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Francesco De MeoJun 12, 2021
While it is the same game at heart, Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade brings the first part of the remake to new heights with a 60 FPS gameplay option, some quality of life enhancements, much improved visuals, and a very fun new story episode starring Yuffie. The new tweaks and additions do not alter how the game feels and play, but there is no denying that they do make Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade the best way to enjoy one of the best role-playing games put out by Square Enix in the past few years.
Chris CarterJun 10, 2021
As far as Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade INTERmission goes as a whole, I’m really glad it exists. Yuffie is a character worth exploring on her own, as the enhanced focus on the Wutai and Shinra conflict in the Remake needed fleshing out. To be frank I wouldn’t mind seeing another one of these, say for Vincent, at some point.
Dalton CooperJun 22, 2021
The Yuffie DLC in Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade is certainly worthwhile, especially for diehard fans of Final Fantasy 7 and its associated media. But it's a bit of a shame that the PS5 console shortage is keeping so many fans from playing it.
Jon HueberJul 06, 2021
Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade brings the storied game to the PlayStation 5 along with a new standalone adventure starring Yuffie, giving fans new insight into the story. It also makes the wait for the next full chapter all but unbearable.
Jason FaulknerJun 20, 2021
When Final Fantasy 7 Remake was first announced, I was hoping for a game that was pretty much 1:1 with the original. However, Square Enix’s direction with FF7 Remake has impressed me with how the extra worldbuilding and tweaks to the plot have enhanced a game I already cherished. I can’t wait to play the second part, and this DLC was a great morsel to tide me over until then.
Jason GuisaoJun 16, 2021
Episode Intermission plays like a dream thanks to Yuffie's high-speed and nuanced combat skills, alluring optional activites, and visual/performance upgrades on PlayStation 5.
Andrew ThorntonJun 19, 2021
No matter how you play it, Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade is a stunning success. While it doesn’t take as much advantage of the PS5 as I’d have liked, this is still the best version of this excellent remake. I’m a huge fan of the bold new direction they’re taking this version of Final Fantasy VII in, one which has even a veteran of the original game on the edge of his seat waiting for part two.
Matthew AguilarJul 01, 2021
It all coalesces into a thrilling and heartfelt experience that will satisfy longtime fans of the franchise, and while I do wish there was a bigger emphasis on story and character, at times, I still had a blast returning to this world and spending time with this delightful duo, and Remake's second chapter can't get here soon enough.
Jade KingJun 10, 2021
Intermission is an excellent expansion for the world of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, introducing Yuffie Kisaragi and expanding upon her character and history in ways that simply weren’t possible in the 1997 original. She absolutely steals the show here, bolstered up by a selection of compelling newcomers and a continuation of the main narrative that teases a tantalisingly exciting future for this ambitious project.
Jason FanelliJun 24, 2021
If you liked Final Fantasy VII Remake, you're going to love Intergrade. I know that sentence has a lot of "well DUH" energy, but it's the truth; at its core this is an enhanced version of one of 2020's best games. From visuals to framerate, Intergrade improves upon the original, with some scenes really popping off of the screen thanks to the PlayStation 5's prowess. Intermission is at its core more of the same, but the tandem attacks are an excellent addition and the story implications are intriguing.
Robert RamseyJun 11, 2021
Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade is the best way to experience the return of Cloud and company. Remake remains a game of ups and downs in terms of quality, but by the time the credits roll, its most memorable moments shine through — of which there are many. Meanwhile, Episode INTERmission won't blow anyone's mind, but it's an enjoyable adventure that slots neatly into the existing story, and fans won't want to miss it.
Chris "Atom" DeAngelusJun 15, 2021
Overall, Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade is a solid package. It's not quite worth buying at full price if you've already played the original, but the upgraded original game and the DLC combine to create an excellent experience. Remake still holds up as a really fun game a year later, and Yuffie's side story shows that the developers still have plenty of ideas on how to keep the combat fresh for a sequel. If this is your first time playing Final Fantasy VII Remake, then Intergrade is absolutely the version to get.
Mike WorbyJun 14, 2021
Though Intermission reuses assets from the base game, it offers enough new and exciting material to more than justify the price of admission for Final Fantasy fans.
