A Juggler's Tale

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Chandler WoodOct 01, 2021
A Juggler’s Tale is enjoyable for what it is, but it doesn’t quite reach the particularly memorable nature of similar indie games it so obviously takes inspiration from. There’s a great introspective narrative with some brilliant themes regarding personal freedoms and cutting the strings of toxic relationships throughout, but a short runtime and occasionally obtuse puzzles and mechanics leave it feeling a bit more tangled up than it should by the end.
Leo FariaSep 29, 2021
You really shouldn’t dismiss A Juggler’s Tale as just another Limbo or Inside clone. I might even consider it as good, if not better, than its main sources of inspiration. Not only does it feature gameplay elements that take advantage of its unique setting, but it also has a really engaging story that captivates you right away thanks to some superb voice acting. Even if art games aren’t exactly your thing, you should definitely give A Juggler’s Tale a try. It’s not just a very good art game, it’s a very good game, period.
Andy JonesNov 08, 2021
A Juggler’s Tale lasts only a precious few hours, but it manages to pack in an inspired, captivating puzzle-platforming experience with engaging gameplay, a smart and poignant story, and a jaw-droppingly beautiful aesthetic.
Kat BullockSep 29, 2021
A Juggler’s Tale is a short but very sweet atmospheric 3D puzzle side scroller. With a unique dynamic of controlling a marionette, puzzles become more thoughtful. The game is visually stunning and has a wonderful gaming experience. Intense at times with a wicked twist, the only downside is it’s short run time. Easily recommended to fans of Little Nightmares, or Puzzle side scrollers in general.
Aran SuddiOct 08, 2021
A Juggler’s Tale is a good, if short, puzzle platformer with an enjoyable narrated story. Bugs do need ironing out even as rare as they are, but if you’re a looking for something to occupy you for a couple of hours, A Juggler’s Tale is worth giving a go for fans of the genre.
Omid_LennonOct 23, 2021
در مجموع باید ساخته استودیوی کوچک و جمع و جور Kaleidoscube را اثری کوتاه و قابل قبول دانست که اگرچه کم و کاستی‌هایی دارد، اما می‌تواند برای یک ساعت هم که شده، مخاطبش را سرگرم کند.