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Casey David Muir-TaylorAug 10, 2021
The characters and stories told are funny, beautiful, and romantic. It’s easy to fall in love with all the moving parts Hades has to offer. They all twist together like the labyrinth that is the Underworld into a stunning game that turns Greek mythology on its head as you try to climb and reach the peak that is Mount Olympus.
Cody GravelleAug 10, 2021
Hades remains one of the best roguelikes in recent memory regardless of what machine is housing it. As always, the advice ultimately remains the same for those on the fence about the Supergiant Games spin on mythology: go play Hades. Now there's even more ways to do so.
William SchwartzAug 10, 2021
Whatever you like games for, graphics, gameplay, fun factor, Hades has this all in spades with equally exceptional quality wherever you choose to play it.
Andrew LogueAug 23, 2021
Sure, Hades is not quite perfect. If you hate roguelikes, the narrative won't be enough to sway you, and personally, I’m not a huge fan of games that make you wait for waves of enemies to spawn in, but it's damn close. I’ve grown wary of difficult games and roguelikes as I’ve got older, but Hades manages to ensure you feel like you’re always making progress, be that narratively or mechanically.
Redmond CarolipioAug 10, 2021
I can see why Hades was such a big deal when it came out almost a year ago, and I'm glad more people on other platforms are going to experience it for the first time. For people still scarred by their Dark Souls, Sekiro or even Returnal experiences, consider this: This edition of Hades comes with a "godhood" mode, where you start out at 22% resistance, and then another 2% gets added each time you die.
Stephen TailbyAug 10, 2021
Hades has been a long time coming for PlayStation players, but the wait was certainly worth it. Supergiant's rogue-lite action title is every bit as good as you've heard, with its fast-paced combat, wonderful Boon system, and amazing story that's interlaced with the gameplay. It's a complex game, but not a complicated one; it's a brilliantly constructed thing that delivers in practically every department. Easily one of the best rogue-lite titles available, Hades lives up to the legend.
Alessandro BarbosaAug 10, 2021
Loading times were never slow on other platforms, but especially when compared to the Nintendo Switch these new SSD-powered consoles make transitions between areas and runs overall feel a little zippier than before. These are small improvements that you might only notice if you've already sunk numerous hours into Hades on another platform, but they create a strong foundation for its debut on new hardware. Hades is the same brilliant rougelite that it was last year, but now with even more places to enjoy it than before.
Matt LorriganAug 16, 2021
Hades is a must play, and even for those who despise them, this could well be the game that changes your mind. It is more accessible, and offers a better sense of constant progression, than nearly any other game in the genre. Essentially, Hades is really bloody good.
Chandler WoodAug 10, 2021
Hades bears the mark of being a Supergiant game, while never feeling like it retreads any of the developer’s past work. Rather it builds on everything they’ve learned. It’s a triumph of player choice and discovery, consistently engaging, and always begging for just one more escape attempt.
Kim SnaithAug 10, 2021
It’s one of the best roguelikes you’ll ever play. With a slew of upgrades available, gorgeous environments to fight your way through and a wonderfully told narrative that delves into Greek mythology, you’ll keep coming back for more, time and time again.
Mick FraserAug 10, 2021
Hades is exceptional, and the more you play it, the more you love it. If there’s a complaint to be made, it’s that there’s no new content in the PS5 version. But what’s here is already awesome. Millimetre-perfect combat, responsive controls, stunning visuals and fantastic music combine to create a truly world-beating experience. If you haven’t had the pleasure of playing it yet, you owe it to yourself to give it a go on PlayStation 5 or Xbox.
Toby AndersenAug 14, 2021
Hades is the new standard by which we measure roguelites. A stunningly modern narrative scenario told in bitesize morsels perfectly designed around roguelites, it also manages to have infinitely replayable combat full of constantly changing moves and powers. It demands your skill and a lot of your time, but it rewards you by providing meaning to the grind.
David CarcasoleAug 10, 2021
Hades is an absolutely stellar experience that will keep you hooked in from the beginning, with a beautiful visual design and score, not to mention an excellent narrative and intricate gameplay that will keep you coming back again and again for just one more run.
Cristian CiuranetaAug 14, 2021
Hades mantiene la excelencia de su versión original de PC y Switch en su salto a consolas PlayStation y Xbox, apostando por la misma fórmula que tan buenos resultados ofrecía hace ya casi un año. Si bien no aporta novedad alguna a nivel de contenido o experiencia de juego (recordemos que no es más que un port y no una nueva versión), sí logra mejorar ciertos aspectos gráficos a nivel de consolas, pasando de las limitaciones a nivel de resolución y rendimiento de Switch a un apartado visual más consolidado en PS4/Xbox One y PS5/Xbox Series X|S.
