que expanda el juego, como pasó con Code Vein. En este caso, no sé si ha sido suerte o que han encontrado por fin la fórmula adecuada pero a mí me ha dejado boquiabierto.
Alejandro PascualJun 23, 2021
Scarlet Nexus me ha sorprendido. No todo es perfecto, pero lo que más me interesaba de él cumple con creces. Una historia que enreda misterio tras misterio sin cesar, en una construcción de mundo bastante ejemplar, porque es coherente con todas sus reglas y detalles. Pero, además, desarrolla un sistema de combate divertidísimo y que va abriéndose sin descanso durante toda la partida.
Francisco Alberto SerranoJun 23, 2021
El juego tiene sus problemas, y a veces da la sensación de que se ha querido hacer más de lo que realmente se ha podido, pero los aspectos esenciales funcionan bien, el acabado es bueno, el combate es variado en cuanto a sus posibilidades y el contenido es sustancioso si queremos ver todo lo que tiene que ofrecer. Un notable ejercicio de forma sobre fondo que no desentonará en las librerías de los amantes del videojuego japonés.
Álex ParejaJun 23, 2021
Scarlet Nexus es una gran sorpresa. Su combate es una maravilla y su historia, a pesar de tener momentos menos inspirados, sabe generar interés. Las diferencias entre ambos protagonistas y las sorpresas son suficientes para agradar a cualquier fan del género que sepa a lo que se enfrenta.
Álvaro AlonsoJun 23, 2021
Con una historia cargada de intriga y grandes momentos y un sistema de combate robusto, espectacular y variado, Scarlet Nexus se postula como uno de los mejores juegos "estilo anime" que nos ha dejado Bandai Namco. A poco que os llame el género o esta clase de historias, dadle una oportunidad.
Fran G. MatasJun 23, 2021
Un RPG de acción que brilla por su trama y construcción de mundo, por un estilo visual con mucha personalidad y un sistema de combate muy efectista, pero al que se le podría haber sacado más partido, al igual que al diseño de niveles.
DefaJun 23, 2021
Un profundo sistema de combate, gran aprovechamiento del DualSense en su versión para PS5, narrativa compleja llena de grandes momentos y personajes memorables, dirección de arte que encanta y música que enamora, son solo algunas de las grandes virtudes que uno se puede encontrar en el universo de Scarlet Nexus. Por supuesto que hay defectos marcados y todo, pero es indudable que sus aciertos, superan por mucho a sus errores. Este nuevo equipo de Bandai Namco Studios se ha ganado un importante respeto, el cual, espero puedan aprovechar muy pronto con una secuela.
Matthias SchmidJul 08, 2021
Scarlet Nexus ist ein richtig gutes Action-Rollenspiel geworden, das dynamische Kämpfe mit einer interessanten Spielwelt verbindet. Ich hätte zwar auf manche übereilte Storywendung verzichten können und mir manchmal etwas längere Actionpassagen zwischen den langen Dialogen gewünscht, trotzdem kann ich den Titel auch all jenen ans Herz legen, die traditionell keine Liebesbeziehung zum japanischen Rollenspiel pflegen.
Gh0Stcrawl3RJun 23, 2021
Un belle démonstration de maitrise par Bandai Namco pour le lancement d'une nouvelle licence. C'est beau, intéressant, et surtout très plaisant à jouer. Définitivement une réussite.
TheXsableJun 23, 2021
Scarlet Nexus est une franche réussite pour ce qui est de l'action. Avec ses combats nerveux et survoltés, on se rend rapidement puissant manette en main, surtout dès lors que l'on peut emprunter le pouvoir de ses alliés à la volée. Cette action est aidée par framerate qui ne flanche pas sur consoles next-gen malgré le déluge d'effets à l'écran qui peuvent engendrer des soucis de lisibilité.
JoniwanJun 29, 2021
Les combats sont une réussite et proposent d'alterner magie et corps-à-corps, avec de la télékinésie qui propulse tous les éléments du décor sur vos adversaires ! Placer un gros combo est un petit bonheur. Côté RPG, c'est assez léger, mais un aspect social vient complexifier la chose puisqu'il faudra entretenir vos liens avec vos petits camarades de combat pour débloquer leurs pouvoirs. Clairement, Scarlet Nexus est pétri de bonnes idées qui font souvent mouche, et malgré ses quelques imperfections, reste clairement au-dessus de pas mal d'autres jeux de la même catégorie. Si vous êtes amateur du genre, allez-y sans hésiter.