Phil HornshawJun 11, 2021
In the end, Intermission is a pit stop, a quick jaunt into the gas station minimart of Final Fantasy VII to refuel, grab a snack, and get ready to wait some more. With its fun combat and quirky character moments, it'll likely remind you of what you like about FF7 Remake--but it won't be enough to hold you over.
Shubhankar ParijatJun 12, 2021
Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade is an excellent enhancement of a great game, thanks to its technical improvements and a solid and meaty new chunk of content with Episode INTERmission.
James PaleyJun 12, 2021
Although if you already own the original, the upgrade isn’t new enough for a second playthrough. I’m playing it a second time, but you totally don’t have to. As for the Intermission DLC, it serves as an excellent appetizer while we wait for part two. By the time you’re done with Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade, that wait will feel like an eternal one.
Cody GravelleJun 19, 2021
Ultimately, though, FF7 Remake Episode INTERmission doesn't shy away from its nature as a side story, and as a result it spends most of its time embracing the new characters and their experiences rather than trying to shoehorn them into the main narrative.
Casey David Muir-TaylorJun 18, 2021
Despite that, Yuffie’s adventure is still worthwhile, and once you beat it, there’s a great tease for the next installment, whenever that might be. Both Intergrade, with all it’s glossy bells and whistles, and Yuffie’s engaging and well-paced story in INTERmission are a worthwhile investment if you own a PS5. Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade is the definite edition of the game.
Josh BroadwellJun 16, 2021
Take the cons above with a grain of salt. As I mentioned before, this is DLC, so expecting it to do anything radically different is just setting yourself up for disappointment. What Episode Yuffie lacks in substance or new areas to explore it makes up for in creating a stronger world, setting up the rest of the story, and assuring us it's a story worth sticking with.
GrayshadowJun 10, 2021
The combat is fun and the boss fights are exciting as Yuffie is a joy to play as. If you loved Final Fantasy VII Remake this is without a doubt a must-buy, especially if you plan to continue the journey. Most importantly INTERmission gives Yuffie a chance to really shine as an essential character.
Mitchell SaltzmanJun 15, 2021
Intermission serves as a tantalizing tease of Yuffie's inevitable meeting with Final Fantasy 7's core cast, and an excellent reason to return to Midgar to experience her new exhilarating style of combat and entertaining side activities.
Ed OrrJun 25, 2021
Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade is an amazing but very pricey upgrade to a game that quite rightly got our Game of the Year 2020. Graphically, the difference this time around is notiacable and the brand new DLC is a fresh new look an an adventure we've played out many times before.
Tamoor HussainJun 09, 2021
On the whole, the PS5 upgrade for Final Fantasy 7 Remake elevates an already phenomenal, beautiful game, making it easier to play and more beautiful to behold.
Alex DonaldsonJun 11, 2021
If you’re stressing because you can’t find a PS5 and are worried about seriously missing out, you shouldn’t - you should be able to head on into FF7 Remake part 2 whenever it arrives with or without experiencing this fun but missable add-on. If you have a PS5 and couldn’t get enough FF7 Remake, however, this will prove to be a thrilling extra couple of hours.
Chandler WoodJun 22, 2021
As a complete package, Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade just feels like the definitive version of an already perfect game. And the addition of Episode INTERmission is a great excuse to bring old players back for new content (or just a solid extra couple of chapters for new players). For those just jumping into Final Fantasy VII Remake for the first time with Intergrade, consider me jealous. I wish I could play it with fresh eyes all over again.
Dean JamesJun 17, 2021
Not only improving on the visuals and giving players a much requested Photo Mode, Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade also adds the stellar Yuffie focused Intermission DLC that is an absolute must play for fans of the original and new game alike.
Kim SnaithJun 10, 2021
Yuffie makes an excellent protagonist; her combat is fast-paced and dynamic, and her straight-faced sidekick Sonon is the ideal antidote to her loveable but in-your-face personality. It may only be short, but there are plenty of side activities to keep you busy. Essentially, if you have Final Fantasy VII Remake and a PS5, then this DLC is not to be missed.
Ken McKownJun 29, 2021
Final Fantasy VII Remake is a massive endeavor that I fear we may never see the end of, but the ride so far has been fun. I really hope the next chapters don’t span years in development as the original is still one of my favorite RPGs of all-time. I would love to see this end before the end of the PS5-era, but I somehow feel like that is asking a lot. Still this free update for owners is a nice tie-over and the DLC is meaty enough to keep me enamored in the world.
