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Kai PowellApr 29, 2021
Barring a sci-fi horror tale that doesn't quite nail the slow building reveal, Housemarque has absolutely succeeded with their fusion of third-person shooting and roguelike elements in Returnal, one of my personal favorite PlayStation 5 titles so far.
Aaron BayneMay 13, 2021
The £70 price tag may sting, but with close to 30 hours on a single playthrough and some of the most compelling gameplay I’ve experienced in a while, Returnal feels like a premium product worth every penny.
Ankit GabaJun 13, 2021
In conclusion, Returnal makes for a great starting point in Housemarque’s AAA development. The gameplay is fantastic, and when it’s mixed with the exploration, it truly shines as one of the must-play Playstation 5 exclusives. Overall, it’s an 8/10 can’t wait to see what Housemarque does next, especially if they’re going to continue returnal as a franchise.
Ben TyrerApr 29, 2021
Returnal can be messy, tough, and perhaps a little too uncompromising for a $70 game. And yet, despite the moments of pad-clenching exasperation, it remains a moreish experience even after you’ve plumbed its depths.
Andrew ThorntonMay 27, 2021
The core gameplay is stunning, and if you can sit back and enjoy the ride, you may love it. Just prepare yourself for what you’re getting into. The quality of Returnal makes me enormously excited for what Housemarque can do with higher budgets and modern games. I just hope they learn some lessons here to make their next title even better. Arcade is dead. Long live arcade.
Peter Hunt SzpytekApr 29, 2021
From the incredible use of the DualSense controller to the intriguing way the story is told overrun after run, to the addicting and satisfying combat, Returnal begs the player to hold off going to sleep for just one more try. After all, as Selene constantly reminds, “you can do this. You just need to try again.”
Matt LorriganApr 29, 2021
Returnal is an essential addition to the PlayStation 5 library, offering up sharp gunplay, challenging combat and an engaging narrative, all wrapped up in an atmosphere so dense that you risk getting lost in it.
Kevin DunsmoreApr 29, 2021
Returnal stands as Housemarque’s most ambitious title yet, taking the studio away from the arcade genre and into uncharted territory. By a good margin, that gamble is a success. Returnal delivers in spades where it counts most, delivering a mostly-excellent experience that embraces the studio’s history and charts a path forward.
Michael LeriApr 29, 2021
As it did with the PS3, Vita, and PS4, Housemarque has once again provided Sony with another launch-era hit and in doing so has created a rewarding, replayable, and revolutionary game that’s hopefully the foundation for other future AAA titles that are as clever with the roguelite blueprint.
Kirk MckeandApr 29, 2021
At its core, Returnal is one of the most satisfying third-person shooters I’ve played - it’s Hades via Vanquish. It forces you to meet it at its tempo and doesn’t relent. It makes Doom Eternal seem like Baby’s First Shooter. It’s gorgeous, frenetic, and endlessly replayable.
Donovan ErskineMay 04, 2021
Housemarque reminds audiences that it’s got the chops to be one of the premier-tier game developers with Returnal. The game is wholly difficult with a roster of powerful enemies and bosses to overcome, but also gives the player everything they need in order to succeed.
Richard SeagraveApr 29, 2021
Playing Returnal, it feels like next-gen has truly begun. The way it seamlessly moves from third-person to first-person; how you move from biome to biome without loading screens taking you out of the action; the DualSense implementation; the fluidity of the gameplay; the phenomenal visuals and audio; all of these elements, and more, come together to create an experience that is truly like no other.
Shubhankar ParijatApr 29, 2021
Returnal is an astounding game, one that easily and instantly claims the proud title of being Housemarque’s best game to date, and is an unmissable killer app very early in the PS5’s life.
Cameron CorlissApr 29, 2021
Returnal is an excellent video game flirting with perfection. It has the most satisfying gameplay loop Housemarque has crafted to date, which says a lot considering the studio's pedigree. If PlayStation's other PS5 exclusives feel even half as satisfying as Returnal does, fans are in for one hell of a console generation.
