Zotrix for PlayStation 4


Dec 8, 2015
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Developer: ZeroBit Games
Content Rating: Everyone


You dive into deep space escorting a cargo ship from your fleet. Quickly you realize you're within the boundaries of enemy territory. Victory doesn't come easy as you have to earn every single space credit out there fighting in over 50 missions. Build your strategy by carefully choosing routes from your space station towards another and have your take in every mission. Each mission will pit a challenge in front of you and most of the missions will get you to face a bigger and badder alien ships.

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Jordan HelmJan 13, 2016
Zotrix‘s poorly thought-out interface is palpably off-putting on its own. Couple that with its often shallow and empty story arc, and most of Zotrix‘s content feels like mere placeholder for something that should be arguably more concrete. While the mechanics are enticing, it’s far from standing out as an otherwise satisfying experience.
Erin CastilloDec 29, 2015
Zotrix is a simplistic throwback to the classic arcade space shooters. It plays well, with a lot of content, and allowed for multiple upgrades to your original ship on both the Arcade and Story mode. While the retro graphics are a tad unsophisticated, Zotrix has a catchy techno soundtrack, which gives the game a lively feel. While there are definite drawbacks that come in the form of difficult controls, repetitious levels and an uneventful story, if you are a fan of classic arcade shooters, you will definitely enjoy the simplicity of this game.
Simon FitzgeraldDec 16, 2015
Zotrix is a decent if unambitious twin-stick shooter with smooth, fluid controls that are well suited to pick up and play sessions. A steep difficulty curve means that you will need patience, while the awful UI makes it a challenge to navigate the title's menus. We'd recommend this if you're desperate for an arcade-inspired blaster, but otherwise leave it in a galaxy far, far away.

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