Astria Ascending for PlayStation 5

Astria Ascending

Sep 30, 2021
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Developer: Artisan Studios
Content Rating: Teen


Explore a vast world on the brink of chaos in a mature, emotional JRPG. Experience an epic story with rewarding, turn-based combat and expansive customization rendered in glorious 4K hand-drawn visuals.

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Quinton O'ConnorSep 28, 2021
Astria Ascending is not a great JRPG. I would hesitate to label it a good one. In a year of winners, it's not a complete outlier but it's no contemporary classic. Despite a few flirtations with intrigue, the story is generally vacant of anything compelling enough to stick around until the credits. Poor writing compounds the problem and unlikable characters can't overcome it. Gameplay ranges from strong to stale, with just enough gumption and innovation to keep things lively. Pound for pound and for all its pedigree, this is a disappointing experience I'm not inclined to recommend.
Cameron HawkinsOct 02, 2021
Astria Ascending’s incredible battle and job systems are perfectly complemented by its gorgeous art and animations, but the rest of this JRPG doesn’t shine nearly as bright. It’s hindered significantly by a bland story, one-note cast, and brutal difficulty spikes throughout. That brings down its otherwise rewarding combat, and makes the journey feel like a chore rather than the exciting start of something new it could have been.
Kenny McKeeSep 27, 2021
When it comes down to it, Astria Ascending is a charming blend of new and old, and a very enjoyable RPG experience overall. I’m always happy when I see a game successfully emulate the spirit of the ever-sacred old-school RPG, and I can happily say that Artisan Studios really outdid themselves with this one!

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