Tyler ChanceyMay 06, 2021
While there are complaints regarding progression and difficulty spikes, Returnal is a fantastic mix of dark psychological sci-fi tension juxtaposed with bloodpumping bullet hell arcade action. If you have a PlayStation 5 and enjoy roguelike action with a mix of existential dread, pick this up as soon as you can. Just be ready to put time aside for a play session until a more forgiving checkpoint system is put in.
Daniel TackApr 29, 2021
Returnal is a relentless nightmare that’s a dream to play. The journey is full of horror and terrible discoveries, but also unbridled curiosity and wonder. If you have the taste for it, this is an adventure that begs to be experienced.
Mitchell SaltzmanApr 29, 2021
Its roguelike runs are too long and it needs a way to save in the middle of them, but Returnal's third-person shooter action, clever story, and atmosphere are excellent.
Chandler WoodApr 29, 2021
Utilizing the PS5 technology in a way that most other developers are barely tapping into, Returnal feels like one of the first truly next-gen experiences, letting Housemarque set the stage for the new console. And like Housemarque games before it, it’s the kind of game that will withstand the test of time, begging for additional cycles well into the future.
Mike EpsteinApr 29, 2021
Returnal is constantly unsettling and consistently challenging. Its mysterious story and demanding action feel intense, urgent, and fresh. The fast-moving combat manages to appear incredibly daunting, bordering on overwhelming, without ever actually becoming insurmountable. Every moment is a rush, either because you just barely evaded a giant purple laser or because you have no idea why there's an Apollo-era astronaut following your every move.
John SchuttMay 07, 2021
Returnal is a tightly designed roguelike with some of the best gameplay the genre can provide, and it's the first game since Demon's Souls to provide a reason to own a PS5.
Ken McKownMay 11, 2021
Returnal is a game that comes at a time when PS5 owners are starved for a new title. It will do really well, but I wonder how many people will stick with it due to the roguelike nature. The launch issues are also causing problems with losing runs, which are overly long and really defeating when lost.
Dan HastingsApr 29, 2021
Returnal is a whole lot of fun to play. The adrenaline-fueled combat is complemented with flawless controls. The Dualsense haptics further amplifies the action, absorbing you into the game. The story contains more than enough mystery to catch the attention of any sci-fi lover. It drives you to discover more and does a great job at trying to explain the mechanics of a roguelike in a more mature and detailed way. The randomness of the game can be a little frustrating at times when you just can't find the items you need to survive.
Alexander ThomasApr 29, 2021
It’s tough but fair, with RNG playing a minor role in how difficult the next room will be. You’re going to die. A lot. That is the nature of this genre and this game, but it blends that concept so beautifully into the narrative design that you’ll only feel a momentary twinge of frustration before you set out again to help Selene reach the signal.
Redmond CarolipioApr 30, 2021
Returnal and other games like it will force newer players to ask questions about what kind of games they want to experience. It takes a little bit of weird thinking to relish the prospect of repeated punishment. I recommend it, just for the experience of it. If you're part of that wider audience who wants to give a next-gen roguelike a shot, then be prepared for an awakening. And another one. And … another one.
Bradley EllisApr 29, 2021
Chris CarterApr 29, 2021
Returnal is a mostly thrilling sci-fi action romp that suffers from a lack of scale at times. In the moment, I'm completely fixated on my run, upgrading like a fiend, and dashing around for iFrames like I was playing a Capcom game. But after that run ends and I'm looking at the bigger picture, Returnal can feel a little smaller than it actually is. Keep that in mind before you take the pricey plunge.
David MorganApr 29, 2021
Returnal cast a spell on me, awing with explosive combat, immersing with haptics, and captivating with a monumental atmosphere. Not only is it an easy game of the year contender, but it might also be one of the best action rogue-lites ever made.
Stephen TailbyApr 29, 2021
Housemarque has delivered the PS5 promise with Returnal. All the console's bells and whistles enhance the experience, making this a real showpiece for the hardware. But more than that, the game is a force to be reckoned with; the breathless combat, super slick gameplay, and the subtle but unsettling story combine for an experience of surprising scale.
