Zen Pinball 2: Aliens vs. Pinball

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Nic RowenApr 26, 2016
Aliens vs. Pinball is great, both as a novelty and as a serious set of tables. Whether you're just a fan of Aliens stuff and like the idea of a fun way to kill a few minutes here and there, or the kind of fanatic that will obsess over a table, playing over and over again to complete all the objectives and set a massive score, you can't go wrong.
Mary GushieApr 28, 2016
Tables are designed well, being easy enough for casual pinball players but challenging at the same time to satisfy those who have played pinball games. It does tend to lean more towards the easier side, but not by much. Easy to play, creepy tone, and addictive gameplay all combine in this set, making it the perfect way to get your pinball fix and celebrate Alien Day.
Drew LeachmanMay 03, 2016
All in all, Aliens Vs. Pinball is a series of well made pinball tables with some great sounds, looks, and atmosphere. While Aliens Vs. Predator is pretty standard, it has some uniqueness to it, and while Alien: Isolation has a few issues here and there, it does some really interesting and unique things I haven’t seen in a pinball table before. ZEN Pinball fans should get this pack immediately, and Alien fans will enjoy the content that is here.
Az EliasApr 28, 2016
Needless to say, this well-designed package, offering a lot of variety, is more than worth the admission fee for tables that will entertain fans of the Alien legacy.