Kevin DunsmoreJun 15, 2021
Final Fantasy VII Remake, even with its shortcomings, was one of the better games to launch in 2020. Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade takes that experience and makes it look and play better. If you had any problems with the story, world design or gameplay, Intergrade won’t change your mind.
Issa MakiJul 11, 2021
Regardless of your affiliation with Final Fantasy VII, this is one sweet package. If you're coming into Intergrade blind, get ready to experience one of the best RPGs of 2020. It might be admittedly bloated in a few sections (Aerith's 'shortcut' home is similar to the one Christopher Columbus discovered) and the boss fights are overtly cinematic for my personal tastes, but these are small prices to pay for how wonderfully this new vision of Final Fantasy VII is shaping up to be.
GameCentralJun 14, 2021
Ensuring the plot remains accessible and understandable will be the biggest issue for the next chapter, and something we’re still worried about, but in terms gameplay, graphics, and characterisation Final Fantasy 7 Remake continues to be a major success.
Mick FraserJun 18, 2021
Sadly, the Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intermission DLC is only available for PS5. This will undoubtedly leave some out in the cold. If you fell in love with all over again with Cloud and co. in FF7 Remake, you’ll fall in love with Yuffie too.
Neil FlynnFeb 03, 2022
It is easy to spend over 50 hours on the first run, including the DLC, and this isn't even the entirety of the original game which shows a great value. Fans who already played through the PlayStation 4 version may not get too much out of this experience, but for newcomers this is certainly a must play.
Will HanceJul 14, 2021
Final Fantasy Remake Intergrade is technically impressive. Fixing many of the original release’s technical issues while also improving the game for next-gen hardware. INTERmission offers an excellent character edition with that of Yuffie with some excellent gameplay to boot. Intergrade is simply more of the best parts of Final Fantasy VII Remake.
Steven MatternJul 15, 2021
Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade is a complete package, telling the story of Midgar from two different perspectives. Both the main campaign following Cloud and his journey, and Yuffie's own adventure, are well told with tight and responsive gameplay along with an impressive graphical update. These tales each leave exciting questions to be answered, and this reviewer can't wait to see what awaits Cloud and his friends beyond the City of Mako.
Nic BunceJun 17, 2021
The PS5 upgrade for Intergrade looks and feels incredible, and the chance to play as Yuffie is warmly received, especially when she completely changes the tone to something more light-hearted. However, the DLC isn’t quite perfect and, despite the filler, it feels very short for its price, especially if you’re not interested in the side missions.
Timothy NunesJun 14, 2021
Little gets in the way of Yuffie's debut to the Final Fantasy VII Remake project. Despite her one-dimensional companion, she takes the foreground and never lets it go. Thrilling enhancements to combat and interesting narrative twists and connections make INTERmission worth playing.
A.J. MaciejewskiJun 17, 2021
Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade is the best way to experience the monumental ARPG and its Episode Intermission is a top-notch piece of DLC that's much more riveting than I was anticipating. I recommend it to anyone who's even remotely interested.
Sebastian QuirozJun 17, 2021
Final Fantasy VII Remake fue uno de los mejores juegos de 2020, y Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade es uno de los mejores juegos de 2021. Si bien el proceso de actualización pudo ser mejor, y el uso del DualSense se siente desperdiciado, el juego brilla en todos los demás apartados. El poder del PS5, el SSD, y las mejoras en las texturas e iluminación hacen que recorrer Midgar una vez más se sienta como algo nuevo.
Paula CroftJun 12, 2021
Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade brilla especialmente por INTERmission, la expansión protagonizada por la carismática Yuffie. Si bien es cierto que el juego principal recibe una importante actualización a nivel gráfico y técnico para adaptarlo a la nueva generación, no es algo realmente determinante en la decisión de rejugarlo o adquirirlo de nuevo.
Pedro Pérez CesariJun 26, 2021
Creo que con eso resumí mi opinión de forma apropiada, por lo que tampoco me quiero extender de más. Sólo diré que INTERmission es imperdible para los fans de Final Fantasy que amaron Final Fantasy VII Remake. Por otro lado, Intergrade vale la pena, pero si jugaste el RPG gracias a PS Plus y tampoco te quedaste con ganas de más, no siento que pagar $70 USD para poder jugar el DLC sea algo que quieras hacer.
