Kitaria Fables for PlayStation 5

Kitaria Fables

Sep 2, 2021
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Developer: Twin Hearts
Content Rating: Everyone


Action Adventure fused with RPG and Farming elements. Armed with sword, bow and spellbook, fight against a rising darkness threatening the world. Plunder dungeons in search of relics and resources, tend to your farm to make provisions and potions, and take on quests solo, or with a friend!

Critic Reviews

3 Reviews
Kim SnaithAug 31, 2021
Attempt to rush through Kitaria Fables and you’ll find it to be a frustrating and unduly challenging experience. Take it slowly, though, spending time engaging with the game’s crafting and farming mechanics, and you’ll have a much better time. With an enjoyable narrative and a pleasantly animated world to explore, being a magical cat armed with a sword is pretty good fun.
Jenny JonesSep 06, 2021
It might sound like I’m being quite critical of Kitaria Fables but I did actually have a lot of fun playing it. It never quite reaches its full potential, but as long as you don’t mind that it’s quite grindy in places, then it is a worthwhile adventure. There’s also a couch co-op mode which is perfect if you have been looking for a simple RPG to introduce to a younger gamer or if you just want something low key to play with a friend.
TanyaNov 25, 2021
Tiež je to zabijak času, z ktorého je len kôpka hnoja. Ale potom sa pozriete na svoju mačku a pýtate sa - prečo to robím? No lebo je roztomilá a to je aj prípad Kitaria Fables. Hra môže pôsobiť detsky, no svojím náročným ekonomickým systémom môže tak akurát slúžiť na vzdelávanie detí o princípoch kapitalizmu. Nič nie je zadarmo a v prípade Kitaria Fables to stojí hodiny grindu.

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