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Dan HastingsAug 19, 2021
The Director's Cut of Ghost of Tsushima makes an already stunning game one of the most impressive looking games on the market today. Iki island brings you on a fun adventure that takes a break from the more historically believable story of the main game. The adventure might be a little short but packs quite the punch.
Rhett WaselenchukAug 21, 2021
My words will never do justice for Ghost of Tsushima’s brilliance. James Paley summed it up better than I ever could: “[Ghost of Tsushima] revealed itself as a compelling, masterful work of art. Nothing feels useless or extraneous. The story wastes little time, the fights are all exuberant and engaging, the exploration is addicting, and the entire game is gorgeous.” I couldn’t agree more. And the Director’s Cut is miles ahead of the original. Go get it.
Sam AberdeenAug 24, 2021
Ghost of Tsushima's Iki Island expansion will undoubtedly please fans of the base game, as it just adds more of the same - and that's excellent. I appreciated the deeper exploration of Jin's character and his turbulent past as it helped us better understand his ideals and upbringing, while adding some important context to the main game.
Adam BeckAug 19, 2021
Ghost of Tsushima is one of the best samurai games of all time and the Director’s Cut only excels it further. Sucker Punch Productions’ work on reimagining thirteen century Japan is a grand achievement, creating a captivating world filled with an exceeding amount of things to do, while implementing an engaging, memorable combat system. The Iki Island expansion extends the journey even further, with a fantastic personal story of Jin Sakai, more of the activities we’ve come to love and a vast open world ripe for exploration.
Cody GravelleAug 21, 2021
Ultimately, Iki Island is a solid eight-to-ten hour campaign completing most of its extras, and the upgrades on PlayStation 5 are tangible enough that it feels like the release of Director's Cut was more than justified. Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut is the best iteration of an already amazing title, and should be a must-own for any PS5 user who hasn't played through the game once before. For anyone who has already done so, it's a bit of a tougher sell, though the upgrades and expanded narrative of the DLC do offer enough to make it a strong consideration for another go on PlayStation 5.
Richard SeagraveAug 19, 2021
Ghost of Tsushima was a great game when it launched just over a year ago. And now, in the form of a Director’s Cut, it’s even better. It seems trite to make a big deal over the visuals not being massively upgraded for next-gen when the game looks so phenomenal anyway, and what has been added – 3D audio and DualSense support – is enough to make the upgrade fee worthwhile for those who already own the original game and want to take on the new Iki Island expansion.
Chris CarterAug 19, 2021
Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut is now the definitive version of an already great game; and although the DLC does feel like too much of a companion piece at times, it doesn’t feel tacked-on in the slightest. If you’re keen on experiencing the game from the ground up, this is the way to do it going forward.
Redmond CarolipioAug 19, 2021
Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut feels like the truest, purest way to experience this title, so much so that I'm willing to go through it once again from the top, when Jin rode into battle with his uncle and almost died. I want to ride through the grass, stumble into duels, climb mountains and battle Mongols for another few dozen hours while making a stop on a freaky island to fight a crazy woman who likes poison and the color purple.
Robert RamseyAug 19, 2021
Ghost of Tsushima: Director's Cut amplifies an already excellent open world game. The Iki Island expansion is worth the price of admission alone, providing another chunk of stunning Japanese landscape for Jin to explore, while also digging into the protagonist's past. A fantastic range of story missions and side quests make for a memorable offshore excursion, and put alongside the main campaign, Ghost of Tsushima now stands as a PS4 and PS5 must-buy.
Diego PerezAug 19, 2021
While the Director's Cut improvements are appreciated, the Iki Island expansion is the real star of this rerelease. Iki Island distills all the best parts of Ghost of Tsushima into one focused experience, and it provides an incredibly compelling reason to return to the game."
Chandler WoodAug 19, 2021
For brand new players who missed the game on PS4, there’s no better way to experience Ghost of Tsushima. An engaging new story chapter will give new players even more insight into Jin and PS5 enhancements improve the entire adventure, which itself was already a technical marvel on last-gen consoles. Sony’s experiment into re-releasing last-gen games on the new consoles with meaningful additions is so far paying off.
Ashley BatesSep 03, 2021
Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut is a wonderful open world game that’ll appeal the most to players who never managed to experience the game on PS4, with the next-gen enhancements and new content really adding to the game’s value. However, if you’ve already played Ghost of Tsushima on PS4, it might be a bit tougher to convince you to make that return trip.