Lexuzze TablanteMay 18, 2021
I am not a fan of roguelite and any roguelike games, but after spending time on the planet Atropos with Selene, I began to love Returnal and its peculiar mix of gameplay elements. I may not like its narrative, but Housmarque did a wonderful job of creating such a beautiful game that gives you tons of challenges and replayability. There’s one thing to remember: git-gud.
Josh WiseApr 29, 2021
Complex systems are made simple, by committing their clutter to muscle memory, and play—good play, at any rate—requires that you, like Selene, ride its enigmatic loop.
Josh HarmonApr 29, 2021
Returnal excellently blends third-person shooter gameplay with bullet-hell style enemies and roguelike elements to craft a fun, challenging action game that you’ll have a blast learning to master. The only real shame is that the action is yoked to a story that mistakes being vague for being smart and interesting.
GameCentralApr 29, 2021
What we would say though is that Returnal is by far the most fun we’ve had with a video game all year. Despite being a new IP it doesn’t always feel entirely original, given how liberally it borrows ideas from other games, but even when Lady Luck abandoned us we were always quick to get back up and try again.
Mick FraserApr 29, 2021
Returnal's fluid, graceful movement and satisfying, punchy gunplay combine with a sense of exploration at once both wondrous and morbid, and a drip-fed progression system that makes you feel like you're always discovering or unlocking something new.
Jim HargreavesApr 29, 2021
It feels immensely satisfying to be sat here in 2021, eons after playing Super Stardust HD on PS3, and see just how far Housemarque has come. Offering a visual bullet hell spectacle, a showcase for the DualSense controller and a rewarding sci-fi narrative woven around the roguelike loop, we can say with unflinching confidence that Returnal is the PS5’s best game to date.
Eirik Hyldbakk FuruApr 29, 2021
Needless to say: Returnal is an easy Game of the Year contender, and my favourite of 2021 thus far. The story is captivating and leaves a lot of room for interpretation, while the presentation is best in class with jaw-dropping visuals, goosebump inducing sound and a use of the DualSense's functions deserving of a standing ovation.
Paul BroussardMay 31, 2021
It’s just decent. It does a few things pretty well, and a few subpar. If it wasn’t apparent already, this probably isn’t a game I would recommend grabbing at full price, let alone buying a PS5 for. However, if you really enjoy roguelites and want the chance to see one operating on an AAA budget, then consider this as good a chance as ever to sate your curiosity.
Joe ApseyApr 29, 2021
Returnal is a masterclass in how to create gripping, exhilarating arcade action and feels like the first game to truly realise the PS5's potential. It uses everything the system offers to craft an experience completely unlike anything else available today at this budget. Apart from narrative missteps, Housemarque's latest is flawless and a game that everyone who owns a PS5 and every gamer should experience at some point.
A.J. MaciejewskiApr 29, 2021
Returnal absolutely blew me away with its challenging combat, atmospheric exploration, amazing sound design, and rewarding campaign setup. Housemarque crammed a ton of elements into this experience and everything comes together brilliantly.
Steve FarrellyApr 30, 2021
If you’re a glutton for punishment, don’t mind a grind and will happily deal with unfathomable RNG forces at cosmic play, you will absolutely get something out of Returnal, but if like me, every time you die, a little piece of the part of you that wants to play more, dies too, then you might find yourself not return(al)ing to this in a hurry.
Brodie GibbonsApr 29, 2021
With some doubt at the front of people’s minds, Returnal is a shushing finger across the lips of detractors as well as a tremendous example that PlayStation’s middle line titles can still offer as much value and entertainment as its tentpole exclusives.
Alejandro PascualApr 29, 2021
Returnal es frenético y desafiante. Coge toda la base de los roguelike y le aplica el tipo de shooter desenfrenado que siempre le ha gustado hacer a Housemarque. ¿La diferencia? El envoltorio es de nueva generación y lo acompasa con una extraña y misteriosa historia que, sinceramente, no me ha parecido la mejor parte.
