Concept Destruction for PlayStation 5

Concept Destruction

Nov 12, 2020
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Developer: Thinice Games
Content Rating: Everyone


Concept Destruction is all about driving miniature cars made of cardboard, and crashing them into each other to earn points by destroying them! Pick from several different modes that suits your playstyle. Pick championship mode if you want to fight your way through mass production or choose survival mode to see how long you can survive a wave of deadly cardboard automobiles! Unlock new cars with points earned by playing. Each car has a unique driving style that could turn the tide of battle!

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Jun 10, 2021

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Sean DaviesNov 29, 2020
For new players, Concept Destruction on PS5 will provide 2 hours of no frills car smashing before it gets dry. The structure of the game, emphasising survival rather than the cathartic crashing, feels at odds with the fun the game can deliver elsewhere. For PS4 players, the upgrade here can barely be described as such and beyond an easy Platinum Trophy, is hardly worth a download.

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