Phil HornshawAug 19, 2021
Where Iki Island excels, though, is in adding some new dimensions to the rest of Ghost of Tsushima. Its exploration of Jin's backstory and his character bring more depth to the base game's tale that improve it overall, and its beautiful new landscape provides both more of what works about vanilla Ghost and a few good, if slight, tweaks on the formula.
Richard WalkerAug 19, 2021
Indeed, the expansion is far and away the most compelling reason for upgrading to the Ghost of Tsushima: Director's Cut; the PlayStation 5 upgrades – including support for the DualSense's haptics and adaptive triggers – providing mere icing on a most delectable cake.
Jade KingAug 19, 2021
Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut is the best version of an accomplished open world adventure with great characters, excellent combat, and a setting that is constantly inviting to explore. While the base game falters in its storytelling, the Iki Island expansion manages to tell a nuanced story of parental influence and the challenge of moving on from the past in spite of your personal allegiances.
Shubhankar ParijatAug 19, 2021
Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut is the best version of an excellent game, thanks not only to various technical and quality-of-life improvements, but also a meaty and brilliant new expansion that builds on the base game's biggest strengths in all the right ways.
Logan MooreSep 10, 2021
Director's Cut is definitely worth picking up. Not only has the PS5 improved the base version of the game that launched in 2020, but the Iki Island expansion on its own contains some of my favorite content in the entirety of Ghost of Tsushima. No matter how you might look to upgrade or purchase the new offerings that have been included, Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut is definitely worth the return trip to Tsushima.
Ken McKownSep 01, 2021
Iki Island is a nice addition to an already amazing game. For anyone who hasn’t experienced Ghost of Tsushima you are in for a treat. For players like me returning to the world it is worthy content. The expansion can last anywhere from 5-10 hours depending on your completion mentality. It is a worthy expansion worth the price of admission and as good of an excuse as any to revisit one of the best games of last generation.
GameCentralAug 19, 2021
The underlying game is still too reliant on the Ubisoft formula but the new content and Legends mode make Ghost Of Tsushima Director’s Cut a notably better experience than the original at launch.
Ben LyonsAug 19, 2021
So long story short, Ghost of Tsushima: Director's Cut takes an amazing game, and makes it even more impressive. Whether you're a new player or a returning fan (If you've played on PS4, you can transfer your save file over in a few swift actions), the upgraded experience on PS5 and the Iki Island content makes for plenty of new ways to explore and enjoy this gorgeous title.
Paul BroussardSep 09, 2021
Despite this, Iki Island is a solid and vastly improved product over the base game, featuring an excellent aesthetic, some solid content, and much-needed improvements from patches made to the original material. It’s not perfect, and some of the core gameplay still certainly needs some polish, but it is an encouraging step in the right direction.
Chris WhiteAug 19, 2021
Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut on PS5 is the best way to play Sucker Punch's masterpiece, with a great new expansion and technological improvements that make this an instant classic.
A.J. MaciejewskiAug 24, 2021
If you still haven't played Ghost of Tsushima then this Director's Cut is the perfect excuse to finally experience this masterpiece. With a stunning core experience, super-fun online modes, and a brand new campaign, you're in for one outstanding package.
Simon SayersAug 19, 2021
So far, Ghost of Tsushima: Director's Cut is this year's pinnacle of Open World Games. Iki Island is stunningly beautiful and the technical upgrades make it even more enjoyable. Ghost of Tsushima: Director's Cut grandly stakes its status as one of the very best open world games on PS5 that proudly stands alongside the best games on the platform. If you've been holding off playing Ghost of Tsushima, now is the time to get playing.
Chris De HoogAug 19, 2021
In a lot of ways, Ghost of Tsushima represents exactly what I wanted from the Assassin’s Creed series, while also serving as the most organic open-world adventure game I’ve seen post-Breath of the Wild. Other imitators have failed to engage me at all, but the unique cinematic experience here hooked me instantly.
Kieron VerbruggeAug 19, 2021
Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut and in particular the Iki Island expansion does a great job at giving players more of what made the game's original release special. The brisk new adventure takes Jin Sakai on a journey of reflection and reconciliation that contains plenty of beautiful, memorable moments and some very cool new gear to play with.
David MartínezAug 19, 2021
Dejando a un lado las mejoras técnicas para PS5, que no son pocas, el DLC La isla de Iki es enorme y profundiza sobre todos los aspectos del original. Además su historia ofrece una nueva perspectiva del pasado de Jin Sakai y el papel de los samuráis.
