Edge Of Eternity for PlayStation 5

Edge Of Eternity

Feb 10, 2022
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Developer: Midgar Studio
Content Rating: Teen


Edge of Eternity is inspired by the great JRPG tradition for the strategical turn-based combats and the characters progression and by the latest success of western RPG for the vast open worlds to explore and the non-linear stories. In a few words, our game is all about exploring, building up your characters, fighting and living an adventure to remember.

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Cameron TeagueFeb 10, 2022
At the end of the day, Edge of Eternity just sort of is. There is nothing really memorable here, just a bunch of ideas that don’t really deliver much of a kick. The UI is just disastrous, turning any task into a kick in the privates and the combat is just flat, with nothing really exciting about it. The basic premise of the story is strong enough and the characters aren’t horrible, but the dialogue felt rushed far too often. Edge of Eternity as a game is something that I played, but I can’t say I really enjoyed much of it. It’s a big world sure, but there is not a lot to fill it up, leaving a lot of empty space. It’s not the worst game out there and that’s really the best you can say about it.
Henry StockdaleFeb 09, 2022
Edge of Eternity has heart and Midgar Studio should be proud of what they’ve achieved for a small indie team. I just wish I liked it more. Thanks to an uninspiring story, lack of overall polish, and some uneven visuals, the final product simply can’t match the developer’s ambitions, making this a hard game to recommend.
Jenny JonesFeb 10, 2022
It definitely feels like developer Midgar Studio should have reduced the scope of both the story and some of the gameplay systems, because this may have allowed it to add more polish to the areas that work well. It’s a shame, as the game does have plenty of potential, but it’s a little bit too rough around the edges to fully enjoy.

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