Tommaso PuglieseJun 23, 2021
Scarlet Nexus è un action RPG in stile anime visivamente notevole, capace di utilizzare la tecnica del cel shading in maniera davvero efficace, sia per i personaggi che per alcuni degli scenari, e di proporre un bestiario di nemici caratterizzati da un design assolutamente folle e fuori di testa, come raramente se ne sono visti.
Gabriele LaurinoJun 23, 2021
Scarlet Nexus è una creatura complessa, lo specchio riflesso di un immaginario stratificato e misterioso che sotto una coltre di arcani nasconde un piccolo diamante grezzo. Non tutto è perfetto: il sistema di quest secondarie, ad esempio, avrebbe richiesto una maggiore varietà e il level design presta il fianco ad un’eccessiva ripetitività strutturale.
Paolo SirioJun 23, 2021
Scarlet Nexus è limitato proprio da questa visione, come d’altronde taluni dei progetti che l’hanno preceduto, alla fascia del 7, ma questo non vuol dire che non ci abbia catturato, con il suo gameplay peculiare, una direzione artistica appagante e un universo che ha tanto, forse persino troppo da raccontare.
Денис КнязевJul 12, 2021
Главная же ценность Scarlet Nexus — в динамичных сражениях и сюжете. Последний пытается удивить слишком уж часто, и порой получается хуже, чем хотелось бы, но в целом история держит до финала. Возможно, что большинство сюжетных ходов хорошо знакомы поклонникам аниме, на которых игра в первую очередь и рассчитана, но даже им Scarlet Nexus есть что предложить.
Samet Basri TaşlıJun 23, 2021
Scarlet Nexus, özellikle son bölümlerde oyunun gereksiz bir şekilde uzatılması canımı sıkmış olsa bile, dinamik dövüş sistemi, her karakterin kendine özel hikayesi, seslendirme ve müzik konusunda iyi bir iş çıkarılması gibi artıları sayesinde kendini affettiren bir oyun oldu. Animelerden hiç hoşlanmayan ya da bu grafik stilini sevmeyen oyuncuları ayrı tutup, geri kalan herkese önerebileceğim bir oyun olmuş.
Chris BoersJun 23, 2021
Scarlet Nexus is een heerlijke game geworden met snelle gameplay en een intrigerend verhaal met constant nieuwe verrassingen en plotwendingen, waardoor je steeds verder wil spelen om te weten wat er verder gaat gebeuren. De onderlinge interacties tussen de teamleden dragen bij aan zowel het verhaal als de gameplay, waarbij de rustige ‘stand by’ episodes afgewisseld worden met dynamische gevechten die behoorlijk uitdagend kunnen zijn.
دانیال کریمی طارJun 27, 2021
در پایان باید گفت بازی Scarlet Nexus عنوان جذابی است که اگر اندک ایرادات فنی‌ای که در آن وجود دارد را نداشت، می توانست بسیار بهتر از این عمل کند البته نباید از این نکته غافل شد که بازی بیش از اینکه دارای نقاط ضعف باشد، دارای پتانسیل های استفاده نشده ای است که در صورت بهره برداری، این عنوان را تبدیل به یکی از بهترین و بی نقص ترین بازی‌های سبک هک اند اسلش و نقش آفرینی ژاپنی می‌کرد.
KorecJul 05, 2021
Takže Namco Bandai sa vydáva trošku iným smerom a popri klasickej sérii Tales či adaptácii manga seriálov má novú značku. Nie je vôbec márna, dá sa na nej ďalej stavať a minimálne prvá polovica vás zaujme solídnym námetom, dejom i prísľubom. A chytľavý súbojový systém s extra možnosťami sa tiež ukazuje ako kvalitný a neodoláte ani jednej misii. Nie je to špička žánru, ale na štart potenciálnej série silný nadpriemerný zážitok.
Χρήστος ΧατζησάββαςJul 06, 2021
Η αίσθηση που αφήνει το Scarlet Nexus όταν πέσουν οι τίτλοι τέλους είναι κάτι που δεν συμβαίνει πολύ συχνά πλέον. Ένα παιχνίδι που ίσως δεν τράβηξε τα βλέμματα όσο έπρεπε από την ανακοίνωσή του μέχρι σήμερα, καταλήγει να αφήνει τον παίκτη να ζητάει περισσότερο κι αναμφίβολα θα δημιουργηθεί ένα franchise (όπως αφήνει να εννοηθεί το τέλος) εφόσον οι πωλήσεις το επιτρέψουν.