Sergi BlanchAug 23, 2021
Para todos aquellos que completaron el juego original resulta muy difícil no recomendarles la expansión de la isla de Iki. Es más de lo mismo, que no mejor necesariamente, pero ahondando en el infierno personal del protagonista desde otro ángulo. Es conocer más a Jin Sakai. Es desgranar un poco más de la historia de ese Japón que tanto fascina a occidente. Es, en definitiva, una buena expansión creada sobre la base de un buen juego.
DefaAug 19, 2021
¿Para quién es Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut? Creo que si no tuviste la oportunidad de probar esta autentica maravilla hace un año, esta nueva edición es lo mejor que te pudo haber pasado, por lo que yo la tendría dentro de mis prioridades. ¿Vale la pena entrarle a pesar de ya haber jugado? Me parece que pagar $30 dólares por hacer el upgrade tanto a la versión nativa de PS5, como a todo el contenido extra que viene, hace todo el sentido del mundo, incluso te diría que si solo te interesa jugar Iki Island y listo, quedarás sumamente complacido.
Juan LinaresAug 19, 2021
Siempre me exigí mucho, siempre me exigieron mucho. Eso me hizo entre otras cosas fundar esta web desde cero, desde mi habitación cuando apenas tenía 18 años. Pero a medida que creces, si tienes suerte, aprendes. Yo en este último año aprendí muchas cosas que hacen que la persona que analizó el juego base sea muy diferente a la que hoy escribe sobre este Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut. Aprende de los errores, aprende de los fracasos y aprende a disculparte. Este texto es mi disculpa con el juego y conmigo mismo.
Alejandro PascualAug 19, 2021
Ghost of Tsushima: Director's Cut ofrece una expansión que aprende algunas lecciones del juego original, apostando por un mejor desarrollo de protagonista, antagonista y el conflicto que les une a la isla de Iki. Aunque también se hace sorprendentemente escasa en contenido. La versión Director's Cut hace que el juego luzca aún mejor y a unos fluidos 60 frames por segundo, mostrando aún más la belleza de la nueva isla; pero no encuentro del todo justificado el precio de su actualización.
JoniwanAug 23, 2021
Niveau jouabilité, on reste sur la même formule, avec des combats plaisants mais qui souffrent d'un aspect brouillon et d'une caméra aux fraises, et de l'exploration contemplative ou l'on aime se perdre à compléter des objectifs secondaires tous plus joliment désuets les uns que les autres. Si l'intrigue principale se boucle en une petite poignée d'heures, il en faudra un peu plus pour le 100% de ce DLC. Si vous possédiez déjà le jeu sur PS4, il faudra tout de même passer à la caisse pour en profiter sur PS5, avec des conditions pas toujours avantageuses pour le joueur. Techniquement parlant, c'est bien évidemment meilleur sur PS5. Ghost of Tsushima reste un très bon jeu, à même de remplir le disque dur de votre PS5 qui reste encore et toujours en demande de gros hits.
IndeeAug 19, 2021
Depuis déjà un an, Ghost of Tsushima a fait pas mal de chemin. Déjà avec Legends, son mode en ligne multijoueur, et maintenant avec cette Director’s Cut. Une nouvelle version qui tient ses promesses. Après un scénario de base qui souffrait de nombreuses baisses de régime, l’histoire de l’île d’Iki et sa nouvelle zone explorable offrent une narration bien plus directe que la traque de Khotun Khan, en plus d’apporter un éclairage intéressant sur le personnage de Jin Sakai ainsi que son passé
Ben OssolaAug 29, 2021
Cette Director’s Cut nous offre davantage de Ghost of Tsushima, ni plus, ni moins, et c’est très bien comme ça. Sans réinventer la roue, Sucker Punch signe une nouvelle aventure solide, qui explore le passé de son protagoniste avec finesse. La version Playstation 5 du jeu quant à elle fait honneur à la nouvelle machine de Sony, et Tsushima n’a jamais été aussi belle.
Aníbal GonçalvesAug 19, 2021
Grande parte do que está em Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut não é novo, mas estamos perante uma verdadeira enxurrada de conteúdos, do melhor que a PlayStation ofereceu nos últimos anos, com melhorias e adições suficientes para merecer a atenção de todos os que o elogiaram no passado. A história de Jin em Iki está bem enquadrada e não é narrativamente superficial, as consequências vão-se fazer notar quando o reencontrarmos, o que me recorda que a expansão é também uma boa amostra do que poderá ser uma sequela liberta das amarras da Gen 8, com a mesma intensidade estética, mas um novo poder para explorar.
