Horizon Forbidden West for PlayStation 5

Horizon Forbidden West

Feb 18, 2022
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Developer: Guerrilla Games
Content Rating: Teen


Explore distant lands, fight bigger and more awe-inspiring machines, and encounter astonishing new tribes as you return to the far-future, post-apocalyptic world of Horizon. The land is dying. Vicious storms and an unstoppable blight ravage the scattered remnants of humanity, while fearsome new machines prowl their borders. Life on Earth is hurtling towards another extinction, and no one knows why. It's up to Aloy to uncover the secrets behind these threats and restore order and balance to the world. Along the way, she must reunite with old friends, forge alliances with warring new factions and unravel the legacy of the ancient past – all the while trying to stay one step ahead of a seemingly undefeatable new enemy.

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May 10, 2022

Horizon Forbidden West is a love story from the developers. As a PS5 owner, I can say that this game really has exceeded most of my expectations. Everything was met. Everything is incredible from start to finish. By far this is the longest game I have played this year. But it's all worth it. Performance mode on PS5 is a game-changer. 4K on 60 fps is eye candy. 4K 30 fps fidelity mode is also on another level. You can really feel the next-gen vibe while playing this. Everything is great!. I love the haptic feedback and Adaptive Triggers it got. It added a new layer of immersion. The gameplay seems similar to Horizon Zero Dawn, but at least they added more stuff for you to experience. There are new weapons, new machines to override, new Cauldrons to explore, and new Tallnecks to discover. They didn't do that as linear, they did that with a twist. The story this time is much deeper and uncovers some important details the first Horizon was missing. Damn! This is one of the games of the year for me.



Artistry: 12/12

Technical Merit: 8/8


Music: 12/12

Sound Effects & Vocals: 8/8


Control & Interface: 8/8

Player Agency: 8/8

Accessibility: 4/4


Feedback & Fun: 10/10

Depth: 5/5

Variety: 5/5


Narrative: 8/8

Heart: 6/6

Originality: 5/6

Apr 12, 2022
This review contains spoilers.

Aloy's brand new adventure in the Forbidden West provides players with new and fun mechanics of gameplay and greatly improves upon Zero Dawn's features.


  • The graphics have drastically improved since Zero Dawn, which were already good enough. Each leaf is detailed, each individual strand of hair on Aloy's face is shown. The biomes have also been improved.
  • Water physics have been well implemented in this game and gives players a new traversal option as well as adding more (pun not intended) depth to the game.
  • There are a new variety of challenging machines in HFW, like the new TremorTusk. Menaces like the Thunderjaw also return. Machines have always been the heart of Horizon and the map is rich with newer, tougher mechanical monsters to slaughter or befriend.
  • The new traversal options of the Shieldwing, the pullcaster, climbing or gliding on a machine have made the map more accessible and fun to move around in.
  • There have been a lot of new clothing options with each one of them having specific attributes so as to suit each one's playstyle. A new class has also been added, called the Legendary class (for clothing and weapons).
  • An enormous amount of new weapons have been added to the game. New weapon types have also been added, like a javelin-like spear and discs to throw which only improve the diversity of combat styles.
  • The spear and melee combat have also been worked upon in this game. HZD's spear always felt lacklustre and aside from stealth strikes and overriding machines, there wasn't much reason to use it instead of your bow. However, in HFW, the spear combat is much better with more attacks than the simple 4-strike pattern of the previous game. Now players actually have a viable option to fight with instead of using a bow. There is also a combat skill tree to enhance your spear combat.
  • Speaking of skill trees, HFW's skill tree has also improved since HZD, with many more options to benefit the combat of the Forbidden West, like the new 'Valour Surges'.
  • The character models, conversation and dialogues feel more coherent thus imparting a greater sense of immersion onto the player.
  • The new NPC, and tribes of the Forbidden West are intriguing and there are numerous side quests to keep the player engaged.
  • Horizon's plot is a tale describing the fall of humanity. Zero Dawn introduced us to its intricate story and Forbidden West continues on, expanding that tale and solving many of the unanswered questions we had back East. Guerrilla Games didn't fail us with this game's story and it keeps the player hooked with many funny, emotional, and amusing moments littered throughout the course of the game.
  • The voice acting of the game is simply phenomenal.


  • The plot is very meticulous and detailed, therefore it could be confusing to many casual and or newer players.
  • There are a ludicrous amount of side-quests and errands to be done, weapons to collect and people to interact with, which can be overwhelming to the player.
  • Although the new tropical biome was marketed in trailers, in the game only a small part of story is set there, which is slightly disappointing.
  • The climbing was mundane in HZD and doesn't get much better in HFW; it really halts the immersion of the game.

Guerrilla Games did not disappoint us with the latest adventure of our favourite redhead. Every aspect of Aloy's new journey has been improved and strenuously worked upon. The devs have done a commendable job on this game and it shows.

Mar 30, 2022

They threw everything, including the kitchen sink, into this game and it almost all works very well. The side quests and NPC interactions are great. Truly great writing when it's so rare to have interesting side quest stories that help you understand the world better. The big machine fights were challenging. The main story has some amazing twists and turns. You end up really caring about the main NPCs you interact with regularly throughout the game.

But the world is so big. There are so many things to do. You have to truly grind (even with easy loot turned on) to upgrade everything you want. It's just a little too full and too grindy. The platinum wasn't difficult to achieve, but I was definitely ready to move on after I accomplished that goal.

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Phil HornshawFeb 14, 2022
Overall, though, Horizon Forbidden West does a lot more right than it does wrong. It might be jam-packed with stuff to see, do, know, and remember, but when its many systems come together, it can be a beautiful, exciting, and delightful open-world experience. The story that drives you through the frontier is often well-told and does well to center actual characters rather than audio logs, and while the map is littered with icons, it's much more often that they're fun, skillfully crafted diversions than random busywork to fill a checklist. There's a huge amount to do and see in Horizon Forbidden West, and the great majority of it is worth doing and seeing thanks to strong writing, great visuals, and some marked improvements to the series' underlying ideas.
GrayshadowFeb 24, 2022
Horizon Forbidden West is a masterpiece in open-world game design and story. The intricate narrative constantly delivers new twists and emotionally charged moments as you attempt to save the world once again. The combat is engaging but messy due to the overly saturated weapon options and status effects that hamper the synergy between speed and selection.
Dev CrowleyMar 04, 2022
Horizon Forbidden West is a delightful follow-up to Zero Dawn with drastically improved graphics and new additions to the gameplay mechanics. While the gameplay can get a bit repetitive and the story doesn’t hit quite as hard as the first game’s, it is an enjoyable romp through a wasteland teeming with machines.

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