Víctor MartínezApr 29, 2021
Los desafíos diarios confirman la sospecha pero es todo el resto del juego el que defiende su posición, desde una posición generosa pero con la convicción de que lo que hace tiene valor, y que puede apelar no solo a puristas o puretas sino a todo tipo de personas. En cuanto entras en su dinámica, queda claro que Returnal puede con ese peso que decía al principio que tiene sobre sus espaldas y con lo que le echen; alegra comprobar que Housemarque sigue en tan buena forma y que todavía sabe encontrar maneras de insuflarle vida al arcade.
DefaApr 29, 2021
La verdad es que la ansiedad me invade por ya saber qué más se nos tiene preparado y más que nada, le agrega algo de sabor a esta nueva generación que como ya te lo comentaba, tuvo un extraño inicio en gran parte por la complicada situación que nos rodeaba y sigue rodeando hasta la fecha. Returnal es una celebración de la modernidad y sofisticación del medio.
Claudio TorresApr 29, 2021
Returnal no era de los juegos más esperados por los usuarios de PS5, y es debido a esto que resulta una gran sorpresa. Housemarque ha llevado a cabo su proyecto más ambicioso y, aunque tiene ligeras carencias, es uno de los juegos que hasta ahora mejor aprovecha las características del DualSense, PS5 y que es un gran imprescindible para cualquier jugador fan de los shooters o roguelikes
Luis SánchezMay 02, 2021
¿Es Returnal el primer gran exclusivo de PlayStation 5? Honestamente no le podría tal peso en sus hombros. No a este juego que aparenta ser de nueva generación, y que rápidamente muestra que es más pequeño de lo que en verdad es. Aun así, no tengo ningún inconveniente en recomendarlo ampliamente. Es un juego que disfruté en grande y me gustaría que lo juegues si buscas un buen desafío, con los añadidos de tener una historia interesante de terror psicológico lovecraftiano.
Alejandro CastilloApr 29, 2021
Returnal es una de las grandes sorpresas de este 2021. Housemarque ha tenido el acierto de crear un título con personalidad en todos los sentidos. Partimos de lo que ocurre a los mandos, una aventura dura, exigente pero equilibrada. Los finlandeses han construido una estructura en base a los pilares de las dos grandes vertientes del Rogue, el Bullet Hell e incluso del Metroidvania 3D.
Jörg LuiblApr 29, 2021
Aber der mysteriöse Planet ködert auch nach dutzenden Anläufen mit starker Anziehungskraft, die explosiven Kämpfe rocken und die Freude nach dem Sieg über einen Boss ist einfach enorm. Hinzu kommt eine Spielzeit von 25 - 30 Stunden plus (je nach Skills) X. Es gibt viele "Roguelikes" da draußen - Returnal ist eines der besten seiner Art und das erste auf Triple-A-Niveau. Viel Spaß, nicht aufgeben, es lohnt sich!
Maxime ChaoMay 02, 2021
Un dernier mot avant de se quitter et l’épineuse question de la durée de vie. Très sincèrement, pour un jeu tel que Returnal, il est assez aléatoire de fixer un barème convenable, l’ensemble fonctionnant selon le skill du joueur et sa capacité à trouver son chemin. Et surtout à ne pas baisser les bras. Mais comme le dit si bien le moine Henepola Gunaratana, il n'est de plaisir sans une certaine douleur. Il n'est de douleur sans un certain plaisir.
Silent_JayApr 29, 2021
Returnal est une incontestable réussite, non sans défaut, mais qui parvient habilement à fusionner Shooter et Roguelite. Ce thriller empreint de mystères rend un vibrant hommage à la science-fiction, malgré une narration diluée qui est la victime consentante de son postulat de départ… les mulitples morts de l'héroïne.
Jonathan BushleApr 29, 2021
Returnal est la première "vraie" grosse exclusivité à destination de la PS5. Et une fantastique aventure. Quel plaisir d'incarner Sélène, exploratrice spatiale échouée sur une planète inconnue et coincée dans une boucle temporelle qui la ramène sur les lieux du crash à chaque mort, au tout début du jeu et avec la perte de quasiment tout son matériel et ce même si vous étiez deux niveaux plus loin !