Álvaro AlonsoJun 11, 2021
Pese a que no supone un gran salto respecto al original, las mejoras de la versión Intergrade son perfectas para volver a disfrutar de FFVII Remake. INTERmission, el episodio protagonizado por Yuffie, es la guinda para el pastel... Y un aperitivo que nos deja con aún más ganas de hincarle el diente a la Parte II.
Alejandro PascualJun 16, 2021
Repite fortalezas y debilidades, pues Yuffie es una delicia en combate con sus propias técnicas y estilo de lucha, que añade una compenetración con Sonon muy interesante de cara al futuro. Pero también nos recuerda que el diseño de niveles de Remake debe mejorar con urgencia, creando mazmorras más intrincadas e interesantes de recorrer. Un DLC de carácter muy opcional.
Benjamin SchmädigJun 21, 2021
Alles in allem hat Square Enix eine richtig gute Umsetzung veröffentlicht, welche die technischen Vorteile der PlayStation 5 ausnutzt und das Remake ebenso behutsam wie erfolgreich erweitert. Sicher: Der Umfang von Yuffies kleinem Abenteuer ist überschaubar, zumal es an weitgehend vertrauten Schauplätzen stattfindet.
TheXsableJun 09, 2021
Final Fantasy VII Remake était déjà impressionnant sur PS4, il l’est d’autant plus sur PS5. Textures plus fines, choix entre 4K et 60 FPS, réduction drastique des temps de chargements… Tous ces changements apportent un confort de jeu supplémentaire qui font de cette version Intergrade la meilleure façon de profiter du titre à l’heure actuelle.
Thomas PillonJun 17, 2021
Sans surprise, l'arrivée de Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade sur PS5 permet à l'aventure de prendre encore un peu de hauteur, et de s'offrir un vrai supplément de classe en offrant le choix d'une résolution en 4K ou d'un frame rate à 60 fps. L'incursion chapitrée de Yuffie dans Midgar se révèle quant à elle sympathique, autant sur le plan scénaristique dans ses mécaniques de combat, mais sans doute un peu sage pour justifier à elle seule un nouveau passage à la caisse. Ceux qui auront réussi l'exploit de tenir jusque-là n'auront en revanche aucune raison de bouder leur plaisir, tant l'expérience s'avère cette fois plus que complète.
Domenico MusicòJun 11, 2021
Non si tratta di un DLC imprescindibile né di un contenuto extra che fa grandi rivelazioni, ma Episode INTERmission incontrerà il favore di molti fan, soprattutto grazie a un'ultima parte che si riprende un po' rispetto agli altri tre quarti che sanno di riempitivo. L'espansione è esosa per i contenuti che propone, quindi ci sentiamo di consigliarla solo a chi davvero non vuole perdersi nulla della reinterpretazione del Final Fantasy più popolare.
Tommaso PuglieseJun 10, 2021
Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade migliora in maniera importante la già straordinaria esperienza offerta dal titolo Square Enix, introducendo in particolare un'eccellente modalità grafica a 60 fps che rende molto più piacevole il gameplay, una maggiore attenzione alla nitidezza delle texture e all'effettistica generale, nonché l'avventura inedita del DLC INTERmission di cui, come detto, parleremo in un'apposita recensione.
Danilo DellafranaJun 14, 2021
Final Fantasy 7 Remake era bellissimo l’anno scorso, e lo è ancora di più adesso. Conserva tutti i pregi e i contro di allora, ma ho voluto aumentare il voto di mezzo punticino per dichiarare il mio amore verso la nuova, imperdibile fluidità, senza contare che questa cornucopia potrà essere scaricata gratuitamente da chi possiede il gioco base. Fossi in voi, però, spenderei anche quei venti euro circa per Episode INTERmission. Non ve ne pentirete, parola.
Antonello BelloJun 16, 2021
Per quanto riguarda invece l’EPISODE INTERmission, il DLC ha reintrodotto in maniera efficace l’adorabile Yuffie, cementandone il ruolo all’interno della settima fantasia finale, ma a nostro avviso il contenuto a pagamento presenta un biglietto di ingresso piuttosto esoso e tutt’altro che proporzionato alla scarsa longevità. Che abbiate già completato o meno la prima parte dell’avventura di Cloud e compagni di viaggio, il nostro consiglio è dunque quello di tornare quanto prima a Midgar, approfittando magari dell’update gratuito da PS4 e PS5.