Alessandra BorgonovoAug 19, 2021
Ghost of Tsushima: Director's Cut è l'edizione definitiva di un gioco che, se non lo avete ancora fatto, vale certamente la pena provare. Sucker Punch ha fatto un ottimo lavoro con l'originale e qui va a rifinirlo, in particolare per quanto riguarda l'implementazione del feedback aptico. Se sotto il profilo grafico non c'è una differenza troppo netta con la versione PS4 (pur restando percettibile) è il binomio risoluzione/fps a farlo brillare.
Domenico MusicòAug 19, 2021
Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut è a tutti gli effetti l'edizione definitiva di un gioco che ha saputo sorprendere tutti: grazie alla potenza della nuova console Sony, le magnifiche atmosfere raggiungono un nuovo lustro e la godibilità del prodotto migliora in modo importante. Inoltre, l'espansione ambientata nella nuova isola aumenta sia il computo totale delle ore, sia il grado di approfondimento della storia di Jin Sakai e di quell'angolo remoto che (ne siamo certi) i giocatori esploreranno con piacere da cima a fondo.
Giuseppe AraceAug 19, 2021
Il vento che soffia dall’Isola di Iki, a tratti, sa essere anche più travolgente di quello che ha attraversato gli orizzonti di Tsushima. Breve ma incisiva, l’espansione imbastisce una narrazione intimistica, che scava ancora più a fondo nei tormentati meandri dell’anima di Jin: ci riesce, e ci convince.
Danilo DellafranaAug 19, 2021
A distanza di un anno Ghost of Tsushima resta un gran gioco, e questa Director’s Cut si qualifica come la versione definitiva, specialmente se possedete una PlayStation 5. Si tratta di una splendida esperienza, dedicata principalmente ai neofiti: le migliorie sono assai gradite, ma difficilmente rappresenteranno un motivo per invogliare i veterani della versione originale a vestire nuovamente i panni di Jin, specialmente considerato l’alto prezzo e la scarsa longevità degli eventi ambientati tra le spiagge della nuova isola.
Denis KoshelevAug 25, 2021
Ghost of Tsushima: Director's Cut — это лучшее издание игры, которая уже совсем скоро может начать считаться культовой. Оно принесло массу нового контента, преобразило и без того отличную графику и, главное, добавило в игру все современные примочки, которые выделяют новое поколение.
Luuc ten VeldeAug 28, 2021
Al met al is de Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut de beste manier om het avontuur van Jin Sakai te ervaren. Het al bestaande avontuur oogt en speelt op de PlayStation 5 beter dan ooit en de toevoeging van Iki Island is meer dan welkom. Deze geeft je vele extra redenen om nog langer te genieten van Jins avontuur, ondanks dat de extra verhaallijn aan de korte kant is.
Mateusz WróbelAug 20, 2021
Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut to idealna okazja dla nowych graczy, którzy z grą nie mieli jeszcze styczności. Przygoda Jina w nowej oprawie graficznej wraz z możliwościami DualSense to coś niezapomnianego.
前朝刘沛公Aug 19, 2021
کسری کریمی طارSep 19, 2021
Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut یک پکیج کامل ، جذاب و درگیرکننده است که ایردات مهم نسخه اصلی را رفع کرده و همچنین به واسطه بسته الحاقی Iki Island چندین ساعت بیشتر مخاطب را غرق در خودش می‌کند. تهیه این بازی چه برای دوستداران گوست آو سوشیما و چه تازه‌کارها توصیه می‌شود ، هرچند با این محتوای غنی هم نمی‌توان سیاست قیمت گذاری سونی را توجیه کرد.
matus_aceAug 19, 2021
Súčasťou Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut je aj Legends režim, jeho novinky a vylepšenia sme si však nemohli vyskúšať, keďže v našej verzii nie je aktívny. Ak ste ho nehrali, je to kooperácia so štvoricou rôznych tried, v ktorých koži sa hráči spoločne púšťajú do bojov založených na japonskej mytológii. Je to pomerne jednoduché, rýchle a zábavné. Štvoricu aktuálnych režimov navyše 3.
Κωνσταντίνος ΚαλκάνηςAug 30, 2021
Η ύπαρξη και μόνο νέου περιεχομένου είναι αρκετή για να δελεάσει πολλούς «βετεράνους», πόσο μάλλον αν αυτό είναι και καλά εκτελεσμένο. Από εκεί και μετά, η προσθήκη χαρακτηριστικών όπως ο βελτιωμένος τεχνικός τομέας και οι μηδενικοί χρόνοι loading είναι απλά το κερασάκι στην τούρτα. Είτε κανείς έχει παίξει τον αρχικό τίτλο, είτε αποφασίζει να το κάνει για πρώτη φορά, το Director’s Cut είναι σίγουρα η απόλυτη εμπειρία.