Álvaro AlonsoAug 10, 2021
Hades ya era uno de los mejores juegos de 2020, de los últimos años y el mejor trabajo de Supergiant Games, y esta nueva versión para las consolas de Sony y Microsoft (con sus consiguientes mejoras técnicas) sólo sirve para consolidarlo. Auténtica ambrosía.
Sergio MartínAug 11, 2021
Uno de los mejores roguelikes jamás realizados da el salto a las consolas de Sony y Microsoft conservando las cualidades del original intactas y añadiendo algunas mejoras técnicas.
Marcel KleffmannAug 13, 2021
Die Charaktere sind gut ausgearbeitet und die englischen Sprecher überzeugen. Untermalt wird das Geschehen von treibenden Beats mit Zeug zum Soundtrack des Jahres. Bei Hades stimmt fast alles und damit gelingt den Machern von Bastion, Transistor und Pyre ihr bisher bestes Spiel - und das soll schon etwas heißen!
Aubin_GregoireAug 26, 2021
Après avoir expérimenté avec différents genres, Supergiant Games livre ici son meilleur cru. Beau à se damner, jouissif à prendre en main et terriblement addictif, Hades ne pèche que par sa structure identique à chaque run qui pourra déplaire à certains. En contrepartie, il offre une histoire prenante portée par un panthéon grec plus charismatique que jamais et une narration parfaitement amenée.
Stefano CalzatiAug 10, 2021
Per chi è riuscito ad attendere finora, questa è l’occasione perfetta per scoprire uno dei videogiochi più straordinari degli ultimi anni, senza pensarci su troppo. La fuga di Zagreus è appena (ri)cominciata.
Marco MotturaAug 10, 2021
Hades era un capolavoro indiscusso undici mesi or sono su PC e Nintendo Switch, e si riconferma tale anche in formato PlayStation e Xbox. L'edizione destinata alle piattaforme Sony e Microsoft è in tutto e per tutto identica all'originale, con giusto apprezzabili miglioramenti in termini di risoluzione sulle macchine più recenti, dove il colpo d'occhio del 4K si nota nell'esaltare la teatrale messa in scena di un'antica Grecia molto diversa dai canoni e stracolma di personalità.
Eren EroğluAug 15, 2021
Rogue-like türünü seven veya bu türe ilk defa giriş yapmayı düşünen oyuncular için şiddetle tavsiye etmekte olduğum bir yapım olan Hades, oldukça ilgi çekici ve entrikalarla dolu Yunan Mitolojisiyle de birleşince, ortaya çok kaliteli bir iş çıkmış. Supergiant ekibinin en son çıkan oyunu, eğer uzaktan yakından ilginizi çeken bir yapımsa, kesinlikle bir şansı hak ediyor.
Theo WeberAug 15, 2021
De game oogt heerlijk, speelt lekker soepel weg, kent genoeg variatie én wordt amper saai. Je zou hem bijna goddelijk noemen, al ontbreken er heel soms wat puntjes op de i en kun je na een heel aantal uren spelen het eerste level bijna dromen. Ondanks deze kleine dingetjes is Hades een game die een eeuwigdurende lockdown vermakelijk maakt (digitaal dan) en een reisje naar de onderwereld heerlijk maakt.
Wojciech GruszczykAug 15, 2021
Hades powrócił w bardzo dobrym, choć przewidywalnym, stylu. To nadal kapitalna produkcja, ale warto wiedzieć, że deweloperzy tak naprawdę nie wykorzystują w pełni możliwości nowych platform.
جواد محسنیAug 24, 2021
ژانر Roguelike شاید برای بسیاری از گیمرها یادآور بازی‌های بسیار دشوار باشد که لذت چندان خاصی را برای آنها به همراه ندارد اما Hades نشان داد که این سبک پتانسیل بسیار زیادی خواهد داشت. ایجاد تعادل در درجه سختی، کمک به پیشرفت و آزمایش کردن قدرت‌های مختلف، گیم پلی پرسرعت و هیجان انگیز در کنار گرافیکی چشم نواز و صداپیشگی قدرتمند همگی در کنار هم باعث می‌شوند تا Hades یک تجربه بی نقص باشد.