Alan Wake Remastered for PlayStation 5

Alan Wake Remastered

Oct 5, 2021
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Content Rating: Teen


Alan Wake Remastered offers the complete experience, with the main game and its two story expansions - The Signal and The Writer - in stunning new 4K visuals. The tense, episodic story is packed with unexpected twists, heart-stopping cliff hangers, and intense bursts of combat where it takes more than bullets to banish the darkness. The game’s cutscenes, quirky cast of characters, and the majestic Pacific Northwest vistas have been enhanced for an experience that delivers as much on its visual impact as its unnerving atmosphere.

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Dan HastingsOct 12, 2021
Alan Wake offers an exciting story that is delivered on top of a fantastic setting that is packed full of twists, turns and thrilling experiences. Unfortunately, the gameplay between the major story events is incredibly dull and repetitive that you will get more fun out of playing the game on easy so you can get past the boring bits faster. Modern story-driven games have set the bar far too high for Alan Wake to remain as good of a game that it was when it was released in 2010.
Casey David Muir-TaylorOct 13, 2021
While some of the game’s mechanics haven’t aged super well, it’s still a fun and eerie ride through Bright Falls, and it is enjoyable to see where Remedy came from. If I had played this game when it first came out, I think I would have appreciated it more, but that isn’t to say Alan Wake Remastered isn’t worth your time. If you’re looking for an eccentric and spooky story with some zany characters and good gameplay, spend some time with Alan in Bright Falls.
CJ AndriessenOct 04, 2021
I’m not ready to let this one go yet. I waited more than 10 years to finally play Alan Wake, and now that I’ve seen the credits roll, I can’t get it out of my mind. It’s firmly sunk its teeth into me, and like with many of the other greats, I’ll be returning to this world again and again for years to come.